Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This Just Made My Day

Almost none MK related... but I felt so good after, I just had to share... I had run to the grocery store and after checking out the cashier said, "I think this is your cucmber" and handed it to me, I got my wallet and she said, "no you paid for it", I thought about it and looked at my receipt and waited for her to finish ringing the couple that went thru in back of me to pay her because it had not been paid for. Finished loading my car and returned the cart when I notice an elderly woman with a cane (in 90+ weather) returning her empty cart. I hastened my pace and offered to do it for her. She thanked me, and I smiled and told her to have a great day. As I was starting to get into my car, I heard a voice. (I was unaware I had had an audience) - an elderly gentleman (the one who was in line with his wife in back of me) said....
Young lady.. (okay that was enough of a reward because I definetely fall into the "old hen") you have just restored my faith in humanity. In under two minutes I just witnessed an act of honesty and and act of kindness, it is no surprise that you are driving that pink cadillac because if you treat strangers that good, I can only imagine how well you treat those you know.. You are a special lady!!!

no, I didn't not go into a booking script or make anyone take my card. I thanked him for making my day and went smiling on my way feeling like a million bucks.

Now how cool is that?


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