Friday, February 27, 2009

In the News - CNN

Gloria Mayfield Banks joins
Soledad O'Brien for preview of
Black in America 2

Gloria Mayfield Banks joins Soledad O'Brien and Anderson Cooper tonight for a special preview edition of Black in America 2. Tune in tonight, 11 ET.

Gloria Mayfield Banks joins CNN Anchor and Special Correspondent, Soledad O'Brien, for a special preview edition of Black in America 2. The program airs tonight (February 26th), at 11 p.m. on Anderson Cooper 360.

Gloria is part of an esteemed panel of guests discussing the current state of Black America, and the effects of the historic election of Barack Obama as the first African-American President of the United States.

A Harvard MBA, Gloria left a corporate career 20 years ago to sell lipstick. Today, she is the number one African-American seller in Mary Kay Cosmetics worldwide.

As an Elite Executive National Sales Director, Gloria has earned more than $5 million in commissions and oversees a force of 6,000 consultants and six National Sales Directors. She travels the globe to speak with audiences seeking her advice on what it takes to be a success.

Gloria's success is phenomenal considering she has Dyslexia, a learning disability. She has made it her life's work to demonstrate to others that any goal can be achieved.

Gloria has shared her secrets of success with national media audiences on CNN, the Donny Deutsch show, "The Big Idea" on CNBC, ABC-TV, and has appeared in Fortune, Black Enterprise, Glamour, Working Woman and PINK Magazines

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Same but Different?

This is taken from the heading - Another Sales Director in Denial on PT

One of the things that does tend to bother me is the way many of the posters make fun of anyone who can't spell (when in most cases it is a typo versus a spelling error). This should be a little entertaining: because it appears if it is not only kaybots that can not spell....

The post below is from the poster that goes by gotheart: (else where in the posts there is a heckler making fun of kaybots and their spelling)- do you think one would mention about the many "oopses" in the email below? If you are anti-mk are you only able to see misspelled words in the posts that disagree with you?

Here is her post:
There is nothing in your above email statement that can have any worth, value, credibility until YOU fork over you numbers.
Lets have YOUR weekly tally of all your SCC.
Lets have the members of YOUR unit express all the training they have received from watching YOUR SSC.
Your have so many SCC that you are dovetailing your appointments to help build your unit.
You are so successful with all your SCC and dovetailing that I can not even imagine why ya'd have time to
express YOUR experience of those failing with their businesses, in your unit.
You have women that are not successful in your unit? Even with all of your dovetailing? Wonder why?
I would like for your to expose to YOUR unit the tally of your 2008 expenses, 1099, and Schedule C, and income and number of SSC.
Then we can talk about YOUR experience in MK. so hand over your numbers.
Until then you have absolutely no credibility, and no right to slam the women that have had a true revelation evaluation of their MK experience.
You do not know you ass from a hole in the ground. (nice.....-real class)

- end of post -

- and if you want to see a cat fight make sure you don't miss this read as we see some real go-give behavior and even a little name calling thrown in.

Another little chuckle is we are always accussed about being stalkers because we may talk to strangers about MK etc... but it is not considered stalking if you mail your pt opinion of MK to the mailing list of others, put cards in bathroom stalls, copy, paste, and send pt posts to people that haven't asked for them. Are those individuals not doing the exact same thing they accuse the MK Stalkers of doing?

The double standards just continue to pile up - read for awhile and almost ever statement is contradicated -

In this thread it seems that one is justified to be rude, treat people poorly, use foul language as long as you are overcoming an abusive past. The behavior in that thread is not something to be proud of. My question, if you can justify this type of behavior because you are "finding your voice" - can't a nsd or director "justify" poor decision because they need to make production? - Aren't they both called "excuses"?

Some story, I personally thought the letter from the director sounded fair, especially since it was in reply to what may have been a not so nice email.

How about some chatter and feedback?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pink Truth: We are so scared of the truth that we make fun of it.

Pink Truth tries pathetically to twist Mary Kay teaching

A real shame that in the midst of all the economic, emotional and other turmoil brewing in the world today one of the few encouraging "lights" trying to help guide a change in perspective is being shot at by people who can't tell the difference between sound advice and manipulation.

No longer shocking, but still disappointing.

Your thoughts?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pink Truth: Mary Kay should not pre-judge people... we should

Pink Truth analyzes Mary Kay 'recruiting' script

I am a very analytical person. As a result, I prefer to look at numbers. I don't want to have my objections overcome before I even think of them.

I want to know what I am being offered (Purchases, Job Opportunities, etc.) before I start asking questions about whether or not it is right for me.

In other words, don't tell me, "This job will be perfect for you (operative word, "you") ..." when you don't know me.

This is one of the things that I personally do not like about Mary Kay and other similar marketing plans. They tend to require the type of thinking (and talking) that tries to eliminate objections before they even materialize. I don't think this is necessarily wrong, it just doesn't suit me at all. (Like I said, I am analytical)

Ironically, this is also the thing that irritates me about Pink Truth. By making assumptions about the women in Mary Kay (based on their personal interactions), they write off people they don't know and dissuade (or attempt to dissuade) other people they don't know with alleged omniscience... claiming to offer the "truth".


Thursday, February 19, 2009

NOT(s) of Mary Kay


If we have any readers that are considering becoming a part of Mary KayI hope that this will help. Did I miss anything?

What Mary Kay is Not…

#1. Mary Kay is not a get rich quick scheme.
#2. Mary Kay is not a religion.
#3. Mary Kay is not the solution to every problem in your life.
#4. Mary Kay will not fix everything that ails you.
#5. Mary Kay is not a cult.
#6. Mary Kay is not for everyone.
#7. Mary Kay is not a substitue for professional (psych) help.
#8. Mary Kay is not the only opportunity to earn money.
#9. Mary Kay is not a guarantee for success.
#10. Mary Kay is not a replacement for a spouse or loved one.
#11. Mary Kay is not perfect.
#12. Mary Kay is not to blame for everything bad that has ever happened to you.

Pink Truth: And now for something completely different... nevermind, business as usual, 'we hate Mary Kay'


One thing that I will have to thank raisinberry for here is that I realized (as I kept labeling things "nonsense" that if this site is going to be a reliable source of information about Mary Kay, I need to stop only pointing out how unreliable certain sources are. This site needs to add some value by pointing out credible sources, both positive and negative, that have expressed facts and/or opinions about Mary Kay.

Starting with this one that was sort of contributed by a Pink Truther in the comments section of "raisinberry"'s rant.

CBS Story on Mary Kay Cosmetics

Also see the video version here

Feel free to add your thoughts about either of these.

And, please send me any "breaking news" updates you come across from reputable sources (or less than reputable sources... as you know, we talk about those here too!)


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

An Explanation? Maybe.


We often wonder why some think the way they do on pt. (At least I have) this was posted on our site in one of the comments and perhaps does provide some answers to my question. And the answer came from pt - how interesting - perhaps this is a truth. Since I am moving this upfront because I do think it deserves it own post, may I also suggest to anyone that Mary Kay will not end all your lives problems, it will not replace a bad relationship, make you rich, etc... one sidely, just like any other relationship, it is a give and take. You need to give it time, work, and effort - there are times you need your own space and it will return what you give it. (In most cases)

(An image I got of many of the posters over there - a woman looses her husband, wears black at the funeral, says her goodbyes, may or may not wear black (not so much today) for a period of time while she is in mourning. You will not find her still only in black 6 months, a year, 5 years, or ten years after her mourning period.) Mk was suppose to be a business opportunity, it didn't work. Bury it, mourn for it, and then move on. You must release the past to live and enjoy the present and the future... and without further adue....HotPinkShot's comment:

HotPink said...
Raisinberry said: " just hit the nail on the head. -
mary kay thrives on women who can do "disfunction" without missing a beat. "

Directly from her own mouth. Proves only that what I have been reading here is true. Obivously some were disfunctional before MK, during MK, and now AFTER MK.

Since I am posting I would like to add it is very amusing to read a post that is making fun of a consultant for not spelling properly, using proper grammar, or for typing errors and then seeing the same mistakes in that email.

Pink Truth: We must be right, look how poorly our critics make their case against us.

Pink Truth rolls out another Mary Kay criticism of Pink Truth

Does anyone else get the feeling that Pink Truth is more interested in arguing for the sake of arguing than their alleged goal of discovering the truth?

It seems clear to me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pink Truth: Prizes can be bought cheaper than they can be earned, so they are valueless

Pink Truth still doesn't get that you aren't supposed to buy Mary Kay prizes

The Scribbler has done "the backbreaking work so you can laugh at it later...."

In other words, she has calculated how much you would have to spend to "buy" the prizes that you are supposed to earn.

If you are just 'doing your job' and earn these prizes above and beyond the money you are earning by selling product, shouldn't the numbers be more like "I saved..." or "I got .... extra, just for fun".

Has anyone in the history of Mary Kay honestly genuinely thought to themselves, "'...paying $1800 for a digital photo keychain!' no way I can get a better deal than that"?

Somehow, I doubt it.

Sorry, "scrib" funny, but this doesn't really make sense.

A for effort.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

MK on the CBS News


Wow, this is exciting, just got back from an awesome weekend and read about this!

http://www.cbsnews. com/video/ watch/?id= 4802246n

Sorry you will have to copy and paste the address until I can get the link to work.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!


Since I will be away this weekend, mountain get-away with mr.mkm4e I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day!
(PS - no cell or internet service- secret to loving MK, know when to shut off)

Pink Truth: Mary Kay "defenders" should not be alowed to do what we do


Finally, someone sends a letter to Pink Truth that makes about as much sense as most of their rants. At least now they will listen, right?

Seriously, the arguments that this "alleged" writer makes are as non sequitur as the ones Pink Truth enjoys making.

Unfortunately, it clearly does not help to "speak their language", and they hate her as much as anyone else that disagrees with "the greater good" that Pink Truth aims to create.

Honestly, this letter is more likely fabricated or "touched up" or taken out of its original context. Nonetheless, observing the viciousness that ensues from people that apparently believe the integrity of the letter, you would think that they believe they do not engage in the same unintelligible criticism that they are being presented with.

If they were trying to be funny (Pink Truth), this would be a massive success story.

Consider how much more humorous this is than the standard, "Don't $&#*ing use foul language" type comment. It is "funny" because the behavior that is being criticized is being used to form the criticism.

As I said, I don't think that Pink Truth is trying to be funny, so this actually comes across as very sad.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pink Truth: Mary Kay and Maggots?

Mary Kay, Pink Truth and Maggots?

I like "The Scribbler", really I do. She seems to be capable of putting her thoughts into writing in a way that most people never quite grasp. More so than me, I think.

I do think that she has gotten caught up a little too much in the Pink Truth hype that everyone in Mary Kay is the same robotic, ordering machine with no brains or personal thinking skills, and that is a shame. But, I do get the feeling that, if anyone on Pink Truth is being ironic and using sarcasm and exaggeration as writing tools, it is her.

That said, I think this article is interesting. I am almost positive that she is not being ironic, but in an environment (Pink Truth) that tirelessly connects "odds" with "chances" and whines about "market saturation" with no clue what those two words mean and protests people making "it sound so easy" just because "they are doing it", isn't it a little ironic that she would use a tv show about maggot farming to make a case for "something better than Mary Kay"?

I mean, really, isn't maggot farming kind of a specialty field? This is not something that you get into "for the money"!

Oooh, let me start a maggot farm. It sure would beat selling cosmetics!

Also, interesting that she did not list any of the maggot farmers expenses! I am sure that the couple on the show process and ship ALL 3 to 4 million maggots every week! (I didn't see the show, but I would guess that they have some overhead - like employees and equipment and repairs... etc, etc, etc)

Now, I also need to address one of the themes that I have been seeing surface on Pink Truth a lot lately. Havurah, I think, got this theme heated up most recently. (BTW, Havurah, I have still not heard from you...)

There seems to be this belief, amongst Pink Truth regulars, that Mary Kay claims that they are the only way to do or be anything. That if Mary Kay was as successful as they claim, or as ministry minded as they suggest that there could be no other outlet for these things.

"If Mary Kay was really so great, there would be no need for brick and mortar businesses"

The Scribbler, here, suggests:

"Let’s talk about the ministry issue. One of NSD Rena Tarbet’s objection overcomers reassures potential recruits that, “In Mary Kay, you have the greatest opportunity to touch people for the Lord as well as for Mary Kay.” If Tarbet is correct, that means that every opportunity in existence – in the eyes of God – is kitty kibble compared to the Mary Kay opportunity. Tarbet’s claim is implying that if you want to please God and serve Him fully, you have to be in Mary Kay."

This is either incredibly naive and ignorant, unlikely for such a skilled communicator as "The Scribbler" has proven herself, or it is an incredibly manipulative abuse of the intended context of Rena's words.

Either way, it proves to be an absurd assumption about Mary Kay that is simply not based on anything logical.

I think that Google provides the "...greatest opportunity to search the internet..."

I think that Nike provides the "...greatest sports apparel for serious athletes..."

I think that Prego is the "...greatest tasting pasta sauce..."

But none of those opinions mean that if someone uses Yahoo, Adidas, or Ragu they are somehow out of the will of God.

On a more "religious" note, I prefer the New King James Version, "Pre-Tribulation Rapture", Salvation by grace, not works, but I don't consider someone "out of the will of God" if they disagree with me.

To say that, because Rena said, "In Mary Kay, you have the greatest opportunity to touch people for the Lord..." she thinks any other opportunity to do so is insignificant, is ludicrous. Plain and simple.

To try to make that quote suggest the same is, simply, manipulative... and wrong.

Putting words into a person's mouth in order to prove one's own point is not only reprehensible, but proves the weakness of one's position.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pink Truth: We are afraid of taking risks... That is why Mary Kay scares us

Pink Truth clearly illustrates their inability to grasp the difference between percentages and chances

I would like to point out two things about Tracy's evaluation of Amy, the director that she calls into question in this post.

First, the $130,000 that Tracy calculated does not include personal sales. I am constantly in awe that Pink Truth is so convinced that, literally, no one in Mary Kay sells any product that they never count that toward a directors income. As I understand it, a director (as the example in a unit) is supposed to be the number one consultant in her unit. I am sure that does not always happen, but I know my wife's director has a very nice customer base herself. I won't speculate about how much Amy earns from her personal sales, perhaps someone from Pink Truth would like to come over here and take care of that for us? But suffice to say that $130K is only from her commission(s).

Second, how many companies can Tracy name that have even 63 people making more than $100K? I mean, sure, go ahead and poo-poo "only" 63 people that make more than $100K, but at least give us a small list of other companies that are paying out those kind of commissions on a regular basis.

But outside of that, the truly striking element of this post, to me, is that Pink Truth seems to (and Tracy obviously does, based on her direct comments) believe that just because a relatively small percentage of people accomplish something, your chances must be small.

Based on Pink Truth's mindset, clearly illustrated with this article, you should not aspire to do anything that has odds that are stacked against you.

Forget professional sports. HA!

Don't try to be an executive of anything. Do you know what the percentage is of people that accomplish that? HA!

Don't try to start your own small business. You will be doomed! HA!

For that matter, you probably shouldn't even get married.

I don't often say this, because it really is fairly irrelevant. I personally do not have any desire to sign up to work in an MLM sales type environment. I know that it is not a match for my personality. It does not "work" for me. I would, most likely, not be successful. However, these "odds", the small percentage of people that "make" it, is exactly what would appeal to me. I love a challenge. I want to go through basic training as a Navy SEAL, just because I know how hard it is, and I would love to be one of the few that come out on the other side. The fact that Pink Truth sees this as a downside that would, undoubtedly, cause potential recruits to, "...reac if they were told up front that they had almost no chance of making an executive income in Mary Kay...", seems to be very telling about their character.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Packaging


The new packaging for the skincare line! I LOVE it. It doesn't look as "sterile" as the white.

Pink Truth: Mary Kay Women Don't Deserve Privacy... because we said so

Pink Truth loves invading privacy... in the name of "their" "truth"

I can't do anything about the fact that Pink Truth could care less about getting permission from the people they love to slander. This woman wrote a personal email to her friends and family. (Assuming that this is not a made up email.)

Not knowing anything about her audience and the relationship that she has with them, one would think that anyone publishing such a message would be, at the very least, cautious about what they assume, but we are talking about Pink Truth, so I suppose we should not be surprised.

Nonetheless, because it has been published, and because Pink Truth has had the chance to rip this girl to ribbons with their assumptions, I believe that it can at least be used as a case study.

It seems to me that there are elements of this email that reflect the way most of the readers on this site feel:

The way I'm going to finish DIQ is to meet ALOT of women.

This is the bottom line. You really need to meet a lot of women in order to progress.

There are also a lot of things that will make most readers here uneasy:

...and you'll be doing me an enormous favor. Seriously, second to prayer this is my biggest need.

So, keep in mind that this may not represent an actual person but that it may, in fact, represent a real person with real feelings that sent this to real people that knew her a lot better than anyone on the internet does.

All of that being said, any thoughts? This should be a good one from everyone.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Pink Truth: We are so much better than Mary Kay... at everything


Pink Truth, in their strong conviction that their small club are the only people in the world with intelligence and taste, have struck a death blow to Mary Kay by defiantly posting information that is supposed to be kept quiet for another quarter.


They are so on top of it.

Hint to consultants that are using Pink Truth's advice to plan your Mary Kay business.

First of all, don't.

But, failing that, at least save yourself some energy and realize that there will ALWAYS be something else coming (next quarter, next month, next year, etc.) so you might as well never order at all.

Mary Kay's point, as I understand it, is, "Don't order product to win a prize, don't wait to order product to win a prize; Order product when you need it, and only when you need it." If Pink Truth, your director, or your recruiter (or anyone for that matter) tells you different, don't listen.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why Pink Truth is so certain about their "truth" about Mary Kay?

Stumbled on this quote today and thought it was appropriate to the ongoing conversation here:

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

-Bertrand Russell-
British author, mathematician, & philosopher (1872 - 1970)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Pink Truth: Even More Nonsense about Mary Kay


Pink Truth's own "raisinberry" contributed this piece.

Anyone care to chime in?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pink Truth: More Nonsense about Mary Kay


I thought that yesterdays post was an excellent example of why Pink Truth should neither be taken seriously, nor presumed to be attempting any sort of serious critique of Mary Kay. I still stand by that, but submit to you the comments on this letter from an outspoken critic.

As someone on this site (Balanced Mary Kay) recently pointed out, the first comment (and one that agreed with the first) claims that this letter writer has no credibility because she has not sold Mary Kay herself (no mention of the fact that she is a consumer and has interaction with consultants) while there are clearly "credible" members of the Pink Truth community that have never sold Mary Kay.

Hmmm. That's interesting.

Especially since she just criticized this type of thinking (or lack of thinking) with her somewhat witty, "if you don’t share my miserable experience, you are an" comment! Clearly that is the prerequisite for being taken seriously on Pink Truth - Agree with the groupthink and you are intelligent; disagree and you are in need of tutoring.

For instance, "pinkpeace" adds:

pinkpeace said:

I do not sale MK, but I do use the products and have friends that sale.

Maybe she can ask one of her college-degreed consultant friends to provide some English tutoring along with that TimeWise cleanser.

Sigh. Now I have to go to confession for being mean.

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Mon 26 Jan 06:51
Votes: +3

I can't say that I ever recall "pinkpeace" having a problem with anyone else's English.

Is it just me?

And finally, for good measure, "pinksedition" wraps up my exact thoughts about Pink Truth.

pinksedition said:
Really, does anyone ever really try to make some intellectual remarks arguing about this site? It is the same rhetoric over and over again and it sounds more stupid every time I read it.

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Mon 26 Jan 10:07
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Really, "pinksedition", does Pink Truth ever really try to do what you are asking for? Or is it also the same rhetoric over and over again that sounds more stupid every time I read it?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pink Truth: Nonsense about Mary Kay

This is a two part post.

Part 1
Part 2
(part two is addressed to Havurah, who is still refusing to comment on this site and is using "Google locked me out" as a weak excuse. Click Here to skip to that part)
Part 3
(part three is my response to "blessed", a.k.a. all I have to about this nonsense.)


I nearly did not link to this article. Speaking to, or for that matter, about, "blessed" is futile.

The very fact that Tracy not only allows his nonsense on her site but, in fact, publishes it on the front page demonstrates that she is not serious in her criticism of Mary Kay.

Are there flaws with Mary Kay's business model? No doubt. In fact, we discuss them on this site -- and I am sure that they are brought up at corporate headquarters on a daily basis.

Is comparing a cosmetics company (or its marketing plan) to a social disease, a cult or a plague helpful in any way? I say, no.

I have made very clear my belief that Tracy is, to say the least, misleading many about her intentions with Pink Truth. Her deception and, frankly, outright lies are what motivate me to keep this site in existence.

That she has a problem with Mary Kay does not bother me.

That she actively campaigns to smear honest and integrous women with no concern for the truth is despicable. This post from "blessed", who has allowed his outrage at what happened to him and his wife (he has not actually told us what happened, so we can only guess that it must have been pretty bad) to consume him with with an illogical and ignorant belief that anyone involved with Mary Kay must be either knowingly or unknowingly complicit in the scam-to-end-all-scams, and must be stopped at any cost.

I do, however, believe that they are aware, to some degree, that their position (extreme hatred against anything and anyone involved with Mary Kay) is not bulletproof. This is evidenced by the fact that neither of them will allow dissenting opinions. Tracy avoids it by only having conversation in places where she can control the outcome, and "blessed" by not ever responding to the questions that are asked of him.

This, to me, is sad.

Finally, "havurah", in the comments on this post (the one that I linked to by "blessed") responded to my request for her to be respectful enough to comment over here, by either feigning ignorance or being to lazy to actually read what was said here.

So I will clarify... and this time, I will try to make it simple.


No one here suggested that Tracy "locked you out" of anything.

There is nothing wrong with creating an account with the name(s) "havurah1" "havvie" or any other such pseudonym that will be easily recognized and starting your comment with, "this is "Havurah" from Pink Truth. We will all know who you are. Plus your now famous third person monologue(s) should be easy to spot.

What we did ask you, specifically, was why your comment that referenced this site by the name "The Truth About Mary Kay" was suddenly censored to read "*********"

Was that your doing?

Or were you censored because the owner of the site is threatened by this little slice of truth over here on the other side of the internet?

Either way, how does that stack up in your evaluation of Pink Truth?

Finally, I would like to emphasize, I am calling you out. I believe that you are hiding from having an open discussion with an audience that is not censored by Tracy. None of your excuses for not leaving a comment and having a conversation, to date, hold any water.

You seem to hold what I at first interpreted as a strong set of values: honor and respect, specifically. I hope that you will prove me right and show this site the respect of visiting and explaining how you can support a cause like Pink Truth when even you yourself have been either voluntarily or obligatorily censored. This is clearly a paradox for a site claiming to be offering THE truth, don't you think?

It is your move. I hope that you will respect me (and if not me, at least your own values) enough to come visit and explain this apparent contradiction.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pink Truth: One Mary Kay Consultant confesses to "doing it fast"... this means all Mary Kay Consultants do it this way

Pink Truth "I-Story"

Everyone has a story. Seems to me... from where I am sitting... that some are good... and some are bad.

What do you think?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pink Truth: Mary Kay consultant numbers are down, this IS significant

Pink Truth, in their ongoing attempt to prove that Mary Kay is no good, points to an apparent decrease in U.S. Consultant numbers as just the kind of evidence they are looking for

What do all of you say? 700K to 600K seems like a considerable number. Is this evidence of "downsizing" or something more dramatic?

In other, lighter notes, Steelers won the Superbowl and I should be back on a regular schedule with the posting. Thanks for your patience.

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