Friday, February 27, 2009

In the News - CNN

Gloria Mayfield Banks joins
Soledad O'Brien for preview of
Black in America 2

Gloria Mayfield Banks joins Soledad O'Brien and Anderson Cooper tonight for a special preview edition of Black in America 2. Tune in tonight, 11 ET.

Gloria Mayfield Banks joins CNN Anchor and Special Correspondent, Soledad O'Brien, for a special preview edition of Black in America 2. The program airs tonight (February 26th), at 11 p.m. on Anderson Cooper 360.

Gloria is part of an esteemed panel of guests discussing the current state of Black America, and the effects of the historic election of Barack Obama as the first African-American President of the United States.

A Harvard MBA, Gloria left a corporate career 20 years ago to sell lipstick. Today, she is the number one African-American seller in Mary Kay Cosmetics worldwide.

As an Elite Executive National Sales Director, Gloria has earned more than $5 million in commissions and oversees a force of 6,000 consultants and six National Sales Directors. She travels the globe to speak with audiences seeking her advice on what it takes to be a success.

Gloria's success is phenomenal considering she has Dyslexia, a learning disability. She has made it her life's work to demonstrate to others that any goal can be achieved.

Gloria has shared her secrets of success with national media audiences on CNN, the Donny Deutsch show, "The Big Idea" on CNBC, ABC-TV, and has appeared in Fortune, Black Enterprise, Glamour, Working Woman and PINK Magazines


  1. I missed this and forgot! Im not a jealous person but I envy this woman. I went to her Unitnet Site and she STILL recruits! What does she have 5 nationals under her? What really makes me mad but happy for her is that all she has to do is show her CBS tape and other tapes of her on television and people will join just because of that. I bet Gloria could just flash a CBS tape in a room and 50 people would sign up. She is truly phenomenal in this company and in life.

  2. I have dyscalculia....

    Otherwise known as Can't Do Math.

  3. hatta-housa-worka - can't do house cleaning without getting depressed!


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