Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pink Truth: Making fake Mary Kay craigslist posts? - or - Spending Free Time searching "Mary Kay" on Craigslist?

Pink Truth claims this craigslist post came from someone in Mary Kay

What do you think?

Is this a real Mary Kay IBC?

Should someone in Mary Kay do something like this? (Is it legit? If so, is it a 'good' idea?)

What do you think of her "pitch"?

Also, just for fun, feel free to create a list of things that would be a better use of Pink Truth's time than either creating fake craigslist posts or searching craigslist, endlessly looking for a Mary Kay 'slip'.

Perhaps, if the suggestions are good enough (read: creative enough), I will email them to Pink Truth and see if we can get it published!


  1. It's probably real. I bump into various similar advertisements (like in the classifieds and personals sections of the local triangle area newspaper "The Independent") all the time. Problem is, MK Corp doesn't actually permit the consultants to advertise like that, and if they get busted, they will be made to take their ads down. Plus, how embarrassing to be busted and get a nastygram note from mkc legal. X(

    My director always told me "people want to help. Ask people to help you." That CL person's director probably told her something similar.

    The thing is...I don't like asking people to help me! I feel awkward and gimpy doing it. I have this thing about being independent. So I never took that approach (help me out, I have a goal, be on my team, etc) Couldn't do it. Hence I don't actually know if it works.

    In other irrelevant news, I'm tired and I want to go home and collapse on the couch, and instead I have to go to the Starbucks in Raleigh and do the secretarial duties for the local pagan meetup group. I don't suppose anyone wants to go and take notes about Druidism for me so I can lounge around the house and watch _Marie Antoinette_?



  2. I think its real, although I dont know how she is getting away with it.

    But then again you would think that someone in Allison's unit would know better than to post an ad like that. Only company approved ads are to be posted.

    Make you say hhmmmmm?

  3. She probably hopes she can reach a sufficient number of people before MK legal busts her and makes her take the ad down.

    Yr right, if Allison sees this, she's probably going to have a little chat with the consultant. lol


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