Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The light at the end of the tunnel

Well, people, I've finally completed the moving process. I'm still digging out from under a huge pile of work (all 3 jobs have hit me with tight deadlines at once) but at least I will never have to step foot into my ex's filthy house again, and I have no more boxes to carry. I've bought almost all the furnishings I need, save for 2 more chairs, a coffee grinder, and a microwave when I get around to it.

Once I get paid for the big thick books I've proofread, I can see what goodies MK has to offer me. I haven't been able to buy *any* makeup in like 3 months now, which has gotten pretty depressing, 'cause I'm close to running out of some staples.

My new apartment is at the very limit of what I can afford, but it's quiet, clean, safe, spacious, and beautiful. And it will stay that way, because I am a neat and clean girl who takes pride in her home. No consultant would shudder to step across my threshold.

How are y'all doing?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall Frenzy!!


Hey y'all, I am still here and hopefully will have some great stuff for you soon, out of town this weekend and vacation soon.. but... been busy... took the Company challenge to do a 10 show week!! Challenge completed... over $2500 in sales and did it in three days, so yes it can be done!! Fun, fun, fun!!

Feedback on the fall products is phenominal! My clients love all of them!!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Special Day!!


to Miranda!! Hope you have a very special day!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Question for our Readers??


I would really love your feedback and comments, (not that it will change my mind once I make it up) but hey.... let me hear you... we are re qualifying for our MK car... sorry all but with our parents health (on both sides of our family) I have decided no matter what, until things settle down, I do not want to be dealing with Cadillac production, I am taking Premier Club so I don't even have to worry about production. (Next qualification will be different) but I feel our parents raised us and now it is our turn to help them out... (of course... it has to be all of them at once, and they have all been super independent until this year...but hey...)

Today while out doing my errands, I spied my dream car... I have had several 'stangs in years past and have always loved them and red, my fav..... I saw this and oh my, I gave myself whiplash checking it out. At premier club level, we have the choice to select the Toyota Camry, Chevy Equinox or $500 a month cash.. After drooling all the way home.... I can't get that car out of my mind. Perhaps it is empty nest syndrome or a midlife crisis or something and I am going to think it thru but...
how would you feel if you were in my unit and I opted for the cash and bought my little red 'stang?

I really don't care whether other directors think I don't have a MK car anymore than I expect them to think more of me because I do. I have to admit that driving the "Pink" CTS has been fun... but it can also be a .. hmm a bit of an inconvenience if I just want to be incognito and blend in with everyone else. Let's face it, it stands out and everyone notices it and usually makes wonderful comments. Just being shy, on occasion, it can get a little uncomfortable.

But... I would like to know if you were in my unit, how would you feel, do you think it would bother you for your director not to have a "MK Car" as long as MK was paying for it??

Give me your feedback, please!! Thanks

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Model Makeover Contest Begins!!


How fun!! Mary Kay is running a model makeover contest in Sept and 250 winners will receive a free trial miracle set, 10 will win a digital camcorder, and 3 will win a $4000 trip voucher to go on a dream vacation. Also, the first 250 to enter will recieve a free lipgloss! Let's get together for a before/after makeover ...and get you entered contact me to set up a time, no purchase is necessary!!See MoreMary Kay® Your Way to Beautiful™ Makeover Contest
Enter the Your Way to Beautiful™ Makeover Contest brought to you by Mary Kay You could win a dream vacation as one of THREE grand-prize winners!

Contact your consultant or find one today!!

Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval!!


Mary Kay's Miracle Set has earned the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.. See more info!!
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