Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pink Truth: Mary Kay Director in Qualification Rules

Do Mary Kay DIQ's "regularly" break certain rules? Pink Truth say's it is so.

Better late than never, I always say. Bonus points if anyone can guess where I am composing this post from.

Hint: It is snowing outside and I just ate at a deli.


  1. I seriously don't know: I never tried DIQ nor was close to anyone trying it. I would not be surprised though to find that there are plenty of people doing those things. My regard for humanity in general is really not that high. :/

  2. OH, I have a question. MK4ME: What is your method for preventing out of pocket expenses and Section 2 from eating up too much of your profit? Many of the PT girls who did get sales are really upset over this issue. I had problems too. Section two plus promotional items always cost me too much(even though I got the promotional and packaging items on the cheap).

  3. Will have to give this more thought but off the cuff, I am very frugile about "fluff stuff", for my newer consultants, I don't think they need a sample of every color (lipstick, eye shadow, blush, etc...) most of use tend to sell 6 - 10 shades so initially have the "basic" colors. Don't just freely pass out samples, encourage a sit down so you can suggest, if you just ask what colors would you like to try and they pick ten different ones, how do you gracefully get out of that?

    If someone isn't doing many facials/classes, they really shouldn't be going thru that many samples. -

    I ask them to hold of on the "fun" stuff, ie: the color carrier, wheel tote, etc.. until they are starting to actually build a customer base. If your product is in your trunk, no one can see if it is in a nice suitcase of a cardboard box.

    I feel that the samples and applicators (Section 2 items) are extremely well priced but if one can find disposable eye applicatiors, etc. at a supply store for less than save where you can save.

    I started years ago using actual wash clothes and would just bleach them and reuse because I thought it would be cheaper than using the disposables, I am still not sure but it isn't worth the hassle, however those disposable clothes are so strong and durable, I have my consultants cut them in half (not at the show of course) so they get double the amount for the price. (PS I also tell this to my clients if they purchase the 3 -1 Facials Clothes) they way those puppies foam, it is a waste to use one and throw it away. So I tell them when I sell them to cut them in half. (They appreciate my honesty and realize I am not in this business to rob them blind).

    My biggest "line" is... just because it is a Business Expense - doesn't mean you don't have to pay for it. The goal is to still make money, it is just nice to offset the gross profit with the expenses.

    For packaging and fancy stuff, I love the Dollar Tree, sugar, I can find stuff in their for a dollar that would cost $4-5 in a department store, I picked up packaging stuff all year long and keep it in a bin so I have it when I need it.

    Now Miranda (don't laugh too hard but I teach recycling too..) I save gift bags and tissue paper and reuse them. Hey saves me a dime and I save a tree!!

    Every noticed if you opened one lip gloss sample at a show, (each has their own applicator) you can actually have all four or five use the one sample?? )

    and the biggest thing I found early on is that "I" went crazy on section 2, like oh, I want this for me (acrylic cosmetic caddy), and oh I want this for my (lighted makeup mirror), oh well this is a super cool hostess gift, I better get one for my hostess but I better have one too..... that is where I find most of us get into trouble.

  4. yegads!! sorry, just read back over my post and saw all the typo's, guess I should proof BEFORE I it post, hopefully it still makes sense. As I have written before, it isn't my grammar or my spelling that stinks, it is my typing! :)

    Now everyone can understand why when I was young I knew that I wasn't going to make it as an administrative assistant!!

  5. OK, I see. I had to use regular wash cloths when I was in...I bought them in a peach color so that the makeup was sort of...disguised. lol. They have lip gloss samples now?

    I used to not know about the places where you could get bags of applicators on the super-cheap. I do now, though! I actually have them at home for friends who want me to do their makeup, and I use them for certain things myself, like mixing colors together without permanently mucking up my built-in lip gloss applicators.

    Dollar store: me too. But I had to go to the Michael's for the shrink wrap.

    One of the biggest problems was the hostess gifts that never got used. I'm still using some of those plastic beach totes and this black and pink paisley makeup bag (which is actually full of prescriptions, not makeup. d'oh.) Our director was so big on hostess gifts, and then the only things that didn't cancel on me were like one on one facials and stuff, or just a pair of people.

    Perhaps the volume was the problem: I would book classes and then I would get the matching amount of gifts and what I guessed was the right amount of makeup to sell them. Then 90% of the classes would cancel, or no one made a purchase, and I had all this stuff!

    am I even making sense? I'm so freakin tired. Mr. Gothboy started drama at the club last night and there was a huge argument and I went through half a pack of cigarettes and got about 3 hours of sleep. And my best girlfriend is mad at me and it wasn't my fault. X(

  6. As far as the hostess gifts, I would tend to get one to show, consultants can just cut out the picture and then enlarge it so that you have one to show, when the show holds and "qualifies" you can tell the hostess you will deliver it as soon as it comes in or give her the one you have and use the picture at the next class.

    As for the little thank you gift at the beginning of the show, it doesn't have to be bought on Section 2 - I usually use a leftover PCP gift (or a current one) if the hostess doesn't already have it because the cost is minimal and it is usally pretty nice and if you have PCP clients you usually have them on hand anyway so it isn't an extra purchase.

    If there is no gift availabe, some of my consutlants just make up a certificate that is good for.. the lipstick or lipgloss of their choice, or I have them wrap up a hand cream really pretty (that only costs $4.48 out of pocket).

    There is no reason to have too many Section 2 hostess gifts tying up your cash. If you are giving away that many of them, chances are you are having alot of classes and then you can just place them on your order when you order.

    Have money invested in inventory is very different than tying up money in Section 2 (Expenses).

    This year, I even found my shrink wrap at the Dollar Store!!

    And I looked like a crazy lady one day when I found a Dollar store that was going out of business and they had everything in the store 2 for $1!! One would have thought I won the lottery it was so fun!!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    We are getting pounded with snow!


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