Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pink Truth: If You Don't Believe That Mary Kay is Bad, We Will Try To Convince You It's A Cult

By Pink Truth's standards, that softball team you joined is "like a cult".

As the title and the link suggest, Pink Truth would have you believe that Mary Kay is a cult... or at least that it has "cult-like tendencies".

Unfortunately, as the "evidence" they produce to support this would apply equally to just about any social gathering... chess club, softball team, fraternity/sorority, church group, office carpool, etc, etc, etc... on and on... the reader is left asking, "so?"

Ooooh noooos.... they are preoccupied with bringing in new members?!?! THE HORROR!!!!

I mean really --- **gasp** --- call teh priest for an exorcism...

meh, whatevers. So my wife is in what Pink Truth would consider a cult... or an organization with "cult-like tendencies". I guess that gives me a good excuse to go out with the guys once in a while, eh? I'll have to try that on for size one of these days.

me: "Hey babe, goin' out with 'da boyz'"
babe: "I don't want you to"
me: "But I already told them I would"
babe: "But I told you a month ago that tonight is our anniversary"
me: "Yeah, but Pink Truth says your in a cult. How do I know this isn't something they brainwashed into your mind?"

Clear winner on that one, eh? --- right. (Incidentally, I don't go out with 'da boyz', I don't talk like that, my wife would be excited for me to have a fun evening out, I wouldn't forget our anniversary, and the whole conversation was fiction... in case you are visiting from Pink Truth and have a difficult time grasping the difference between reality and illusion...)

That's all for now... but remember... what do we always say?

Mary Kay is just a company.


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  1. I wish Mr. Gothboy would go out with his guy friends and have male bonding time more often. Same gender friendships play a valuable role in life. I keep telling him, go out with them, do guy things, it's not like I will be bored because I have many things to do and ways to be entertained or busy, either alone or with my girls. "guy time" doesn't scare or bother me. I'm not insecure. But he just won't do it. :/ The closest thing he has is his martial arts class, which has mostly male students and then a sushi dinner afterwards.



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