Monday, December 1, 2008

Pink Truth: *yawn* ...Mary Kay

More Pink Truth Nonsense about Mary Kay

Anyone, anyone? Bueller?

Your comments are always welcome and requested.


  1. love the reference to an 80's classic, "Ferris Beulers Day Off!"
    On a day like today, just coming back from the holiday, I wish I could take off!

  2. Sorry, I've just not been commenting because I am so extremely bored with everything that Pink Truth has to say. All the posts and comments are, well, what's that word when you almost throw up, and then you don't, except for the part that ends up in your mouth?

    Regurgitate. It's gross.

    Yep, that's Pink Truth.


    I do like reading comments here, however,

    Maybe we can start a thread on how to begin a great new year????

  3. "Maybe we can start a thread on how to begin a great new year????"

    Awesome idea! and I'd love to know how the active MK ladies here are doing in their business, too. Especially with the economy tanking. I've found my reorders have been steadily picking up since September, but it's the holidays after all. I haven't been actively trying to book parties since I was working full time. (Frankly I also thought that it was a bit tacky while the dow is tanking to ask someone to through a ladies night)...but my 1on1's picked up in November, so I think people are wanting a lift -- just a more personal one.
    Anyone else have any insights? Beuller?

  4. Heh, heh, Cuppa Jo. That's the way I've been feeling. I'm feeling like an immature, nasty, 8th grader today. I think PT should be renamed Pink Reguritation!

  5. When a cow, which has...3 stomachs I think? pulls the cud back into its mouth, rechews, and swallows into another stomach, this is called rumination.

  6. Hey great to see everyone! I thought David and I were all alone.

    I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving.

    Hey Miranda, hope you are recovering from your weekend! haha
    Did you need extra undereye concealer today??

  7. oh, just the same concealer as every day. My allergies cause dark circles. I like either MAC or Ben Nye, the thick cream kind that comes in a pot and stays put all day.

    I fell asleep under my desk during lunch break. I think I snored. *embarrassed*

  8. Miranda, I think you "know" me well enough that this is teasing you...
    (not trying to sell you anything)-(honest...) but MK's Target Action Eye Revitalizer used regularly for a few weeks actually DOES lighten the dark circles. I live in a high pollen, ragweed, goldenrod area and sinus problems, allergies, and sinus infections are frequent. Dark under eyes are very common and I have many, many clients singing the praises of the product. But it is like anything else if they aren't willing to use it morning and night religiously, I tell them to save the money and buy concealer because if you only use it once in awhile, it won't do anything for you.


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