Friday, December 26, 2008

Pink Truth: Mary Kay director insults Tracy, that makes Mary Kay bad... right?

Pink Truth thinks that insulting people and making sure they get the last word is proof that they are offering the truth

This kind of thinking bothers me. Anyone else?


  1. I have often said just because pters say that one cannot make money and be ethical and honest in MK because they couldn't DOES NOT mean it can not be done, it just means that they couldn't

    I will add that just because a few visitors get upset and then fire off an email that is insulting to tc or pt's does not make MK all bad.

    Stereotyping is never good, and usually wrong. I would like to add that it looks like tc agrees with me. Here is a quote from her regarding poor examples in her profession. (it is not from pt site).
    "Professional tax preparers who aid clients in cheating on their income tax returns should be punished severely and barred from providing tax services in the future. There is simply no excuse for this behavior, and I hate that their actions reflect poorly on the rest of us who prepare taxes honestly."

    I do feel she is 100% correct in this statement. Just as I feel this statement applies to all other professions including Mary Kay.

  2. Too many insults from everyone on both sides there. It's all useless poo slinging.

    "You suck."
    "No, you suck."
    "YOU SUCK!"

    mmkay...nothing accomplished there.


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