Friday, December 12, 2008

Pink Truth: Mary the Mary Kay Director

Mary the Mary Kay Director

I will tell you, without reading any of this article myself, what the problem was.

"Mary is an ex-director who got caught up in the do-it-fast mentality."

The problem? Right there. The "do-it-fast mentality".



Your thoughts?


  1. Yep, she made a big mistake and then had to pay for it hardcore. Ppl have 20 20 hindsight, but when we're in the middle of something stupid it is not always as obvious as we'd think. I can admit to having done some really stupid crap at times.

    And on that note, I hope the IDJIT who stole my debit card number and used it to buy porn and weiner enhancement pills ends up in jail pondering *their* mistakes and learning that crime is a bad plan. I went to check my acct online to see how much $ I could afford for Xmas gifts for Mom and Dad and, behold! I have been defrauded!

    'tis the season. Y'all change your passwords and check your accounts online regularly and everything. I don't want any of you guys going through the h3ll I went through all day long trying to fix this.

  2. Guess where I was today, Miranda? A electronic check for $39.99 went thru my account. I caught it right away, because I reconcile my check register almost daily online and saw it. It had my old address from about five years ago and a 6 digit instead of 4 digit check number.

    Everyone be cautious, I guess there is a mini epidemic with this electronic check thing, all they need is your account number and your routing number. It is usually small amounts (in hopes that the account holder) doesn't realize it.

    I must admit my bank was great and the money should be back in my account within a day or two.

    So listen to Miranda's warning about checking our accounts regularly.

  3. Oh no, you too? Rarrr, how can these fraudmeisters live with themselves?

  4. MK4ME,

    There is a problems that seems to be coming thru ProPay. Many have been hit with this 6 digit check number, for $39.99, and the common thread is ProPay...just FYI.

    And Hello to everone. I rarely have time to stop in much, and commenting has become a thing of the past, put Merry Christmas to each of you!


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