Wednesday, December 31, 2008



Pink Truth: Mary Kay only focuses on recruiting

Pink Truth says that this copyright infringing piece of evidence is proof that Mary Kay directors aren't interested in helping their teams sell

What do you think?

I will point out this small part that perhaps Tracy missed... or chose to ignore... you decide:

"Preferably the groundwork has been already been laid for you to cross the finish line victoriously between your personal business activity & that of your unit in the last 28 days, & now all that is needed is focused followup on the phone."

Is it possible... on the outer edges of reality... that this is not the entire picture of what directors are encouraged to do? Is it possible that maybe this is just instructions for following up with your team that you have already worked with on all the other salient points of forming a successful team?

Can we really trust Ms. I-Hate-Mary-Kay Coenen to provide everything that this particular director wrote?

I suppose that it is a moot point to even argue the merits of such a piece if we don't know the whole story. And since Tracy notoriously does not provide the whole story, it is likely that this, too, is shrouded in her typical brand of deception.

Nonetheless, since there are no internet police to ensure any kind of accuracy in publication, and since (at least in appearance) there are still people buying into her nonsense, this will still be a place where anyone can present the 'other side' of the story.

On that note, I would like to take a moment to appeal to any of our readers that have a positive perspective on Mary Kay. Please share it. My goal here is to simply present what I find. I am not here to share about my wonderful experience with Mary Kay. I do not have one. My wife does. She loves it. I am happy that she has found something that she enjoys this much. I speak for her, and others like her, when I say that association with Mary Kay does not necessarily corrupt you. However, I have no interest in digging into information, details, experiences, etc. (on either side) about Mary Kay.

What I am trying to say is that this site is not very effective without your stories, examples, explanations and so on. Perhaps you feel like you don't know enough, perhaps you feel like you will say the wrong thing. Perhaps you feel like the minute that you say something the "anti-mkers" will pounce and say, "Ah-ha, see, they just proved our point(s)".

I hope that by now, I have established that this is not a place for playing "gotcha". We have been around for over a year now, and, to my knowledge, everyone is still intact! Please take the time to sign up for an account and chime in on some of the subjects that mean something to you. Feel free to tell other people that you know in Mary Kay about this site. Send me ideas about what would make this site better for you.

Keep in mind that I want this to be your answer to Pink Truth. They seem to feel that they are running unopposed in the race to be "Officiant of all things Mary Kay". This should not be. There are in the neighborhood of 700,000 women in Mary Kay in the U.S. It should not be a problem to come up with enough personal stories to demonstrate just how small the number of vehement naysayers they represent is.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008



Before I get too busy with my Holiday festivities, I want to take a minute to wish all my internet friends of Balalnced and fellow bloggers, A Very Joyous, Merry, and Blessed Christmas.

I want to thank David for trusting in me to help write articles for his blog and thank everyone for the friendly (sometime even fiesty) discussion on our topics.

I hope you all enjoy the love and happiness that I enjoy in my life and realize how precious life truly is.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pink Truth: Mary Kay Inventory... Pointless?

Pink Truth thinks Mary Kay went to all this effort just to "get" them.

"I know that the Kaybots are seething because we’re telling their potential recruits about this. They are able to frontload much more when the whole story isn’t out there!"

Right... because the problem they have with you inaccurately smearing their character must be because your illogical assumptions are hitting too close to home.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Pink Truth: Proof that Mary Kay is no good

Why Pink Truth will never realize their misunderstanding(s) about Mary Kay

There is a phenomenon that I have observed about people. I will not say most people, or in any way try to quantify how many (in terms of percentages) people are afflicted with this phenom. However, I have observed it in enough people to know that anyone who pays attention, at all, to the behaviors of the people around them will have observed it.

It is difficult to identify, except in its most extreme manifestations, but it lies under the surface of most extreme points of view and colors everything that it infects.

It is the cause of racism, it is the cause of extreme fanaticism, it is the basis for many of the most extreme and horrific atrocities that most civilized people cry out against.

It is the inability, once an assumption has been concluded to be truth, to consider any evidence to the contrary.

Consider the racist. Once they conclude that ALL members of a certain race are 'bad', any one that fits that mold is "proof" while anyone that challenges or even contradicts that belief is an anomaly, an 'exception that proves the rule'.

This error in thinking, this separation from reality is, to me, a very frightening and dangerous plague.

It is a major contribution to many of the problems that we hear about Mary Kay. It is, almost exclusively, the problem with everything Pink Truth 'publishes'. It is often the cause of relationships being destroyed... or worse, never forming.

So, my challenge to all of you, in addition to commenting on this post, is to think about ways that you are allowing your preconceived belief about something to cloud the way that you look at things. Family. Friends. Belief systems. Work ethic. Education. Raising Children.

Break out of the belief that you are right because you are right and make room for the idea that you may be wrong!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Pink Truth: If only WE could forget our Mary Kay experience... wait, that would mean not obsessing over it.

Short term Mary Kay Consultant rethinks opportunity.

This seems like a, more or less, mature response. I tried it. It freaked me out (A.K.A. "not my thing"). I left it behind me.

The question, I suppose, is will she actually follow through?

Or will she join the nonsense of obsessed ex-mk'ers and never-been-mk'ers in boorishly criticizing anything and everything that they deem "tainted" by **gasp** Mary Kay?

Only time will tell.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Friday Smile


My unit had been teasing my husband asking him if he would drive the Pink CTS when it got here. The "line" is: Do "REAL" men drive pink? - Just to give you a peak, mr. mk4me hunts with rifles and bows, fishes, loves his chainsaw and cutting wood (fortunately he doesn't chew - for you non-rednecks that would be skoal or chewing tobacco) -& jeans and boots is dressed up. Snowmobiling, atving, and motorcycle riding are also likes. So we have had the car for about a month now. The day we picked it up, I lost him at the dealership because he was looking at trading in our car on a dumptruck. He sat in the car at the dealership and that was the only time he has been in it until today! (Right now we have 4 vehicles between the two of us) - I had to go to the post office and make two quick deliveries and then I was treating him to his favorite - Chinese all you can eat. (oh and if we are on a date, I do not warm chat the waitress on anyone else for that matter because I feel there are times I just need to be "off". The worse part is, he nudges me and says, why didn't you say something to her? uggg...

There was a long line at the post office so I asked, "are you going to sit here and wait for me or do you want to run and pick up cigs at Puff's and run back and get me? That way you don't have to sit in the pink car in the busy parking lot by yourself." He thought that was a good idea. When I came out of the post office and hopped in the car, he said check that bag that you are giving to your customer because I took the catalogue out of it. (okay, whatever...) I ask "why"? -
He said that as he got into the car at the store, a woman jumped out of a car and asked him if his wife sold Mary Kay when he said yes she asked could she please have a catalogue! He said she will be calling me tomorrow. He said to me ..."great, I am now "MR. MK"! :) - He said, I guess you were right, I think this car will be good for business.

Next stop, I run into give my client her order, chat for a few minutes and run back to the car...... he is in seven heaven, he discovered the CTS has xm radio and he can listen to all the comedians. oyvey... I know better than to talk during a football game and now I have a feeling I better not be interrupting his comedians. He likes the heated seats, after the next delivery he started telling me about all the other stuff the car does. He has now decided that I can drive the Dodge Diesel 2500 Extended Cab truck and he will be using the Pink CTS. It would have gone to work with him tonight but they are saying we are going to be getting hit hard and heavy with a big winter storm starting during the night. So he changed his mind and took the vehicle with 4 wheel drive.
So the answer is "YES" real men will drive pink!

(And I finally on Tuesday got brave enough to activate onstar!) (I am still a little self-conscious when I am driving the "pink" car alone but I am starting to relax a little)
People have been so kind with their congratulations and many saying you have worked hard and been dedicated for a long time, it is deserved! Hearing that from the community is really the best reward of all.

Pink Truth: Does Mary Kay Target Mothers of Teens?

Pink Truth, jaded by irrational hatred for all things Mary Kay, sees mothers of teens as "targets"

What do you think?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pink Truth: Mary Kay Director in Qualification Rules

Do Mary Kay DIQ's "regularly" break certain rules? Pink Truth say's it is so.

Better late than never, I always say. Bonus points if anyone can guess where I am composing this post from.

Hint: It is snowing outside and I just ate at a deli.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pink Truth: Mary Kay and Liquidators

Pink Truth seems to think they have a lot of business savvy... about Mary Kay?

... And we are back...

Didn't even miss a beat...


Perhaps I will weave the long tale for you some day...

Ahhh I can picture it now. Warm fireplace inside. Cold.. snow falling.. outside. Hot cup of coffee next to me. In-laws 'cozy' 72" plasma screen gently displaying the best game of the season. Me, tapping out the long story of how it came to be that my laptop, disgustingly infected with some stupid virus/spyware/something-or-other nonsense, was gloriously redeemed to its original (factory) condition... and how after much consternation and animated conversation with customer*ahem*service the function and form thereof was restored.

But, as I said, that is a story for another time.

Back to talking about how great and wonderful, or, how insidious and outrageous Mary Kay is.

Are the liquidators the bad guys?

Is Mary Kay?

Is this just the way that businesses wrestle with each other to establish generally accepted and followed practices and guidelines?

Is a "normal" company (say Macy's for instance) "liquidating" their products the same thing as the Mary Kay liquidators that are being challenged?

That last one I honestly don't know myself. I know next to nothing about liquidation. I do suspect though that, like with most things, you can't just call yourself a liquidator and "viola" you are a liquidator.

What are your thoughts.

p.s. Thank you Miranda for sharing in my pain. It is somehow less painful knowing that someone else out there is pulling out their hair while attempting to dialogue with a non-moving progress bar... **cheers**

Monday, December 15, 2008

Pink Truth: It's only nonsense if you DON'T fall for it. (Our Mary Kay fabrications, that is.)

Oblivious, Pink Truth still doesn't get it

You have the link. Follow it to Pink Truth and let me know what you think.

It seems my computer has picked up a slight case of the uncontrollable pop-ups, so I am posting this real quick and then I will be doing the necessary operation(s) to get it to play nice with other computers in fun-internet-play-land. If you don't hear from me tomorrow, it is probably because I am staring at a window on my screen that is informing me of the progress of some computer operation or another.

In case you can't tell from my writing, I am NOT looking forward to this. But it must be done.

See you all on the other side.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pink Truth: And the Aliens are Secretly Controlling Everything Too...

Pink Truth stumbles to new lows of incoherent nonsense

I really don't even know how someone could delude themselves as much as "raisinberry", the writer of this story, has.

Can anyone explain the logic of this to me? I mean that seriously. I can't even understand what she is trying to convey.

I know I don't often leave comments here... but I promise to try a little bit with this one. I am posting it on a Saturday... partially to catch up, partially because I might actually be able to have a conversation about this. So, do your best to translate to me what raisin is trying to say.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Pink Truth: Mary the Mary Kay Director

Mary the Mary Kay Director

I will tell you, without reading any of this article myself, what the problem was.

"Mary is an ex-director who got caught up in the do-it-fast mentality."

The problem? Right there. The "do-it-fast mentality".



Your thoughts?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pink Truth: Mary Kay is awful... in our minds...

Pink Truth loves stirring up controversy about Mary Kay

I pulled one comment at random for me to comment on. I know that I don't do this nearly as often as I used to... commenting on Pink Truth's arrogant ignorance was why I started this site... but such is life.

The commentator, in this case "stepping down", quoted the article, so the first part is from the article, the second is from stepping down.

they actually think that all they had to do was order the starter kit and then sit down and eat bon-bons and money would fall from the sky.

This is how MK is sold to people - they are told the product will fly off the shelf!!

If it were sold realistically, the expectations would be realistic.

This is exactly why I have such a hard time understanding whether Pink Truth is really and genuinely clueless, or if they realize how dumb they sound and do it just because they so loathe Mary Kay that they derive some twisted pleasure from feigning ignorance.

Are we to really believe that "stepping down" really bought into Mary Kay because she genuinely thought "fly off the shelf" meant "sit down and eat bon-bons and money would fall from the sky"? Really?

It is difficult to feel bad for any "mean" things that are directed at people that arrogantly wave their ignorance as the logic that proves that something is "bad".

Your thoughts?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Letter to Balanced


It is always a great feeling to know you are helping others and well, Balanced has helped a prospect. With her permission I am sharing her email! We are helping! Her email is below and hopefully we will see her posting on our blog in the near future but if not, I will let you know what she decides to do, she told me she would let me know. - I did suggest she take some time and meet the director of the unit she was looking at joining.

Dec 8 (2 days ago)

Hi mk4me:

I just got done reading your Holiday Open House post on The Truth About Mary Kay blog. After reading many of your postings there and on the Scam Types blog, I wanted to contact you.

Recently, I have been seriously considering becoming a Mary Kay consultant. I met with an acquaintance who is currently a consultant and she gave me a TON of information (without and ounce of pressure, I might add). Still, though, I wanted to conduct my own research about Mary Kay. I have read one of Mary Kay Ash's books and am currently beginning another one. I also had been looking around on the internet to see what the general public had to say about the company. I, of course, found Pink Truth right away and must admit that I was a little scared off. Then I thankfully found The Truth About Mary Kay and have been checking in on quite a regular basis.

Right from the start, I liked what you had to say. You seem to be an honest and genuine person who is a shining example of one finding success with Mary Kay by being honest, truthful and sincerely interested in the customer as a person and not as a purchaser. I feel that I am a genuine and honest person and definitely do not fit the "salesman" mold. You have shown me that you really don't need to be conniving or nudging to be successful and that all you need to do is be yourself and be creative (I am so amazed at all the wonderful ideas that you just post up there on the internet!)

I guess that I just want to say thanks for sharing your experience, your opinions, and your ideas. There are people out there that are truly benefiting from what you are writing!

Thank you and have a blessed holiday!

(I sent her an email back) and then here is her reply to that:)

Thanks so much for your helpful information! I really appreciate it. I will especially be sure to meet my director-to-be before I do anything - Thanks for that tip! I initially thought that I would be dealing with the consultant that I know - but I now realize that I would be dealing with someone that I never even met! Thanks!

Of course you may forward my e-mail to David! Instead of my name he can sign it "ThinkingAboutMK." Then if I ever blog I can sign up under that name.

Pink Truth: Making fake Mary Kay craigslist posts? - or - Spending Free Time searching "Mary Kay" on Craigslist?

Pink Truth claims this craigslist post came from someone in Mary Kay

What do you think?

Is this a real Mary Kay IBC?

Should someone in Mary Kay do something like this? (Is it legit? If so, is it a 'good' idea?)

What do you think of her "pitch"?

Also, just for fun, feel free to create a list of things that would be a better use of Pink Truth's time than either creating fake craigslist posts or searching craigslist, endlessly looking for a Mary Kay 'slip'.

Perhaps, if the suggestions are good enough (read: creative enough), I will email them to Pink Truth and see if we can get it published!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pink Truth: Mary Kay Letter Writer - or - Pink Truth Straw Man? You Decide

Pink Truth Posts "hate" Mail, supposedly from someone in Mary Kay... Think they would ever post something from this site?

So, is this a real letter from someone in Mary Kay?

Is it fabricated by the minds of Pink Truth?

Do you agree with the writer? A little? A lot?

What do YOU think about Pink Truth?

What do YOU think about Mary Kay?

Your REAL thoughts are always welcome here!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Pink Truth: Cult training 101 - repeat lies often to effectively wear down victim resistance

Oops. Did I say that? Pink Truth apparently wants to make sure that YOU think Mary Kay is a cult.

PART 3 - Pink Truth REALLY wants you to believe that Mary Kay is a cult

What do you think. Now that they have told you three times, are you a beeee-liever?

Seriously, now that they have concluded the cult series, any thoughts about their obsession with Mary Kay?

Send some comment love in the comments section.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holiday Open House (or any open house)


I just had my 2 day Holiday Open House, wow, I just love this business and I love my clients. I saw over 60 clients and sales exceeded $4000 retail (not counting tax). Being able to visit and catch up on what is going on in each others' lives, wishing each other "happy holidays", munching on snacks, and looking at pictures of kids, pets, etc.. Seeing their appreciation for having cute gifts for their shopping ease, but most of all was seeing their happiness when they pulled into the parking lot to see the pink cts sitting there.
The "congratulations" were plenty but hearing them tell me that they were proud of me and that I deserved it and that they knew it was my dedication and the way I treated people like they are special was what made the difference, just made me realize how incredibly blessed my life is, I don't have clients, I have alot of friends that like Mary Kay and they way they came into my life was because of the MK conneciton . I have so many people that do care about me and realize that I am not just interested in their money.

Now, each quarter I do a two day open house in the city I use to reside until 5 years ago. I send out invitations just a week ahead of the date (too early and people forget about the event, too late, they already have plans) - the day before I send a short reminder email. I do not make reminder phone calls.
I put on the invitation if they can't make it, if they call or email me their order, they will still receive a 10% discount.

Also on the invitation I put information for an event that I will do at the end of the first night (Friday) and ask for an rsvp. For example this time on Friday, the open house was from 11:00- 7:30 and then at 7:30 we were going to do facials with Holiday Color Looks. Then Saturday 9:00 am was muffins and makeovers, and the open house was from 9:00 - 4:00. (Please note, I do no recruiting at these open houses unless someone asks me.) Our focus is totally sales and satisfied clients.

I always have some snacks and drinks - but I keep it simple. Many will run over on their lunch break on Friday's so there is enough so that they don't have to take time to go else where for lunch ( ham salad sandwiches have won the vote)..

I do have select specials that are only available if one attends the open house for example at this past weekend the "SPECIAL" was with any purchase you could select your choice of a Satin hands pampering set or a brush set at 50% off. ( If you like this idea, you may want to put a disclaimer, such as, if your purchase is $50 or more you may select an item at 50% off), I switch it up to keep it fun, but there is always something that will be fun and exciting. - this gives them a reason to want to attend the open houses and not just call in an order.

Another note on the invitiation is if they bring a guest (non mker), there will be another surprise) - I switch it up all the time, 10% additional off your order, a gift certificate for $10, etc....

A donation to the Mary Kay Ash Charitable foundation gets them a small gift. I forgot to put it on my invite this year but last year and next year, it also gives them an extra 10% off their purchase if they bring a canned good or a small toy.
We collect these for a shelter and for the Toys for tots program. And then we make one big donation, often we set a date and many of us go and donate and then we go out for out cider or something.

I always have my phone and my email on the invite so they have the info right at their fingerstips for orders, my cellphone if they need directions to get to the open house, my name and my MK Websie address.

I have a door prize drawing and the front table always as the registration box for their ticket and all the prizes I am giving away from the drawing are displayed on the table. (IE: this time it was: The Oh So Soft bathrobe in a great pampering set (cooling eye mask (from dept store), bath sponges, bath glove) , a beautiful jewelry set I had purchased at a fund raiser, a travel rool up bag, and an electric makeup mirror and the Glistening Winterberry collection.

I added a new little twist to my invites this time and everyone including myself liked it.... I put a "lucky number" on the invitation. They were to bring the invite to see if their lucky number was truly a lucky number. ( I was hoping this would insure that everyone would not misplace their invitations and not miss the open house.) When my guests walked in the door at the registration table there was a picture frame and in the picture frame, there were the lucky numbers and the prize associated with that number, so they could pick up their prize right away. I was so surprised and I will be doing it for every open house, 48 of the invites came with its owner. They held onto the invite to check the number, I think this did help the turnout I had.

At the end of the open house we also draw a prize from the slips of paper that I have the guests fill out (when they arrive)that has on it, their name, address, email, or phone number - so even if they didn 't have a lucky number, they all know, there is still one more shot at winning something. (I also use these slips to double check my client's information to make sure it is all up to date.
Often an email address will change and they have not thought to mention it to you or they have decided they don't need a landline anymore so they are going to only use cellphones, just an easy was to keep information up to date.

Now, I would do this for my clients no matter what, but since I have everything all set up and supplied, I always invite my unit members to invite their clients to the open house. They do not need to stay the whole time, if they only want to do one day for four hours, that is all they put on their invite. This has worked well for my unit members. First, many of them don't have enough to set up a disply like wowsa but I already did it so I want them to work smart not hard. Their client walks in and then places the order with her consultant.
(Now, can being a consultant get much easier? Send an invite to your customer and smile!) I will have everything all set up and she will come in and look and then give the order to her consultant. ) I wish my director would have been willing to do stuff like this for me when I was young.

This year I wanted to do something special so I had CD's of holiday music made with my info and they were in the Christmas cards that I passed out to the clients that attended the open house. It was great seeing their appreciation. Many said, aww, I am going to go pop it right in the cd player on the way home as soon as they got back to their car. (Many said, wow, how nice, this is sooo cool!)
(By handing them out it also helped me to make sure I kept my expense down, of course, I will be mailing alot of them but when there is a way to save money, - save money)

I do haul all my products with me because I want to be able to service them then a there and maximize time. Not one person left without every single item they wanted.

Warning: Your first open house, second, and even possible your third may want to make you never want to have one again,but don't quit, I can tell you I am happy I never gave up. It is import to that the ones that have attended because they understand how fun it is, but make sure you are selling the open house at your classes, parties, facials, etc.....(every year my open houses just get better and better and I would like to continue that trend.

I also started working on the new year. Everyone that booked a show in January will receive and extra hostess gift. I also book several "Get a New Look for a New Year Look" because they fit a description in the portfolio book and wanted to get in it. And several asked me to give them a call in January.

Each open house just seems to get better and better for me, but this was by far the best.

One client was so cute, she said she thought the lucky number was the order eveyone got to go for a ride in the car because they were ready to line up - and then one of my fav's started laughing and said, oh dog gone it, I thought the CTS was going to be the prize for the door prize drawing! ( We did have a great laugh on that one.)

(Oh, I am also only 5 clients ($100 purchases) away from the customer count challenge too, how are you doing on the Customers Count Challenge?? My goal was to have the 36 and prove I could do it legitamatelly. (Can't expect my unit to do it if I don't do it myself)

Well it has been a long weekend and I am starting to get tired, I am going to try and do a first open house in the city that is about 15 miles from me on just Sunday next weekend because I just got invited to display at a winter exravaganzza on Saturday. (I am sure I will be picking up a few new leads, but my big focus at that event is going to be to book events like Holiday Coffees & Shopping, etc..

I am pumped, this is such a wonderful time of year.

Don't miss these opportunites to really let your clients see all your products.

(and I guess there are still a few people who want to buy Mary Kay!!)

I can't wait to see what my total sales are for December, I had sales before the opne house ( dynamite open house sales) and the rest of the month to keep selling!

Make sure you start thinking about your next open house. If you can't do it with your director or she doesn't do them, you may want to get a couple of consutants to join you and work together.

Make sure you report back on any open house you do and let us know how you made out!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Pink Truth: "I Needed To Be Taught To Want To Wear A Skirt" - TC

Pink Truth on a Mary Kay sales director on the issue of pants

As some of you may have noticed... I was sent another DMCA take-down notice because Tracy objected to the content - here. I took down the "allegedly" infringing content, but because blogger doesn't even bother to check, or for that matter request, details of what is and what is not infringing, it will probably be gone soon.

I really could care less. I am actually impressed that Tracy is keeping tabs on me! It is a very (and I don't really use the word "very" very much) good feeling.


Nonetheless, I am incredulous at the way that she flippantly sends out DMCA take-down notices (A very real threat to the purpose that Act was created for... more on that later) and yet continues, almost daily, to post content that is for the most part not hers. I might just be bemused enough by this erratic behavior to write a post about it soon. Look for that in the near future.

Anyway, skirts, pants, whatever... we have talked about it here before, but perhaps some of the new folks want to get in on it. What would be the "ideal" policy for Mary Kay to have towards this? "No Policy" is as good an answer as any other.

What say you?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pink Truth: If You Don't Believe That Mary Kay is Bad, We Will Try To Convince You It's A Cult

By Pink Truth's standards, that softball team you joined is "like a cult".

As the title and the link suggest, Pink Truth would have you believe that Mary Kay is a cult... or at least that it has "cult-like tendencies".

Unfortunately, as the "evidence" they produce to support this would apply equally to just about any social gathering... chess club, softball team, fraternity/sorority, church group, office carpool, etc, etc, etc... on and on... the reader is left asking, "so?"

Ooooh noooos.... they are preoccupied with bringing in new members?!?! THE HORROR!!!!

I mean really --- **gasp** --- call teh priest for an exorcism...

meh, whatevers. So my wife is in what Pink Truth would consider a cult... or an organization with "cult-like tendencies". I guess that gives me a good excuse to go out with the guys once in a while, eh? I'll have to try that on for size one of these days.

me: "Hey babe, goin' out with 'da boyz'"
babe: "I don't want you to"
me: "But I already told them I would"
babe: "But I told you a month ago that tonight is our anniversary"
me: "Yeah, but Pink Truth says your in a cult. How do I know this isn't something they brainwashed into your mind?"

Clear winner on that one, eh? --- right. (Incidentally, I don't go out with 'da boyz', I don't talk like that, my wife would be excited for me to have a fun evening out, I wouldn't forget our anniversary, and the whole conversation was fiction... in case you are visiting from Pink Truth and have a difficult time grasping the difference between reality and illusion...)

That's all for now... but remember... what do we always say?

Mary Kay is just a company.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pink Truth: Mary Kay is a cult... no wait maybe it's not...

Pink Truth says, "Mary Kay - Not a cult"

Interestingly, Pink Truth (or as someone recently opined, Pink Cud) actually had this to say about the subject:

"Is Mary Kay a cult? No."

This is part one of their three part series. If ever there was a subject that keeps those at Pink Truth from being on the same page, it is this one. Some insist that Mary Kay, in fact, is a cult. Others gently suggest that it is "like" a cult... or that it has "cult-like tendencies".

I am not one to lump all of "them" into one stereotypical bunch, but I will say that anyone who claims "cult-like tendencies" in Mary Kay as their excuse for doing things they now regret is really stretching for a scapegoat.

Allow me to repeat the "official" position of Balanced Mary Kay (this site) on what Mary Kay is... and is not.

Mary Kay is a company.
Mary Kay sells cosmetics and skin care products.

If the opportunity to sell these products on behalf of this company "works for you", then do what you do and enjoy it.

If the opportunity looks like it is not going to work for you, quit. Cut your losses and get out. We all (should) try as many different things as we can in life. Some will work out, some will not. If you have not met failure in your endeavors, you are probably not endeavoring very much. (Maybe this is good, maybe not.) Point is, Mary Kay may work, it may not. If it does not, this is not a bad reflection on you. It just isn't a match. Move on. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. (Mary Kay 'peeps' or Pink Truth 'peeps')

If the opportunity would be better if you could just twist the truth a little, or just ignore your conscience one or two times, or just sacrifice this (or that) priority that you said was nonnegotiable... than it is NOT the opportunity for you. Funny thing, this applies to ANYthing in life. Any job. Any relationship. Any situation you find yourself in. YOU. YOU. YOU. And only YOU are responsible for the decisions YOU make.

Are you one of those people that made poor decisions that led to more poor decisions that led to really bad decisions. Join ALL of the rest of us. We have all, at one time or another, screwed up really big. It is a fact of life. You do not need to blame anyone else. You did it. Be a man (oops, sorry, a woman) and own it. Then move on. It is in the past. You can't change the past. It won't change by blaming someone else. If you need to make amends, do it. Call the people that you manipulated, tell them how you feel you wronged them and ask them to forgive you. Posting about how manipulative you were on an anonymous website aimed at destroying the credibility of the people that, day in and day out, make the right decisions will not fix YOUR credibility. You know who you did wrong by. You don't need to seek the sympathy of an anonymous forum. Make it right and move on to the next wonderful phase of your life.


That is all for now.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pink Truth: Creating Tax Fraud in Mary Kay

Commit Tax Fraud with Pink Truth

Intrigued by the link?

Here is my logic.

Pink Truth says that Mary Kay is committing (or encouraging) tax fraud.

Pink Truth has no evidence that Mary Kay is committing (or encouraging) tax fraud.

If Pink Truth can do it (accuse Mary Kay of something they have no evidence for), then I will do it as well... simply to point out how ridiculous this is.

Now the question is this,

Should a Mary Kay trip be considered a business expense or a personal expense.

As, no doubt, you will all explain quickly that it depends on a lot of factors and should be determined by your tax professional before making any assumptions, I will simply leave you to describe some ideas that you have had/come across that are good/bad/legit/etc.

I will leave you with this:

Rachel said:
Hmmm... the rules seem to be complicated, but from what I read here, it sounds like if there is a seminar/convention, its purpose truly is related to your business, and you can show you attended classes/meetings, it counts (for you but not any family you might want to bring.)

While the Mary Kay cruise thing sounds questionable, it sounds like the stuff tps's friends do might very well be okay.

TRACY said:
From the IRS:

Trip Primarily for Personal Reasons

If your trip was primarily for personal reasons, such as a vacation, the entire cost of the trip is a nondeductible personal expense. However, you can deduct any expenses you have while at your destination that are directly related to your business.

A trip to a resort or on a cruise ship may be a vacation even if the promoter advertises that it is primarily for business. The scheduling of incidental business activities during a trip, such as viewing videotapes or attending lectures dealing with general subjects, will not change what is really a vacation into a business trip

I find it quite... what is the word... enlightening I think works... about Tracy's way of thinking.

If you are interested, click the link above and follow Tracy's comments throughout. There is a distinct, "nobody is going to get away with anything that I don't approve of" vibe that comes out.

She has decided that this trip is a personal trip and therefore can't be a business trip and therefore doesn't qualify as a business expense. Since that is how she sees it, that is how it is. So don't question it.

I think this is the issue at the core of what irritates me so much about Pink Truth that I keep this blog going. The internet is a big place, and I am aware of (and am overwhelmed by) the glut of misinformation that exists. But the fact that I can't "protest" all of it does not mean that I can't protest part of it.

So, for my part, I will continue to protest Pink Truth's hideous distortion of the truth. Will they ever recant? Will they ever eliminate the sensational falsehoods they propagate? Will they, failing those things, at least present their site as "fiction" that is based on experiences that happened?

Probably not.

But at least I can say that I did my part.

And all of you can be proud that you were a part of it.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Pink Truth: *yawn* ...Mary Kay

More Pink Truth Nonsense about Mary Kay

Anyone, anyone? Bueller?

Your comments are always welcome and requested.

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