Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Since I will be away this weekend, mountain get-away with mr.mkm4e I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day!
(PS - no cell or internet service- secret to loving MK, know when to shut off)


  1. Oh, look at this cake! I can totally duplicate this. I have the right decorating tips and all. In fact, I plan to do it! It's a pink Love Bug!

    It won't let me put the html in so let's try a link instead.

  2. I posted the photo of the cake on my blog, if that's easier viewing.

  3. Click here if you are having trouble finding Miranda's cake picture.

    Click here to see Miranda's Blog, "Neon Glitter Doom".

    Miranda, thanks for all your input here. It is greatly appreciated!

  4. Yr welcome! I hope yr having a great and romantic weekend! XD I'm going to go mash on Mr. Gothboy as much as he will let me.

  5. Miranda, that cake is too adorable! You are so talented!

  6. Miranda congrats on your cake you are quite talented.

  7. I may be doing this baking tonight. I felt so lousy over the weekend, I accomplished just about nothing. The house is a wreck! X(

    I even bought all the ingredients...sigh...and then I just collapsed. dangit. I also have to get back onto my sewing project that I set aside when my last proofreading job came in. Couldn't do both at once.

    1. Finish making skirt. Decide what to use for the frill at the hemline. Decide what kind of waistband is best.

    2. Finish making cute retro apron that I started last year!

    3. Put sleeves on a sleeveless dress. The dress is great, but the "bra fat" that shows out the arm holes is not. XP I ain't trashing the dress. So...sleeves.

    Say...I am looking into whether it would be practical for me to buy some lower-end (like $300) fashion design software to make my own patterns with, so that they actually fit my body right. I will be trying demo versions first to see if I can do it or if it is too complicated. These programs are really designed for industries, not individuals. Anyway: If I CAN do it, I'll post reviews on my blog. Does anyone else here sew?

  8. Lol! Miranda, you are doing The 6 Most Important Things to do list.

    and ummmm sewing is like baking for me...

    the needle and my hand have the opposite effect that a magnet has.

    You, dear, have far more patience than I do.

    Off to do a facial before my meeting!

    Have a great day, everyone!

  9. My sewing project went SPLAT. I have to either figure out a different type of sleeve to attach, or I have to just give the dress away. BLARGLE all that effort. *stomps around* PLEH. I hate when I put in hours of work and then the result sux.

    You gotta have a serger for hemming and finishing seams. It makes sewing much easier. However, it doesn't make my ideas work...and I put lace on those sleeves and everything. GRARRR. I will try one more thing and then I will give the dress to someone younger if that does not work.


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