Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pink Truth: Mary Kay and Maggots?

Mary Kay, Pink Truth and Maggots?

I like "The Scribbler", really I do. She seems to be capable of putting her thoughts into writing in a way that most people never quite grasp. More so than me, I think.

I do think that she has gotten caught up a little too much in the Pink Truth hype that everyone in Mary Kay is the same robotic, ordering machine with no brains or personal thinking skills, and that is a shame. But, I do get the feeling that, if anyone on Pink Truth is being ironic and using sarcasm and exaggeration as writing tools, it is her.

That said, I think this article is interesting. I am almost positive that she is not being ironic, but in an environment (Pink Truth) that tirelessly connects "odds" with "chances" and whines about "market saturation" with no clue what those two words mean and protests people making "it sound so easy" just because "they are doing it", isn't it a little ironic that she would use a tv show about maggot farming to make a case for "something better than Mary Kay"?

I mean, really, isn't maggot farming kind of a specialty field? This is not something that you get into "for the money"!

Oooh, let me start a maggot farm. It sure would beat selling cosmetics!

Also, interesting that she did not list any of the maggot farmers expenses! I am sure that the couple on the show process and ship ALL 3 to 4 million maggots every week! (I didn't see the show, but I would guess that they have some overhead - like employees and equipment and repairs... etc, etc, etc)

Now, I also need to address one of the themes that I have been seeing surface on Pink Truth a lot lately. Havurah, I think, got this theme heated up most recently. (BTW, Havurah, I have still not heard from you...)

There seems to be this belief, amongst Pink Truth regulars, that Mary Kay claims that they are the only way to do or be anything. That if Mary Kay was as successful as they claim, or as ministry minded as they suggest that there could be no other outlet for these things.

"If Mary Kay was really so great, there would be no need for brick and mortar businesses"

The Scribbler, here, suggests:

"Let’s talk about the ministry issue. One of NSD Rena Tarbet’s objection overcomers reassures potential recruits that, “In Mary Kay, you have the greatest opportunity to touch people for the Lord as well as for Mary Kay.” If Tarbet is correct, that means that every opportunity in existence – in the eyes of God – is kitty kibble compared to the Mary Kay opportunity. Tarbet’s claim is implying that if you want to please God and serve Him fully, you have to be in Mary Kay."

This is either incredibly naive and ignorant, unlikely for such a skilled communicator as "The Scribbler" has proven herself, or it is an incredibly manipulative abuse of the intended context of Rena's words.

Either way, it proves to be an absurd assumption about Mary Kay that is simply not based on anything logical.

I think that Google provides the "...greatest opportunity to search the internet..."

I think that Nike provides the "...greatest sports apparel for serious athletes..."

I think that Prego is the "...greatest tasting pasta sauce..."

But none of those opinions mean that if someone uses Yahoo, Adidas, or Ragu they are somehow out of the will of God.

On a more "religious" note, I prefer the New King James Version, "Pre-Tribulation Rapture", Salvation by grace, not works, but I don't consider someone "out of the will of God" if they disagree with me.

To say that, because Rena said, "In Mary Kay, you have the greatest opportunity to touch people for the Lord..." she thinks any other opportunity to do so is insignificant, is ludicrous. Plain and simple.

To try to make that quote suggest the same is, simply, manipulative... and wrong.

Putting words into a person's mouth in order to prove one's own point is not only reprehensible, but proves the weakness of one's position.



  1. Religion and business shouldn't mix. It's a disaster all around.

  2. Based on the distoration of the statements - I guess the next time someone says, "oh, you scared me to death" - they best be dead because otherwise they are liars.

    How about, I am so hungry I could eat a horse! - yuck... have you ever seen anyone ever eat a horse after making the statement?

    Another, I am green with envy -

    I have seen so many things taken out of context or manipulated to make it sound bad, it is truely sad. So many of the "mk-isms" are no different than the above statements, it is not to be take so literally.

    and give me makeup over maggots anyday.

    who said she wanted to move on - maybe she felt she had to, did it ever say she no longer wanted to pursue MK - perhaps she felt obligated to assist her husband and there just wasn't enough time to pursue her MK.

    Lots of assumptions are appear to have been made.


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