Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pink Truth: And now for something completely different... nevermind, business as usual, 'we hate Mary Kay'


One thing that I will have to thank raisinberry for here is that I realized (as I kept labeling things "nonsense" that if this site is going to be a reliable source of information about Mary Kay, I need to stop only pointing out how unreliable certain sources are. This site needs to add some value by pointing out credible sources, both positive and negative, that have expressed facts and/or opinions about Mary Kay.

Starting with this one that was sort of contributed by a Pink Truther in the comments section of "raisinberry"'s rant.

CBS Story on Mary Kay Cosmetics

Also see the video version here

Feel free to add your thoughts about either of these.

And, please send me any "breaking news" updates you come across from reputable sources (or less than reputable sources... as you know, we talk about those here too!)



  1. They're doing it again over on PT. It's a whole comment section full of nothing but religious rants and bible quotes. This is not an effective way to prove a point. Anyone can quote from the Bible (and both sides do. all the time. and it does exactly nothing.)


  2. My biggest complaint is that pro-mkers are always asked for "facts" proof, etc... to prove any statement we make. (In the real world, it is proper to ask someone to produce their tax returns or w2's if salaries are ever discussed)?
    To me, publishing your tax information, even with your name blacked out, in this day of identity theft and fraud just doesn't seem very smart but that is just my thinking - because I have been very tempted to "show" that I really do make a decent income. (Nope, not six figures... yet) -

    But the "proof" they have is no more than their point of view or they pick out 3 - 4 nationals that have their idea of what makes a consultant successful which by the way does not align with other nationals that I have heard teach. I have seen statements taken out of context and twisted to support their opinions.

    This isn't proof, this is their opinion. I am sure that many of them could prove that they lost money by providing tax returns, however, I have not seen one of their tax returns posted.

    Perhaps if there was one posted, an accountant type individual could look them over and tell them why they lost money.

    Many say that they were taught to be dishonest and then they were dishonest so that means none of us can be honest. - okay I can't run a 3 minute mile, so that means no one can run a 3 minute mile. Many people cheat on their tax returns, so that means everyone cheats on their tax returns, ?? There is a big difference between some and all.

    I put it here in black and white that I totally disagree with Pam Shaw's teachings about inventory. (MHO) - but I have never seen them post anything from Ann Newbury, one of the top nationals of all times that would say to the directors, please, don't saddle these new consultants with huge starting inventories, that there is no reason that a consultant needs to start with more than $600.

    Picking out a few things here and there to back up your cause doesn't equal proof to me. And the proof the comes from the nationals - isn't the Company. Go ahead and read intouch and the consultant guide and your agreement - then show proof of the accusations.

    We can ramble on about how great Mary Kay is, that is not proof. They can say how bad Mary Kay is that is not proof.

    and I totally agree with Miranda, the religious stuff, on either side is over the top. I am not sure but, I bet someone would be hard pressed to find where religion has been used to justify a point. If someone is truly Christian, trashing and insulting someone and then using scripture to do it, is the height of hypocracy.

  3. oops, I didn't put in... hard pressed to find where religion was used on this site for manipulation.

  4. Avon is running a similar campaingn in a series of commercials that talk about the advantages of starting an Avon business even though there is a recession. It implies that starting an Avon business is a smart thing to do in a time when so many people are unsure about their jobs, because you can be your own boss and make an income to support yourself during these hard times. The message is very similar to Mary Kay's in response to the hard economic times. Its very tastfully done.

    I wonder how PT would feel about Avons message?

  5. Oh, they have already said. PT hates Avon too.

    I've never heard of anyone making big money in Avon, just a little extra. The reps have always been straight with me about that. However, I never hear about losses, either. Avon, IMHO, is a hobby business. I like most of their makeup except: The mascara is pretty crummy and they need more variety in their eye shadow shades. However, their foundation is good and their lip products are remarkable. They are also affordable for someone like me.

    I have a friend who sells Mark (a "young ppl" division of Avon.) She does not stock any inventory or have extraneous expenses. It's simple: Ashley tells people she has Mark makeup for sale, and gives them her site info. People go to her Mark web site or they phone her and they order their products. The company ships the products and pays Ashley her percentage for selling. Anything damaged in shipping, you call the company and they send you a new one. I did, when my eyeshadow was broken in the mail.

    Still even with no inventory and no pushing, PT hates Avon/Mark. I don't get this at all. I have never heard of them hurting anyone.

  6. Psst. I hate being anonymous, and I'm not really a squishy face cat. ;) I just stuck my photo up on my blog for you guys.

  7. girlfriend you are awesome!! and one sexy lady at that!
    very nice pic and love, luv the tats!!

  8. At least Pink Truth doesn't discriminate! (LOL) and I thought we (Mary Kay) were the only ones they hated!
    How politically correct of them!

  9. Miranda you look like a director please come back into MK Ill recruit you and you only have to put in 200.00 order..LOL Just kidding. If you ever decide to come back make sure you do it with me, Forever Pink or MK4ME.....dont throw the cake at me Miss Miranda I just felt like having fun!

  10. Colleen! I am ROTFL!!!

    I would love to see a Director with tattoos and clubbing clothes. Now that right there would be a fresh new image. ;) Also, forget Cadillacs and Vibes, what you really need is a motorcycle! Pack yo makeup in the saddle bags and let's go...

  11. Okay no tatts here but belly button is pierced and four piercing in one ear and three on the other, is that good for anything? - and when I hit my goal weight (down 12 pounds since January - still more to go) I will have a tramp stamp - a butterfly.

    We do motorcycle, 4 wheel, snowmobile, and are the pit crew of a late model race car, so I don't always look like a typical director! Skirt and heels don't work so well...

  12. MK4ME, if you're ever in North Carolina, drop me a line. I can take you out to some clubs where you would probably have a great time, given your description! I have lots of clubbing clothes but I'm guessing they are a bit big for you to be wearing... I'm a size 14. Some of them can be tightened with laces in the back though.

    Does MK still make that black/dark gray eyeshadow? When I was in, they rolled it out and people were like "oh you just use this as liner" and I was all MUWAHAHAHAHAHA! And the cranberry shadow? Does that exist any more?

    Then again, if not, yr not stuck. MAC makes the exact same shade.

  13. Miranda you would love the "Coal" mineral color, very dark black and perfect for achieving that smokey eye look, and depending on the shape of your eye, it looks great on the lid!

    Granite is another mineral color that is a bit dark and great for shading, so are Chocolate Kiss and Expresso. Navy Blue is very pretty, not a light blue but dark blue and looks so pretty on darker skin.

    Dont know when was the last time you were in, but Mary kay has changed a lot in the last 10 years, more colors for everybody!

    My clients luv the darker ones!

  14. MK4me I never disagree with you but this time I do..Im sooooo not into tatoos and four holes an ear. My ears are pierced but I HATE more than one hole! Im happy for you though if you really like them.

  15. It is okay colleen ;), - but because of the way I wear my hair, I doubt anyone has ever realized that I have what I do... my sister worked at a piercing shop for awhile... I only have diamond studs in most of them... the ear with four, three are on the earlobe and one is in the cartlidge on the upper part of the ear. I do not have them running the whole distance of the ear.

    It is the dark side of me. :)

  16. mk4me,

    On your point about PTers asking for verification of income:

    In the real business world if I'm investing or buying into a business it IS fair to see the financials, usually for the last 3 years.

    You're offering someone the chance to run their own business, and no doubt using yourself as an example of how to run it sucessfully.

    If you've EVER told a recruit how much you average per class, how much the commission on sales is or even ballparked how much you make then asking to see proof is perfectly acceptable. You're the one who opened the door.

  17. ya ya, I am more than happy to show any of my unit members or anyone I am working with my information, but my class average is not going to be everyone's clas average, I can't promise anyone anything, I can only prove what I do. - so showing one my information will not guarentee what they will or won't do. Showing them my schedule c or 1099 wouldn't be fair if I tried to make them believe that what I am earning now is what I was earning my first couple of years in MK. But I will be happy to show them what I have built to.

    Just as any one saying they lost money, they may have/they may not have, just because they did, doesn't mean I do...or that everyone will...

    that is more my point...

    and as they point out on pt... one is not looking at buying my business or investing into it...... they are looking at starting their own.. (and according to pt.. mk is NOT a business because it can not be sold to another)

    My dear, one can not have it both ways.

    I opened no doors, I have never said that everyone will do good in MK, I have never said it is for everyone, I have never said that everyone will make money, I have never said that I make six digits. I have never said -can make executive income in 2 hours of work a week.

    I would rather undersell and have someone pleasantly surprised than over sell and have someone disappointed. I believe in realism. Too much all posetive is not good but always being negative is not either.

    If my business ever starts to tank and it is costing me money instead of making me money. I will be done with it. No matter how much I love MK, it would be put on the backburner and I would pursue something else.

    Thanks for posting.

  18. I got a bunch of Aromaleigh colors...Depending on the collection and any sales I pay from $5.50 to $8 for a jar. I usually snag them on sale. Blackwise I still have a huge pot of MAC (from when they used to optionally sell the shadows as large as the blushes) in Carbon. MAC cranberry, Aromaleigh Garnet, some Ben Nye stuff...I have a ridiculous amount of makeup. I use it all though! Ben Nye is like $7 a pop and it's theatrical quality. You just have to know where to find it.

    Colleen, you'd scream...I have lots of tattoos! Lots of tropical plants, lizards, tree frogs. I'm a warm weather girl and my tats reflect that!


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