Monday, August 30, 2010

Closing Placemat


Hi Everyone!!

I was asked about my closing.. only have a minute, so here is the placemat I am currently. I will share more soon.

The most important thing about a closing during a party is to always remember to do a group "table" closing and then take two minutes to speak with each guest individually. This makes it personally and you can find out what the client wants that night, in the future, likes/dislikes, etc.. It isn't about making them buy, it is about finding out what THEY want.

It takes awhile to get comfortable but if we are relaxed, our clients will be relaxed. I do say, at the end of the group close because I never want anyone to feel uncomfortable I if there is really nothing you want today, just bring me your profile card when it is your turn and you can just say, "thank you, I had fun today :)" .

I don't want anyone ever to feel as if I pushed them into buying the product and then getting buyers remorse. It is truly about getting them what they want.

Friday, August 27, 2010

FYI - Maintenance on Intouch-

Just in case you didn't notice this on intouch, please beaware this is planned:

Published 08.27.10

Online Maintenance Outage

Maintenance is being planned for our online communication resources. On Wednesday, Sept. 1, from 4 a.m. – 7:30 a.m. Central time, the following websites will be unavailable:

All Mary Kay® Personal Web Sites

Mary Kay InTouch®

Desktop Office Manager

During this window of time, anyone trying to access these sites will see a message letting her know that the sites are undergoing maintenance and upgrades. You may consider letting your customers know who could attempt to place orders through your Mary Kay® Personal Web Site during this period. Thank you for your cooperation!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Miracle Set Does Have the Seal of Approval


This is also available and listed on the fact sheet on intouch from but...
I wanted to see this on their site once I heard about it, and thought I'd share the link for anyone else interested...

the site for Good Housekeeping's Seal of Approval, Beauty & Skin Care products:

When the link is selected for MK's TimeWise Miracle Set, it redirects to

Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Question


I was asked with the economy the way it is, has it effected my sales? Surprisingly enough, the answer is "no". I have been very consistent for several years. I still sell a lot of roll ups when I do appointments but they usually tend to be the 4 pocket "Princess of Quite A Lot" as opposed to the 6 Pocket "Queen of Everything". I have always liked this approach because it is a great place to start and then the client can continue to add products and see the improvements as she adds new products.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

When does a new consultant have to order?


One of our readers asked:
I have a question I have been trying to get answered. What happens if I don't have a debut party or turn in an order within my first two months? I became a consultant, the end of July 2010. My director says we have to turn in an order of 600 wholesale by the end of August. I have been sick and haven't really done anything with the business since I got my starter kit. For various reasons I don't think I will be ready to have a debut party until Early September and doubt I can make 1200 retail.

Nothing bad happens. If your recruiter is trying to have you count as a qualified team member, well that will work against her but should not be a reason for you to place an order if you are not ready and you don't mind giving up any of the "free" bonuses the Company offers for doing your initial product order of $600 w/s or more the month you join or the following month. If you have decided you want some product but aren't ready to do $600+ , as long as you select $400 retail, you will receive the 50% discount. Just remember, if you end up placing a total of $600 wholesale in the first two months as a consultant, the amounts do not cumulative to a $600 for the free product bonuses. To receive the bonuses, the order must be all at once.

Once you submit your agreement you have up to a year to place a minimum $200 w/s to maintain your status as a consultant. For all intensive purposes a consultant "terms" in the 6 month with no product order but all that is required to reinstate is simply to place a $400 rt/ $200 w/s. As long as at least one minimum order is placed a year, one never has to sign another agreement.

I hope this helps to answer your questions and if it doesn't, please keep asking in the comments and I will do my best to further clarify!

Welcome to Mary Kay!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Organizing Referrals & Leads


This is something I have struggled with in the past so I wanted to share how I have managed to keep my leads and referrals organized instead of playing the pile up until you throw them away game. Hope this information is helpful for someone.

When using the backside of the profile cards, where you clients can list the names of up to five friends of ladies they think would be interested in Mary Kay, a desk can become a little disorganized if the profile cards aren't filed alphabetically be the clients name but if we file them, then it makes it difficult to remember who may have given you referrals, so what to do?? (If you are giggling because it doesn't seem like a chore... then it is only because there isn't enough profile cards to be worried about. When working and seeing enough faces this can get overwhelming if you want to be good at follow up.

Making sure you have your client's name on the top of the backside of the profile card, simply make a photocopy of it. Then the profile card can be filed appropriately and the photocopy can be put in a 3 ring binder to be kept nice and organized, when using a 8 x 11 page of paper, there is room under the profile card for notes on the contacts.

For leads obtained from a fair, drawing, or the little info cards, organization and follow up can also become quite a chore as well - I use a scrapbook (because the pages are firmer) but even just a spiral 3 subject notebook works great. Simply tape the slip to a page in the notebook. There will be plenty of space to the right of the slip to write notes as you attempt to make your contacts. I use the subjects based on whether the lead is interested in a facial, a party, or Company information. Once the contact is made and the appointment booked or the lead is no longer interested, the slip can be removed from the book.

The other nice thing about this system is: if you are going to be some place with plenty of time and nothing to do, we can just grab the notebook and take it with us!

If we take the time to get the lead, it is smart to follow up. I am guilty myself of having so many leads that I haven't gotten to that after I get sick of looking at them and feeling guilty that I haven't contacted them yet and too embarrassed to contact them because of the time lag, I have just thrown them in the garbage, and that... is NOT good for future business or my image as a professional that follows up on a contact. That is when I came up with this system and it has helped me tremendously.

Hope this helps!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Well, talk about a Cult... this is unbelievable!


(The Photo is of the Patriot Guard Riders) *********************************************************************************************
This is sad, I can't believe I had not heard about this group before now....If you haven't I would like to make you aware of a group that I had no clue existed or how they can call themselves a church with the messages they are sending... It is called the Westboro Baptist Church. (I have heard about groups that protest at military funerals, just wasn't aware that they were an organized group calling themselves a church. (I believe their memo of protests said they were to be in Missouri on the 7th for some protests)
( I have removed names and location but this was a memo put out by their church to protest at a funeral of a Marine killed in battle.

Westboro Baptist Church

(WBC Chronicles --Since 1955)
3701 S.W. 12th St. Topeka, Ks. 66604 785-273-0325
Religious Opinion & Bible Commentary on Current Events

(Supplemental info: background, photos, audio sermons & hymns, & video footage –
available free at,,,, &


Military funerals have become pagan orgies of
idolatrous blasphemy, where they pray to the
dunghill gods of Sodom & play taps to a fallen fool.
This message to be preached in respectful, lawful proximity
to the memorial of a fallen Marine, time and place listed.

Marine gave his life for the Constitutional right of WBC to
warn America. To deny us our First Amendment rights is to declare to the
world that Marine died in vain, and that America is a nation of
sodomite hypocrites.

I can't understand how people could do this to the family of a lost one and have no conscious for the anguish they are causing.
The good new is if group has the right to assemble, so does others... so thank God for this group

“Except the Lord build the house, They labor in vain that build it;
Except the Lord keep the city, The watchman waketh but in vain.”
Psa. 127:1.

The Lord no longer builds the American house; nor does the Lord
watch over and protect America. These soldiers are dying for
the homosexual and other sins of America. God is now
America’s enemy, and God Himself is fighting against America.

THANK GOD FOR IEDs. (improvised explosive devices, btw- I had to find out what it meant so I shared.)

my last wonder...why aren't all other Baptists church screaming in protest that the name "Baptist" is being used in this horrific behavior and they don't want to be associated with that group, so the group should change their name????

(still shaking head)in disbelief but in doing more research I found a bright spot...
The Patriot Guard Riders attend the funerals of members of the United States Armed Forces at the invitation of the deceased’s family.

The group was initially formed to shelter and protect the funerals from protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church, who claim that the deaths of American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are divine retribution for American tolerance of homosexuality. The Patriot Guard positions itself to physically shield the mourners from the presence of the Westboro protesters by blocking the protesters from view with their motorcade, or by having members hold American flags. The group also drowns out the protesters' chants by singing patriotic songs or by revving motorcycle engines.

Although initially founded by motorcyclists, the organization is open to anyone, regardless of political affiliation, veteran status, or whether they ride or not. The only prerequisite is "a deep respect for those who serve our country; military, firefighters, or law enforcement". The Patriot Guard was established in Mulvane, Kansas at American Legion Post 136 in 2005.

The group's mission quickly expanded to include the funerals of law enforcement officers, fire department personnel, all first responders, and any active duty member or veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces from all previous wars and conflicts and is now largely focused on recognizing and honoring the sacrifices of fallen service members as well as their families and loved ones. As of April 28, 2008, the group reported over 170,000 members. In addition to their attendance at funerals, the group also greets troops returning from overseas at welcome home celebrations, deployment ceremonies, and perform volunteer work for veteran's organizations such as Veterans Homes. The group also assists families in financial difficulties with travel and housing arrangements, and also visits military hospitals to encourage and honor wounded service members of the United States Armed Forces.

Now if someone was looking for a cause to take down because of the evil they do...might I suggest this one is perhaps more hateful and hurtful than any I have every seen!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Limited Edition Available Now!


Our clients won't be able to see this until the Fall Look Book launches but it is featured on our page and it is available now from - may I add, I love, love, love the smell of it... - it is not a "too sweet" vanilla scent, it is just plain yummy! It is a limited edition item and I speculate that it will sell out as the miniature fragrance collection and the pedicure set did.

(Consultants that attened Seminar received it as part of the free product)

NEW! Limited Edition (while supplies last):
LTD. ED.! Vanilla Sugar Satin Hands® Pampering Set (Includes Hand Softener, Vanilla Sugar Satin Hands® Satin Smoothie® Hand Scrub and Vanilla Sugar Satin Hands® Hand Cream in a gift ready bag)

This Just Made My Day


Almost none MK related... but I felt so good after, I just had to share... I had run to the grocery store and after checking out the cashier said, "I think this is your cucmber" and handed it to me, I got my wallet and she said, "no you paid for it", I thought about it and looked at my receipt and waited for her to finish ringing the couple that went thru in back of me to pay her because it had not been paid for. Finished loading my car and returned the cart when I notice an elderly woman with a cane (in 90+ weather) returning her empty cart. I hastened my pace and offered to do it for her. She thanked me, and I smiled and told her to have a great day. As I was starting to get into my car, I heard a voice. (I was unaware I had had an audience) - an elderly gentleman (the one who was in line with his wife in back of me) said....
Young lady.. (okay that was enough of a reward because I definetely fall into the "old hen") you have just restored my faith in humanity. In under two minutes I just witnessed an act of honesty and and act of kindness, it is no surprise that you are driving that pink cadillac because if you treat strangers that good, I can only imagine how well you treat those you know.. You are a special lady!!!

no, I didn't not go into a booking script or make anyone take my card. I thanked him for making my day and went smiling on my way feeling like a million bucks.

Now how cool is that?


Tuesday, August 3, 2010



All seminar attendees received this statement on a laminated bookmark.

Mary Kay believes that beauty is more than just the way a woman looks- it's also an expression of how she feels. From the characteristics that make her unique and unforgettable to the way she touches the lives of those around her to the products she uses to enhance her natural beauty.
A Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant is there to guide every woman in her desire to find ways to express her own sense of beauty. Because no one understands better that all women are beautiful both inside and out.


Mary Kay cree que la belleza es mas que solo la forma en la que luce una mujer. Tambien es la exprsion de su sentir. Desde las caracteristicas que la hacen unica e irrepetible, pasando por la manera en la que toca la vida de aquellosa sus alrededor, hasta los productos que utiliza papa resaltar su belleza natural. Una Consultora de Belleza Mary Kay Independiente esta ahi para guiar a toda muer en su deseo de encontrar maneras de expresar su propio sentido de belleza. Porque nadie comprende mejor que toda mujer es bella pordentro y por fuera.

From Allison Lamar


From Allison Lamar.. Look what arrived in the mail yesterday on my first business day in "retirement" last last company record...THANKS MK!! :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

the DIY issue

I see a lot of snarky comments in, ah, certain locations about a MK facial or pedicure being "less than" because it's essentially a guided DIY.

I see a lot of women over there going on about their expensive facials and pedicures that they pay others to do at salons.

Well, if you have that kind of money and spare time, that's fabulous, but it behooves you to remember that many women do not. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing your own beauty rituals affordably and enjoying the experience. And there is *certainly* nothing wrong with learning how to take care of your own skin using high quality MK products. Your MK consultant brings quality products and experiences to your home that you might otherwise not be able to enjoy.

I sure don't have a problem with that.

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