Sunday, February 15, 2009

MK on the CBS News

Wow, this is exciting, just got back from an awesome weekend and read about this!

http://www.cbsnews. com/video/ watch/?id= 4802246n

Sorry you will have to copy and paste the address until I can get the link to work.


  1. poop. I have no sound card at work. I don't suppose there is a transcript?

  2. I don't think this is a transcript but it was a seperate article on 2/13:

    Kelly Canzone left her job as a psychotherapist to sell makeup - and now she's making even more than she did before. (CBS)

    Business Booming For Cosmetics
    Almost every facet of the economy has been severely hampered by the recession. But, as Richard Schlesinger reports, business has been booming for many in the cosmetics industry. | Share/Embed

    (CBS) Kelly Canzone knows first hand how to put the best face on a bad economy.

    "A woman can't afford to go out a buy a new suit or a new outfit or weekly therapy, but she can afford a $13 lipstick," Canzone said.

    She sells make-up for the Mary Kay cosmetic company - lots of makeup, CBS News correspondent Richard Schlesinger reports.

    How does the economy look from where he stands?

    "Wonderful. My husband and I joke sometimes that there's a recession happening, but not in our house," she said.

    She was a full time psychotherapist making $60 an hour, when she decided to shrink her practice and grow this business. Start up cost was just $100 for her first supplies.

    She now helps train other sales ladies.

    Is she making much more money?

    "I would say probably not quite double what I was making as a therapist, but probably about a third more," she said.

    In the midst of declines in almost every other industry, make-up - at least affordable makeup - is taking off.

    At the same time the economy started tanking last year, mass-market skin care sales were up as much as 11 percent. Grooming products were up 15 percent.

    All that helps makes make-up an attractive way to make up for fading prospects in other businesses, like construction. Laura Grieco is an electrician trainee struggling to make it. So, she's started selling make-up too.

    "It's just nice to see that extra money throughout the week that can help supplement for hours that I may not be getting," Grieco said.

    They say to look good is to feel good. And these days when there's very little about the economy that feels good, selling cosmetics still looks good.

  3. OK, thanks!

    I bet that the cosmetic sales are up because people are working on getting as many interviews as they can (those who land them, sigh) and want to look good at them. I have the highest clothing and makeup expenses of any time when I am interviewing for jobs!

  4. This video is great!! I just recently started Mary Kay as a Beauty Consultant and I am loving it! I have a full time job but Mary Kay allows me to make a little extra money and have fun while seeing other people enjoy make-up! Meetings on monday night are always so positive and fun to meet other people that sell Mary Kay and have a good attitude. There are some people that are negative about Mary Kay but it is mostly because it is something you have to work at (like anything) you cant succeed at anything if you do not try! I love my director, she has been so helpful in my training, I was worried because I am not the "sales type" but we are not looking for sales people, just people that like to teach others and have a passion for making others feel good about themselves. I graduated with a Bachelors in Hotel Management and truely believe that this company values the true meaning of customer service. I currently live by the Denver Airport and am looking to build my team, if you would like more information on what this company can offer you: more money, recognition, prizes, flexibility, and meeting lots of fun people please contact me! If you would like to come to a skin care class and find out more about the opportunity I am happy to offer a complimentary facial for you and some friends as well! My email address is or my cell is 303-913-5102! God Bless


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