Wednesday, February 18, 2009

An Explanation? Maybe.

We often wonder why some think the way they do on pt. (At least I have) this was posted on our site in one of the comments and perhaps does provide some answers to my question. And the answer came from pt - how interesting - perhaps this is a truth. Since I am moving this upfront because I do think it deserves it own post, may I also suggest to anyone that Mary Kay will not end all your lives problems, it will not replace a bad relationship, make you rich, etc... one sidely, just like any other relationship, it is a give and take. You need to give it time, work, and effort - there are times you need your own space and it will return what you give it. (In most cases)

(An image I got of many of the posters over there - a woman looses her husband, wears black at the funeral, says her goodbyes, may or may not wear black (not so much today) for a period of time while she is in mourning. You will not find her still only in black 6 months, a year, 5 years, or ten years after her mourning period.) Mk was suppose to be a business opportunity, it didn't work. Bury it, mourn for it, and then move on. You must release the past to live and enjoy the present and the future... and without further adue....HotPinkShot's comment:

HotPink said...
Raisinberry said: " just hit the nail on the head. -
mary kay thrives on women who can do "disfunction" without missing a beat. "

Directly from her own mouth. Proves only that what I have been reading here is true. Obivously some were disfunctional before MK, during MK, and now AFTER MK.

Since I am posting I would like to add it is very amusing to read a post that is making fun of a consultant for not spelling properly, using proper grammar, or for typing errors and then seeing the same mistakes in that email.

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  1. This may be a controversial analysis...but what I see there is people who need a crutch, or several of them. When their crutch isn't MK any more, I see two things replacing it: PT and (here comes the part some ppl may not like) an incrediby heavy and pervasive religious focus. A lot of people on that site can't mention *anything* without somehow relating it to god this, god that.

    I don't think religion mixes with business any better than it mixes with matters of state...but I see MK get analyzed on PT more in terms of whether it's ok by *their* particular religious lights rather than whether it's a sound business. And I get the impression this is how they approach everything in life, rather than thinking through it logically. I suppose it's easier to just filter everything this way rather than using your own brain, but to me...well, it's another crutch. You don't have to think for yourself if all you are going to do is quote lines from a book.

    Note, I'm not saying that every person who believes in a religion does this. I'm saying I see enough of it on PT that I find it disturbing. It just looks like throwing away one cane to lean on another, mentally. When people do this, it takes the place of independent, logical, and critical thought.

    It's also rather narrow and parochial. The Christian book says this, therefore it's so! Yeah? If they're going to go there anyway...Where's the Buddhist analysis of MK? The Hindu analysis? The atheistic analysis? The pagan analysis?

    Some of them do break down numbers in an accountant-like fashion. I can go with that. It can be checked and verified or disproven. When I crunched my own numbers, I didn't have a profit...I didn't even break even. I had a debit. So I quit.


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