Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pink Truth: Mary Kay Inventory... Pointless?

Pink Truth thinks Mary Kay went to all this effort just to "get" them.

"I know that the Kaybots are seething because we’re telling their potential recruits about this. They are able to frontload much more when the whole story isn’t out there!"

Right... because the problem they have with you inaccurately smearing their character must be because your illogical assumptions are hitting too close to home.


  1. I can see some basic inventory in stock if you have a customer base that reorders. Things that change fast or that have many varieties seem to be a wash, resulting in either no sales, fire sales, or other unprofitable conditions. Sadly, I didn't know this until it was way too late.

  2. Well, I personally feel if you want to provide Great customer service you will have some product available, it doesn't need to be enough to furnish a small country though - but some.

    As I have written before and still back up... once you have a built a client base it pays dearly to have a full inventory. My time is too valuable to have to go do a party and then go home and order product and deliver, I need to go, do the party, give the people their goodies, and move on.

    And when I do my open houses - I see over 50 clients within a two day span, they come, they get what they want and leave with it. I do not have to take the time to do individual delivers and spend more time, gas, or postage. And.. I promise you they have bought far more than they intended when everything is out on display and they can see it all and smell it all.

    I did two open houses this month - a Friday and a Saturday in one town, and a Sunday in another.

    Between the 3 days I sold over $5000 worth of product. I only owe two people a couple of items. Everyone else left with what they wanted. I am open for suggestion and debate, how would I have done this without the product available?

    The key is stocking what your clients use and buy. Not buying product for the sake of keeping a car or a unit. And not buying products you may never sell, just for the sake of having them.

    As for the changes, the color products were the same shape for over 13 years.

    As for the packaging, I have yet to have one (not One) customer complain because the box that the product came in wasn't the newest box. When I do ask them if they are okay with the pink box versus the light pink/black box.... the typical response is... "what do I care, I just throw they box away any how".

    Let anyone keep saying inventory is pointless but when my clients call me and say, "Oh, I am so sorry, I should have called you soon but isthere any way I can have my cleanser by tomorrow?" and I say "of Course", that keeps that client a client.

    Maybe the ones that are saying inventory is pointeless, (and were a consultant not making any money- may be sharing (unknowingly) how having it may have made a difference. Personally waiting a week or two if I wanted a cleanser from my consultant would not have been acceptable to me and I would have found a consultant that could accomodate my needs.

    I have always worked very hard the beginning of December so that from about the 20th until after the new year, I coast and enjoy the Holidays.
    Last night I made enough lasagna to feed an army. Shopping and wrapping is done, house is clean, and oh, I am looking forward to tonight when the troops arrive!

  3. OK so I dropped my Mark Color Cubes on the bathroom floor and they all shattered. AAAHHH. 6 cubes. $30 down the drain. The colors were so pretty. GRARRR.

    And also some nitwit (at the last party I guess?) stole about $125 worth of my nail polishes. Like rare OPI shades that I bought online and stuff, and my ORLY base coat. I'm so disgusted right now. I take my makeup seriously, dangit. This is NOT CUTE.


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