Monday, December 8, 2008

Pink Truth: Cult training 101 - repeat lies often to effectively wear down victim resistance

Oops. Did I say that? Pink Truth apparently wants to make sure that YOU think Mary Kay is a cult.

PART 3 - Pink Truth REALLY wants you to believe that Mary Kay is a cult

What do you think. Now that they have told you three times, are you a beeee-liever?

Seriously, now that they have concluded the cult series, any thoughts about their obsession with Mary Kay?

Send some comment love in the comments section.


  1. Well, I am going to tell myself over and over and over again I am back to a size 4 and see if it works! I'll keep everyone posted.

  2. Mr. David, I am confused, why do you keep getting warnings to remove stuff, how would anyone know what is here unless the moderator of that site reads here every day and then reports you?

    If she is right, why would she want to read over here? If she believes what she writes, why would she want you to have stuff removed? It almost seems like she wants to run the whole show. She won't let anyone post on her site unless it is bad, if it is good about mary kay she will deleted it and banned the writer. But know even other sites are not allowed to show a difference of opinion because of the complaints, the info must be taken down. It seems like she is a cyber bully.

    Do her members realize she excercises this type of behavior?
    I am not sure the way all this stuff works and with the rules of banning or removing content but if she is going to take the time to complain about you, she must be afraid of the information you are providing. Yes? Seems that way.

  3. Yes, the PT mod reads over here. You know it! I think it's a matter of "I will hassle Dave all the time and eventually he will quit." Probably not going to work though.

    MK4me... BACK to a size 4? I have never been a size 4! I'm envious. At my smallest, at 105 pounds and being on the swim team in high school, I wore a size 7. Now I'm 40 years old and I wear a 14. Maybe if the doctor ever gets my stupid thyroid straightened out I'll get down to a 12...and I'd be ecstatic!

    I could possibly pull a size 4 pants leg over my arm. Then again maybe not. lol


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