Monday, August 30, 2010

Closing Placemat

Hi Everyone!!

I was asked about my closing.. only have a minute, so here is the placemat I am currently. I will share more soon.

The most important thing about a closing during a party is to always remember to do a group "table" closing and then take two minutes to speak with each guest individually. This makes it personally and you can find out what the client wants that night, in the future, likes/dislikes, etc.. It isn't about making them buy, it is about finding out what THEY want.

It takes awhile to get comfortable but if we are relaxed, our clients will be relaxed. I do say, at the end of the group close because I never want anyone to feel uncomfortable I if there is really nothing you want today, just bring me your profile card when it is your turn and you can just say, "thank you, I had fun today :)" .

I don't want anyone ever to feel as if I pushed them into buying the product and then getting buyers remorse. It is truly about getting them what they want.

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