Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pink Truth: Mary Kay is awful... in our minds...

Pink Truth loves stirring up controversy about Mary Kay

I pulled one comment at random for me to comment on. I know that I don't do this nearly as often as I used to... commenting on Pink Truth's arrogant ignorance was why I started this site... but such is life.

The commentator, in this case "stepping down", quoted the article, so the first part is from the article, the second is from stepping down.

they actually think that all they had to do was order the starter kit and then sit down and eat bon-bons and money would fall from the sky.

This is how MK is sold to people - they are told the product will fly off the shelf!!

If it were sold realistically, the expectations would be realistic.

This is exactly why I have such a hard time understanding whether Pink Truth is really and genuinely clueless, or if they realize how dumb they sound and do it just because they so loathe Mary Kay that they derive some twisted pleasure from feigning ignorance.

Are we to really believe that "stepping down" really bought into Mary Kay because she genuinely thought "fly off the shelf" meant "sit down and eat bon-bons and money would fall from the sky"? Really?

It is difficult to feel bad for any "mean" things that are directed at people that arrogantly wave their ignorance as the logic that proves that something is "bad".

Your thoughts?


  1. There's a little exaggeration there, and it's kind of offensive when someone claims that you were "lazy" and "didn't try" when that's absolutely not true. But when I think back to what my recruiter and director told me as a newbie, they did in fact use the words "The product sells itself." Now I didn't take this to mean that I had no work to do. I understood it to mean that if I got people to try the products, they would be likely to enjoy and buy them rather than saying "nah, this is too expensive. I can get just as good mascara from Maybelline." and then not buy anything. Not that anybody was *quite* that rude to my face; it was usually more like "Well, I sure wish it were cheaper so I could buy it, but this would seriously cut into my ramen noodle budget. Let me know if you have a 50% sale, 'k?"

    But back to "The product sells itself." I guess it must depend on your "audience." If you have a group of acquaintances who have lots of spending money and are eager to buy themselves new treats on a regular basis, you're good to go. If your social stratum is broke-brokety-broke, like me... your acquaintances probably won't say "well, this is worth it. I'll spend less on something else to make up the money I'm spending on this." And also, my experience is that if you are broke, the affluent people can practically smell your brokeness, even if you are wearing a nice suit, and they will generally not want to be around you or buy things from you. :( I tried to market to people with more money, and that's what happened to me. The lack of designer labels on my clothes and my crappy old Toyota must have given me away. :/

    I seriously should have gone with Avon. It's more "working class" image. But I'm done with all cosmetic sales at this point.

  2. My Mary Kay story is that I've been robbed and defrauded by a Mary Kay sales person (tall black woman in her mid 30s) from Charlotte, NC area in Fort Mill / Indian Land. She stole my cash and attempted to steal big amounts of money from my credit card. I can only guess what happens to her "face models"...

  3. Enigma, how did this happen to you?

    It seems strange she would have been able to get your credit card info if you paid her with cash or vice versa?

    Also I certainily hope you contacted Mary Kay right away with her name and information so that they could have rectified the situation (terminate her agreement so that she could not do this to anyone else) and also notified the police since this is absolutely theift?

  4. mk4me, i didn't pay her, we were dating, she stole my cash from my wallet when i went to a restroom, then she stole my cash from my wallet when i stayed overnight at her place. That's where she wrote down my credit card number and she probably stole my other personal data. Almost a week later she took thousands from my account for all kinds of purchases (used my card on the internet), but i was able to get my money back by submitting reversals / chargebacks. She's also planning on robbing me more and she thinks I'm stupid enough not to know what she's up to. She's a typical meal-hunter and a thief. And a scammer / fraud. A very careful one. I've been aware and watching her since our first date. I did not contact Mary Kay yet as I'm collecting all kinds of proof for a police investigation. She's on eharmony and she's most likely e-harms-money from other guys. Eharmoney was informed yet they allowed her to remain a member and are matching other people with her. She may as well been involved with those robbers who recently in October robbed several stores in Charlotte NC area.

  5. Enigma, MK and the cops don't really communicate as far as I know. Good on you for filing the police report, but you should really report her to MK corporate also. They don't want someone like that working for them, and think of all the unsuspecting women who would innocently give their card numbers to buy makeup and then suddenly find their accounts charged up to the limit!

  6. sounds like this has less to do with more Mk and more to do with a theif,and a personal relationship) let's face it, I don't think you were sleeping with her because she was a MK consultant, and I don't have customers stay overnight at my home so that I can steal from them and last I knew- sleeping with our clients, wasn't a service we were offering - of course from reading else where, one never does know what someone will do try to get ahead, hehe get it??

    oops sorry, my bad.

    I would still advise you call Mary Kay but I have a feeling what she does in her business and what she does in her personal life - could be very different. But one never knows.

    It is still theft and even if eHarmony will not do anything, the police should, especially if you have proof.

    sorry for your misfortune.

  7. Yes, I agree, it's a personal theft, not a theft by Mary Kay company of course, yet Mary Kay was accented to me a lot by her and during every date with me she was "recruiting" "face models" in front of me and she even asked me not to touch her face since she's selling her face for MK.

    There's no physical proof on the theft, how do you prove a theft of cash, but I checked my wallet before entering her house and then checked again immediately in the morning. Some of the cash was missing. Then all of a sudden big amounts were shopped on my card which matched her lifestyle and her career. I can't post too much detail here though. Local police in her area is working on the case to get the proof. If I supposed to go to court to testify even without physical proof I'd firmly tell the court she stole my cash that's 100% sure. If some woman in Charlotte area tries to recruit you as a face model - decline politely or simply run.

  8. oh please Enigma report her to MK corporate and then send them a copy of the police report too. All those women with their credit cards that this person can easily rip off by getting their card numbers during purchases!

    Wait, she slept with you but you couldn't touch her face (aka no kissing)? That's a rather... hookerish touch. She sounds kind of crazy.

    I'm sorry you got ripped off. :( I hope the cops bust her asap. Man, there is a LOT of fraud going on this season! I'm still working with the bank over the debit card fraud that happened to me.

  9. If it was just me losing some cash I'd not even report her to the forums or blogs let alone the police, but I'm afraid it's more people who she may steal from.

    I called Mary Kay 1-800-627-9529 and the recorded voice referred me to seek medical attention or call 911. L;-) I guess I called after business hours just a couple minutes late. Thanks Mary Kay for a nice suggestion. ;-)

  10. EniGma, sounds like you are dealing with a straight up sociopath!
    I hope they catch her. Too bad you cant name names on here.
    However Mary Kay is not responsible for her dishonesty, she was already that way. But I understand your need to get the word out in case women in that area are reading these blogs. Your story should be posted on ALL the blogs, pro and anti MK. Good Luck


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