Friday, February 13, 2009

Pink Truth: Mary Kay "defenders" should not be alowed to do what we do


Finally, someone sends a letter to Pink Truth that makes about as much sense as most of their rants. At least now they will listen, right?

Seriously, the arguments that this "alleged" writer makes are as non sequitur as the ones Pink Truth enjoys making.

Unfortunately, it clearly does not help to "speak their language", and they hate her as much as anyone else that disagrees with "the greater good" that Pink Truth aims to create.

Honestly, this letter is more likely fabricated or "touched up" or taken out of its original context. Nonetheless, observing the viciousness that ensues from people that apparently believe the integrity of the letter, you would think that they believe they do not engage in the same unintelligible criticism that they are being presented with.

If they were trying to be funny (Pink Truth), this would be a massive success story.

Consider how much more humorous this is than the standard, "Don't $&#*ing use foul language" type comment. It is "funny" because the behavior that is being criticized is being used to form the criticism.

As I said, I don't think that Pink Truth is trying to be funny, so this actually comes across as very sad.


  1. Same ol same ol.
    "You suck!"
    "No, YOU suck!"

    I will point out that because Harvard did a case study on MK, that's not the same as teaching the business plan. The letter writer is mistaken about this.

    I will say too, that if Pam Shaw actually does use the "just fill out this contract for me, we don't have to use it" recruiting method outlined in the comments, I'd find that to be particularly egregious. If someone did that to me I would be like H3LL NO GET AWAY FROM ME.

    I seriously think this posting of "hate" mails, whatever their provenance, is a gigantic waste of time. They all look the same.

    Ahem, Dave, Havurah's talkin atcha again. Dave, wouldn't you have to be Jewish to qualify as a yenta? You mentioned reading the Christian Bible in a former post, which leads me to believe you're not Jewish. Hav, why not stick a toe in the water? Dave doesn't keep body parts in his fridge. It's ok.

    I wonder how Rodgirl is doing? I miss Rodgirl. You know, the other goth. ;) She was selling MK in Canada (as a hobby, far as I could tell), basically doing her own thing with it. Seemed to be ok.

    Got Valentine's day plans??? I do! XD

  2. Miranda,

    Thanks for letting me know about Havurah. I must confess, that I rarely get to even 'gloss over' the comments much less read them anymore. In fact, were it not for a helpful assist from an anonymous reader, I would not have even known that Havurah had promoted this site at all, let alone censored (or was censored) it to "protect" the defenseless Pink Truth readers from stumbling on the preposterous propaganda that is clearly prevalent and pervasive over here. (phew, almost felt like I was about to have a "V for Vendetta" moment - except with the letter "P" instead of "V" - there and need to transition from "boy yente" to simply "P"...)

    So, thank you for keeping me up to speed.

    That said, you are correct, I am not of Jewish lineage or belief system, so "boy yente" is probably not a technically correct nickname. However, I really have no problem with that in comparison to the other "mistakes" that seem to be made on Pink Truth.

    In response to her thinking that I will "call her out again", well that would be absurd. She clearly has not responded to the first "calling out". I am not one to waste my time on people that prove themselves to be incapable of showing respect.

    As some may recall observing with "blessed", my S.O.P. is to assume that everyone will offer, and is worthy of, mutual respect. I will, as far as is humanly possible, maintain that standard of mutual respect until a different position is earned. In the case of "blessed" and, now, "havurah", they have lost my respect.

    Important to note here is that in order to lose that respect, it had to be there in the first place. I genuinely respected both of them initially. We all have valid opinions and perspectives and I genuinely value all, no matter where they come from. However, I can't continue to respect someone that refuses to show any form of reciprocal respect. It would be foolish to do so.

    I would also like to point out, since it is likely that at least one of them will read this, that respect can be earned back. And I would love nothing better than to see that happen. Because, as I mentioned, I do very highly value opinions and perspectives that are different than mine.

    Whether "blessed" and/or "havurah" believe or recognize this is irrelevant. Hopefully they do.

  3. Raisinberry said: " just hit the nail on the head. -
    mary kay thrives on women who can do "disfunction" without missing a beat. "

    Directly from her own mouth. Proves only that what I have been reading here is true. Obivously some were disfunctional before MK, during MK, and now AFTER MK.

    Since I am posting I would like to add it is very amusing to read a post that is making fun of a consultant for not spelling properly, using proper grammar, or for typing errors and then seeing the same mistakes in that email.


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