Thursday, April 30, 2009

product reviews

MK Waterproof mascara:
I'm kind of torn on this one. It is truly waterproof, wears comfortably, looks good and feels natural. At the same time, the formula is dry and thus I have to go over my lashes many times to get a good application. Also, the brush picks up more product than I'd like because the mascara is thick. It takes work to put on. That said, it did stand up to a very sweaty night at the club without getting sticky/clumpy/flaky.

Desert Bloom blush:
just as I remember it. A natural looking flush on my pale olive skin. This is what I'd call a medium neutral blush. Medium in terms of how dark it is; neutral in terms of being neither warm nor cool. It's kind of a go with everything type color. lots of pigmentation; you only need a bit. Tap the brush on it twice if you want a natural look.

Exotic Passionfruit perfume:
Just what it says...essence of passionfruit. This smells sweet and delicious and summery. Not heavy though. Good with my body chemistry. I'm wearing it to bed. wink wink! ;)

Warm Amber perfume: Amber with possibly a hint of musk. This is a heavier scent; apply lightly. It's more of an "autumn" scent to me.

Starlet Kiss lip gloss: In the tube, it's a light peach with gold sparkles. It goes on clear with a hint of sparkle. It's very moisturizing and feels good. Not sticky.

Simply Cotton perfume: light, clean, fresh, a little sweet, a hint of powder. This is a springtime scent.

Velocity perfume: Citrus. Orange, lemon, bitter orange. It actually reminds me of Red Bull without the B vitamin funk. Doubtless named because citrus scents perk people up.

90% Buyback & Returning the Starter Kit


We have all seen that truely has everything any ibc would ever want to know about their Mary Kay opportunity. It may take quite awhile to read everything available but the search feature is also available. So where am I going with this? I have read over and over again that some poor individual is praising pt because they helped her get back some money from the nasty old MK Company. hmmmmm

1st suggestion - if they perhaps had read intouch while they were in MK with the same zeal they read pt now that they are out of the MK busines, they may have still been in Mk and making money.

My point - pt didn't help them get anything that mk wasn't ready and willing to give them. I just conducted a test and in less than 2 minutes with the search feature I found three different pieces all with info on how to do a repurchase of product and even what to do if you change your mind and don't want your starter kit. I copied/pasted two below and the third one is under Legal Ease, it is a pdf type document so I can not copy that but I did add parts of the other two below.

So exactly what did pt do for them? The 90% buyback existed before pt, and had been appropriately used and was never hidden - all an individual had to do was read - how do/did they find out about it on pt? - they read... what a novel idea.

For those that publically post, "oh, thank you for opening my eyes, I never knew this, I never knew that... " - it doesn't surprise me that they weren't successful with their mk opportunity - MK might not be hard but one must put forth some effort, the product may be great but it doesn't sell itself without having someone demonstrate it first.

Here is what is easily available on

To accept Consultant's cancellation of this Agreement within thirty (30) days after acceptance of the Agreement by Company, and upon return of Consultant's original and unused Starter Kit to Company, to refund to Consultant the Consultant's cost of the Starter Kit; or if Agreement is terminated and Consultant's original and unused Starter Kit is returned to Company after the cancellation period and within one (1) year of purchase, to repurchase such Starter Kit at ninety percent (90%) of Consultant's original net cost.
To repurchase, upon termination of this Agreement, at ninety percent (90%) of Consultant's original net cost, original and unused Section 1 products, provided such items were purchased by Consultant from Company within one (1) year prior to return.
Starter Kit and Section 1 products must be shipped freight prepaid, accompanied by a "Request for Repurchase" form to the Mary Kay Repurchase Department in Dallas. Consultant agrees that Company's cost of any prizes or product bonuses awarded to Consultant because of the original purchase and any indebtedness Consultant owes Company will be deducted from the repurchase amount. Consultants who return merchandise to Company are not eligible to rejoin Mary Kay as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. Consultant agrees that Section 2 items are not intended to be purchased from Company for resale and are not subject to the repurchase provisions.


If you choose to purchase inventory, you can always rest assured that there will be a multitude of Company-published materials available to you that contain excellent sales tips aimed at helping you successfully sell your products. You also have the opportunity to ask other successful independent sales force members, such as your Independent Sales Director, for tips and advice on selling Mary Kay® products. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh viewpoint to help you generate effective strategies for growing your business.

Finally, if you change your mind or decide that a Mary Kay business is not for you, you can take comfort in knowing that the Company will repurchase, at 90 percent of your original net cost, original and unused Section 1 products, provided such items were purchased by you from the Company within one year prior to return.

So what did pt do for them that intouch didn't? (Little side note, the employees that take the call when a consultant does call to find out what they need to do are very accommodating, helpful, and friendly, they do not give the requester alot of grief -

A great suggestion if you are in Mary Kay, make sure you keep yourself informed and in the know... READ often, read your Appaulse magazines, read your consultant and product guides that come in your starter kit, and watch the skin care class dvd. Be responsible for educating yourself - your "success" may depend on it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Product suggestion: brushes

Current brushes offered by MK:

This is a much bigger, better selection than they had "back in the day" when I was in. That said, there are two types of brushes much in demand today that I don't see in this collection. I would recommend that they add:

1. The kabuki brush. Since MK now sells mineral makeup, the kabuki brush is a logical choice to go with it. Most mineral makeup users use this type of brush to apply their mineral foundation. Or, for more coverage, you can use a flocked sponge. It *has* to be flocked; the kind of sponge you use for cream to powder or liquid foundation won't work for that. That's not a brush, of course, but I'd still recommend that MK start carrying that too.

2. The angled eyeshadow brush. If you look at the blush brush on the MK brush page, you have an idea...just miniaturize that, and you have an angled eyeshadow brush. It seems to cover the curves of the eyelid better, so it's a staple in many women's brush collections.

Those of you who are directors or consultants, would you consider making this recommendation to MKC?

Positive/Negative or The Truth?


I was reading the negative site yesterday and had to smirk at what was happening, I guess a fairly strong mker was voicing her opinion and TC has been extremely busy and I guess this "mkisfinewithme" poster was really expressing her opinion and her mk experience and things were starting to get a little heated ... of course, the time came and an email was posted telling her that she was not allowed to post until she - the quote from TC follows: "When you're ready to participate in a positive fashion, please let me know and I'll restore your ability to post comments."

Now, I do find humor in small instances and this is one of those small pleasures. Isn't the biggest complaint from many posters on the negative sites, is that in MK everything must always be posetive?? The common response is the truth isn't negative, it is just the truth. So why is mkisfinewithme being negative when she is just explaining her truth? I guess unless she decides to bash MK, she will be negative???

We can not walk around with our heads up in the clouds like nothing is going on but we will be much happier in life if you don't dwell and focus on the negative, but living by that belief doesn't mean you will never have something bad happen, it is just how you handle it. When something not wonderful happens to you, take the lesson and let go of the pain. It does pay to be an optomistic and to see the glass as half full and not half empty. And to borrow a Mary Kay-ism... it does seem, "what you think about, you bring about".. so smile and make it your goal today to smile and say "hi" and just see if someone doesn't smile back!

Mary Kay's Awards & Acheivements


Dynamic speaker, inspiring motivator, visionary entrepreneur – these qualities helped make
Mary Kay Ash a powerful leader in business and in her community. Throughout her life, she was recognized for her achievements with these awards and honors.

• Mary Kay on the Biography Channel produced by A&E Television Networks

• One of the 25 Most Influential Business Leaders of the Last 25 Years by PBS and the Wharton School of Business

• Greatest Female Entrepreneur in American History by Baylor University

• Dallas Business Hall of Fame Laureate in recognition of her lifetime achievements as well as demonstrating inspiring business and community leadership, industry vision and service as a business and civic role model in the community

• National Conference on Medical Care and Domestic Violence Community Service Award, now known as the Mary Kay Ash Award

• Women's Advocacy Award, Legal Services of North Texas Inc.
• What's Next? Women Redefining Their Dreams in the Prime of Life, by Rena Pederson, book feature

• Texas Monthly article, "Where Are They Now?"
• The Very Best Opportunity for Women, by Angela L. Moore and Lisa Stringfellow, book feature
• Feminine Fortunes: Women of the Next Millennium magazine feature, honoring the achievements of professional women

• Lifetime Television Network as the most influential woman in business during the 20th century
• Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation mission expanded to include programs devoted to the prevention of violence against women

• One of 39 American women featured in the Unforgettable Women section of The Women's Museum: An Institute for the Future

• One of the "Champions of Commerce" in August issue of Dallas Woman
• 100 Christian Women Who Changed the 20th Century, by Helen Kooiman Hosier
• Cover story for The Godly Business Woman, July/August issue

• Women of the Century award from Women's Chamber of Commerce of Texas, honoring the state's 100 most influential women of this century

• "Salesman of the Century" Texas Monthly magazine's December issue featuring Texans who shaped the state over the past century

• One of 20, and the only woman business leader, profiled in Forbes Greatest Business Stories of All Time

• One of six personalities who shaped the industry in the past 100 years in a special collector's edition of Women's Wear Daily

• Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation to fund innovative research studies for cancers affecting women and provide financial support for nonprofit cancer organizations for education and assistance

• One of the Legends of Texas through the “Legends of Texas” Bridge project, Georgetown, Texas
• National Business Hall of Fame by Fortune magazine and Junior Achievement
• One of 20 entrepreneurs profiled in Forbes Greatest Business Stories of All Time

• Third book, You Can Have It All, achieved best-seller status during first week of sales
• National Association of Women Business Owners 1995 Pathfinder Award

• Honorable Mention Award for Awareness and Achievement from the Board of Sponsors of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

• Mary Kay Museum dedication, a 3,000-square-foot tribute to 30 years of direct selling success
• Mary Kay Ash/St. Paul Medical Center Mobile Cancer Screening Unit, Dallas dedication
• First female recipient of the Kupfer Distinguished Executive Award, Texas A&M University
• Dallas Mother of the Year, Dallas Can! Academy
• Outstanding Texas Citizen, Texas Exchange Clubs

• Living Legend Award, Direct Selling Education Foundation

• Outstanding Woman of the Year, Les Femmes du Monde

• Outstanding Business Leader Award, Northwood Institute
• National Family Business Award, Baylor University
• Women of Achievement Award, General Federation of Women's Clubs
• Business Leader of the '90s Award, Association of Women Business Owners
• Individual Komen Award for Philanthropy, Komen Foundation for the Advancement of Breast Cancer Research

• Sovereign Fund Award by Founder and President Kurt W. Simon to “one outstanding citizen who has rendered great service to the cause of individual freedom in America"

• First Annual National Sales Hall of Fame Award, Sales and Marketing Executives of Greater New York
• Circle of Honor Award, Direct Selling Education Foundation

• Honorary chairperson yearlong Texas Breast Screening Project
• "Great American Entrepreneur" series at the Smithsonian Institute

• Christian Excellence Award in Business, International Association of Women in Leadership
• Churchwoman of the Year Award, Religious Heritage of America

• Woman of the Year, Crystal Cathedral Christian Executive Women
• Distinguished Woman Award, Northwood Institute
• One of the women entrepreneurs featured in the National Federation of Independent Businesses Report and honored by President Reagan

• Texas Business Hall of Fame Award
• Texas Women's Hall of Fame Award

• Outstanding Women in Business in Dallas Award, The Dallas Chamber of Commerce
• Number eight in "The Savvy 60" list of top U.S. businesses run by women
• America's 25 Most Influential Women in 1985, The World Almanac and Book of Facts

• Women's Award of Achievement, Women's City Club of Cleveland, Ohio
• Mary Kay on People Management published by Warner Books; featured on The New York Times best-seller list for 11 weeks

• Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Edwin L. Cox School of Business, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas
• One of the "100 Most Important Women in America" by Ladies' Home Journal
• Outstanding Corporate Sales Executive, The Gallaghar Report

• Distinguished Business Leadership Award, University of Texas at Arlington College of Business Administration and Advisory Council

• Golden Achievement Award from Incentive Manufacturers Representatives Association

• Business Award for Excellence in Community Service, Dallas Historical Society
• Free Enterprise Award, San Fernando Valley Business and Professional Association and the Free Enterprise Award Committee

• Mary Kay by Mary Kay, published by Harper and Row
• Saturday Evening Post cover photo and feature story

• Golden Plate Award, American Academy of Achievement

• 60 Minutes profile

• Horatio Alger Distinguished American Citizen Award, Horatio Alger Association
• Cosmetic Career Woman of the Year Award, Cosmetics Career Women, Inc.

• Dale Carnegie Leadership Award for "assisting the Mary Kay independent sales force in programs of self-development leading to improved performance and personal growth”

• Hall of Fame Award, Direct Selling Association

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Should an NSD still work or just do nothing!

As we all know some of the Mary Kay Directors are working for the coveted position of NSD (National Sales Director). Why would they work so hard for such a coveted position you say? Well there is the guarantee of a new car every two years, the retirement program, and the potential for a higher income without not having to work as hard as they did to getto the position. Wow that sounds good BUT there are some who say (consultants and directors) that an NSD should continue to recruit and hold skin care classes and there are some who are of the belief that they should keep holding classes and recruiting until they are able to retire. What do you think? I have an opinion on this but I will post it when I get two or three responses to this posting.

Mother's Day (or another) Gift Idea


How cute is this presentation of the Satin Hands Pampering Set?

From NSD Tammy Crayk…
How to put this great gift together:
Go to Hobby Lobby or Walmart or Dollar Tree and get your pots...they're about $1
You'll also need:
~ Gerber daisies...they're half off at Hobby Lobby right now so I paid $3.50 for a bunch of 12 (it was cheaper that way than doing individual stems). Each individual stem will cost me about 30 cents this way and I have enough to do 12 gift sets.
~ Green paper shred for grass
~ Floral Sticks OR bamboo skewers.
I couldn't find the floral sticks so I used the skewers
~ Ribbon--also half off at Hobby Lobby this week
Print the attached card off and attach it to your "stick", cut the flowers and arrange them around your Satin Set and you have a beautiful gift set. All the wrapping "stuff" costs you $3-4. It's a perfect gift set!!!

A Little Mary Kay History


(Since I have seen alot of incorrect information being posted, I thought we could do a little series of articles taken directly from intouch.

Remembering Her Life

Mary Kay Ash stands out as one of America’s business giants. Her story is unique. Her ideas were bold. And her actions were revolutionary. They opened new doors of opportunity for women and left an indelible mark on American culture.

The story of this one-of-a-kind visionary reflects the great American dream. Hers was shaped by the “you can do it” spirit she learned as a child in Hot Wells, Texas. Because her mother had to work 14-hour days to support Mary Kay and her ailing father, little Mary Kay had to take on responsibilities well beyond her years.

Growing up, Mary Kay did more than embrace this empowering, can-do spirit – she lived it. When faced with new and daunting tasks in caring for her father, she would call her mother for guidance. Along with the guidance, her mother encouraged her by saying, "You can do it, Mary Kay. You can do it." As an adult, Mary Kay would pass this spirit on through a remarkable company that would inspire millions of women for generations to come.

That company story didn’t begin until Mary Kay Ash faced a situation all too familiar to women in the early '60s. After 25 years in the direct-selling business, Mary Kay Ash resigned a position as a national training director when yet another man she had trained was promoted above her – at twice her salary. Her response was visionary. At first, she started writing a book that would help women gain the opportunities she had been denied.

Sitting at her kitchen table, Mary Kay made two lists on a yellow legal pad. One list contained the good things she had seen in companies. The other featured things she thought could be improved. When she reviewed the lists, she realized she had created a marketing plan for a dream company.

So, in 1963, she put her plan into action. With her past experience, the plan and $5,000 in savings, Mary Kay Ash enlisted the help of her 20-year-old son, Richard, and created Beauty by Mary Kay. It was a first – a company dedicated to making life more beautiful for women. It was founded not on the competitive rule, but on the Golden Rule, on praising people to success and on the principle of placing faith first, family second and career third. It was a company – as Mary Kay Ash would say – "with heart."

With steadfast commitment to these principles and her tremendous determination, dedication and hard work, Mary Kay nurtured her dream from a small direct sales company to one of the largest direct sellers of skin care and color cosmetics in the United States. Fortune magazine recognized the company as one of The 100 Best Companies to Work for in America and also named Mary Kay Inc. one of the 10 best companies for women.
Today, Mary Kay’s initial goal – providing women an unlimited opportunity for personal and financial success – still drives the Company to even greater heights. The vision, the courage and the unwavering spirit of Mary Kay Ash continue to help women achieve their potential and bring their dreams to life. With 1.8 million Independent Beauty Consultants in more than 30 markets worldwide, the Company continues to be one of the greatest success stories in business. And through it, the legacy of
Mary Kay Ash continues to inspire, enrich and empower women around the globe to believe that they can do great things.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Product Reviews

Review, the pink MK Moisturizing Mask.

This is the only facial mask I can use that doesn't leave my face feeling like the Sahara. I tend to scrub it around a bit for the exfoliating beads before I leave it 10 minutes to dry. Then I wash it off and impurities are pulled to the surface where I wash (or, I confess, squish) them away.

If your face is sensitive, this is the mask to use. And the tube is generous.

2nd product test: Microdermabrasion.

I waited for my zits to clear up; you don't want to use abrasive products on broken skin. So I washed my face and applied the microdermabrasion product to my skin. It said to just apply and wash off, but I did sort of rub it around in little circles first. Then I rinsed and dried my face and put on the second step which is a lightweight moisturizing product. It soaks in fast.

This is definitely a worthwhile product. I don't feel sore from using it and it didn't sting during application. My face feels smooth and soft, and I'm certain my clubbing makeup will go on well tonight.

I guess you could say this is to the face what Satin Hands is to the hands, at least in terms of results. Satin face. lol

3rd test: Bella Belara perfume.

When I opened the sample, it smelled really nice. It was a sweet, feminine fragrance. I applied to my skin and waited about 15 minutes for it to dry down. Unfortunately, it clashes horribly with my body chemistry. :( It changed into a funk. So as with all perfumes, make sure you try before you buy to make sure they are compatible with your skin. Rodgirl has told me she wears it and likes it and it smells good on her.

4th test: MK Liquid eyeliner, black

To give this a fair test, I tested it on a friend instead of myself. (I have allergies and my eyes water constantly.) So when I made up a friend to go to the club, I used the MK liquid eyeliner on her upper lash line.

The felt tip point provided good, clean, precise application, and the liner itself was nicely opaque and dried quickly. She was happy with the look, and she still looked good at the end of the night. I'd recommend this to anyone who can wear liquid liner.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Pink Truth: We are not sure if religion should be used to manipulate or not...

4 comments to say, concerning Pink Truth, manipulating scripture to manipulate people is A-OKAY. If someone else even mentions scripture... they are "amusing" to the folks at Pink Truth.

Here is the link to both "articles"

"PinkPeace" really puts a strain on the "lusting in your heart" part of the Sermon on the mount.

Pink Truth LOVES it when people talk about God. They can make fun of them then.

What I find interesting is that they (Pink Truth) did not even bother to go to the trouble of separating these articles from each other... they are either that unaware of their own hypocrisy or they (specifically Tracy) realize that their readers will literally call them on nothing, so why not just fly it in everyone's face.

Balanced Mary Kay Readers weigh in on Presidential Election

The results should not be surprising to anyone. They have been sitting in the sidebar since Election Day!

Please feel free to check out and vote on the new poll. Your feedback makes this site better.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sharing the Opportunity

Published 04.23.09 On Mary Kay Intouch
Send This Must-See Video and Go for a Great Start Finish!

We are excited to preview a new and fresh way to share the Mary Kay® opportunity with just the click of a mouse! If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is a video sent in an e-mail worth? Possibly new interest from potential team members! This video showcases women telling how they found more in life with Mary Kay. We know women are looking for more and these stories are told in a compelling way that appeals to the woman of today. Watch it for yourself and feel the power and pull of these women.
After you’ve watched the video, we know you’re going to want to share it! Women today are online - so great news! We’ve created an MKeCard® featuring this video that makes it easier now more than ever to spread the word about this great opportunity. Go ahead and send this e-card today to everyone you know. Who knows, they might just forward it on to their friends and so on.

There is still time to finish April strong. You can do it!

Hello!! Anyone there??


This is a follow up to our previous article about having to call more than once. This is not my "spiel" but it is actually pretty good. By being honest and asking the person if they changed their mind and simply to let you know that, you don't have to keep trying and feeling that you didn't follow up enough or you were hounding the person - should you pitch the lead?? - should you keep trying??.

As for anti mker's saying because you may use a "script" that we are all fake and phony, well that simply is not true. Phrasing and how you present something will make a difference in the answers you get. Even with my kids (when they were young - if I asked them which video they wanted to watch and they were looking at a shelf with 50 videos on it it would be hours... but if I asked would you prefer Nemo or Peter Pan.. a choice was made fairly quick.
The Anti-mkers say that because alot of the verbage amongst directors are the same -that it is a lie. Hmm... I can assure you that when I go to a fast food place and order a burger, they will ask me, "would you like fries to go with that?" and then would you care for a drink? - would you like to super size it? Okay, that will be $5.00 - it will be up in a moment... Here you go... Have a Nice day......uggg... I guess they were manipulating me! They tricked me into ordering fries and supersizing it just by asking me the questions right? No, sorry, I have the ability to say no fries thank you, no, no super sizing necessary (actually I would probably say.. "does it look like I need to super size it?"! :) !!
If you are teaching someone the alphabet, I can assure you everyone is going to say the same A - Z because that is what the alphabet is. Spelling is taught, you don't get to spell words differently just because you don't like the way it is actually spelled. So the fact that so many of the things that are said, are said by many is because it is just the way it is. One may not like it if I say, "the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, but that is the way it is and I certainly can't change it, it is what it is. -Now I hope that makes some sense and with that said here is something I found and thought it might help some of us in making calls, I don't know who to give credit to it didn't have an author's name with it:

Why Doesn't She Answer Her Phone???
Are you having difficulty trying to reach your prospect for a facial? Has she decided she doesn't want a facial after all, so I should throw away her number -- or should I stick with it until I get a hold of her, because maybe she's destined to be an awesome customer?" So here's a great way to short-circuit this situation, reduce your time and frustration following up with no-answer warm-chatter leads.
After about 4 - 5 days, when you've tried reaching the prospect at several different times of the day and have left one message, leave another message and say the following:

"Hello, __________! This is _______________ with Mary Kay Cosmetics calling back -- I'm really disappointed that I haven't been able to reach you since we met last ________!
It occurred to me that perhaps you've changed your mind and would prefer not to get together for a complimentary Mary Kay pampering session -- if so, just give a quick call back to me and let me know it's not for you right now. That way I won't keep trying to phone you.
However, I realize that most likely you're just super busy and my previous calls have simply caught you away from the phone. In that case, just give me a quick call to let me know you still want to be pampered!
Again, my name is ___________, and my phone number (which is also on the card I gave you) is ___________________.
________, your __________(cheerful attitude, happy smile, sharp-looking appearance, etc. -- whatever was the case) told me that you're someone I'd like to treat to the Mary Kay experience, so give me a quick call and hopefully we'll talk soon! By the way, I'll likely try you back until we connect! "

I have found that (assuming you select warm, courteous women to work with) most women will respond to this. The ones that are blowing you off will be reminded that you're a real person (not a computerized calling machine!) and will (now that you've given permission) let you know if they'd prefer to forget it for now. But my most frequent experience is that they will call, apologize for being so hard to reach and tell me to persist in calling back! I've had several that have taken up to 3 months to actually talk to without the machines in the middle -- but they had called to at least let me know they still were interested in the facial. And, they were ultimately HUGE selling appointments and are now a happy part of my customer base. Be direct! Women will respond with respect!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Follow Up


I have often hear the term the fortune is in the follow up. We have discussed the importance of great customer service but I found this little study and boy is it an eye opener. It really goes to show that most of us give up way too easy. The key is to find a way to make your phone calls polite and professional and I often ask permission to call back in two weeks (etc...) as long as they have said sure, then I am not hounding them - I am comfortable making the call because I have told them I would and I am a woman of my word.. this works for me because when I go to whimp out on making the call (fear of getting a "no") - I remember that I told the person I would call and feel I need to keep my word. Check out these statistics and it is no surprise that many of us give up too fast. I found this very interesting.

80% of all sales are made after the 5th call.
48% of all sales people GIVE UP after the 1st call!
25% give up after the 2nd call.
12% make 3 calls and then stop.
5% quit after the 4th call.
10% keep on calling after the 4th call.
And to this PERSISTENT 10% GOES 80% OF ALL SALES!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Packaging Changes Coming

This is a repeat but for the newer readers, this has been on intouch for quite a long time. Another important point is the product is not changing just the packaging, I do love the new look. Contrary to comments from some, I have never had a client tell me they don't want the product because it not in the newest packaging. (Especially if it is just the box) - they just laugh at me if they are okay with the bright pink box and they laugh and say, we just throw the box away anyway!

My logic, don't make a big deal about something that isn't a big deal - just to create drama. I love our products looking sleeker and sleeker. Change can be good!

Visit often for all Company Information!

Instant Gratification or Investment in Your Future?

I do every show with the same dedication no matter if I believe the guests have huge checkbooks or small checkbooks. Every client is equally as important. I love it when my teaching to my unit members shows what I call "an investment in your future". If you expect huge sales at every show and then get disappointed if the show doesn't live up to your expectations it is very easy to get discouraged. -
I had a unit member that was all excited about a show she was having on a Friday evening with 5 guests. She called me the next day disappointed because only 2 ended up attending with sales of only $60. (Ones that could not show did apologize and planned on ordering and two actually offered to hold a show because they had really wanted to attend but couldn't because of other things that had come up. I tried to cheer her up and assured her that just because the show had ended didn't mean the end of what could continue to happen. Well today she called me and thank me for my explanation and education and for not allowing her just to complain but listened and understood- because (as she put it - you were right) - the total of the outside orders from the guests that couldn't make it were $237.50, so with the sales of that night and the outside orders - her sales were just shy of $300 and she has two bookings. Now, all in all - not too shabby for less than a two hour show.

The key is always remember to do your best, share your knowledge of the products and never short change a client because you don't think she is going to be a big spender. Remember, we should always treat everyone has if they had a sign saying "make me feel special". It doesn't say only treat the people that you believe will spend loads of money special.

I believe that we often need to learn and develop patience but we all desire instant gratification.

I beleive we need to not look at a snapshot of a show but the show plus what follows from it. A client that you meet at a show and then becomes a lifelong client is what counts. I believe we look for instant gratification when we should consider our long term overall rewards. We build our business over time, it is just like planting a seed and then watching it grow. If you continue to focus on the activity, the results will follow, if you only focus on $$, you will be disappointed in the end.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Just the Facts!

When I read some of the negative sites very often I get upset. For the record, because someone else could not run their business with integrity and ethics and be successful does not and never will be proof that it can not be done. Believe it or not there are many of us that do not see every walking person as a potential, there are those of us that don't sit in church and scope out our next "target, some of us listen to the service and focus where our attentions should be. There are those of us that give genuine compliments or simply offer our services. There are those of us if we are told "no thank you" don't stalk a person until the get a TRO on us. Many of us have conversations that have nothing to do with Mary Kay. There are some of us that people don't run from when they see us coming because they are going to have to hear about MK until they puke. Many of us don't work 24/7. Many of us have a very full life and MK is just a part of it, just as any other way to earn an income is a part of your life. Many of us make very good money. Many of us have no MK debt. Many of us don't buy production. Many of us sell lots and lots of product and have many real clients that love Mary Kay products and feel that they are worth the price. Many of us don't use religious manipulation in MK or any other aspects of our lives. Many of us can think for ourselves and make a sound decision despite someone trying to influence us to do something not beneficial to ourselves. Many of us would not lie to our husband who we took an oath the honor because some business associate told us it was okay to. Many of us are not in "the fog". Many of us have friends in and out of Mary kay.
Many of us can separate business time and family time. Many of us don't sit at the phone dialing for dollars and the end of the month. I could go on and on but I just wanted to go on record, because someone else says they couldn't do it without lying and manipulation - well then let them speak for themselves, I know how I run my business and my unit, I know how I treat people and I don't need anyone telling people because they couldn't figure out how to do it without manipulations and lying and cheating that it can't be done. And for those that continue to say that they were successful but walked away because they grew a conscious but then turn around and say they were $20,000 or more in debt, then please don't continue to say that you were successful, because if you were that far in debt than you were buying the appearance of looking successful as oppossed to actually being successful and I am sorry but it doesn't sound like your grew a conscious, it sounds more like you ran out of credit or realized if after 10, 20, or more years - if you still hadn't been able to earn a living with your Mary Kay, it was probably time to move on to something else.

There are those in Mk that do wrong things but that doesn't mean everyone does.

Okay, I guess we all know how I feel about that, don't we? So may I say to all, Have a Happy Monday!

P.S. For those directors who feel they are on "the Hampster Wheel", omg, you all have to see the commercial for the Kia Soul with the gerbils driving the car... (front back side to side..oops the lyrics to the commercial are stuck in my head), and in the background other hampster are on the wheels, it is just too funny!
(ps - know when to laugh at something- don't take everything so seriously)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Media Coverage!

I haven't found how to link it yet... so if you have access to intouch, please visit and view it from there - when I figure out how to get the address or link to the video clip, I will post, or if someone computer smart figures it out... would you post it in comments. Thanks!!

Published 04.16.09
Mary Kay Mentioned on “The Simpsons”

“The Simpsons” aired an episode on March 29th where a deacon tells his wife that the upcoming visit he’s anticipating from a parson would be like Mary Kay visiting her when she was selling her cosmetics – had she stuck with it, he adds sarcastically. In response, she reminds him that he asked her to quit because she was making more money than he.

Click here to view the short clip.

Marketing ideas

Our shows and facials and reorders are a great income but don't miss the gift giving opportunities, my clients love it when the get Mary Kay products that they want or a gift certificate so they can pick items without having to pay for them. Spring is incredible for this. Day to remember:

Adminstrative Assistant/Secretaries Day - April 22
Teacher's Day - May 5
Mother's Day - May 10
Nurses's Day - May 12
Father's Day June 21

mk4me's birthday and anniversary - April

Be creative - share some ideas ie: Coffee and Cream - a cute mug with a specialty coffee and a hand cream - cute and affordable!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Skirts or Pants??

I hope you don't mind Kisstophers Mama, but when I read your comment I thouhgt it would make a great post for discussion. Let's see what other's opinions are.. please post your opinion, so that said.. Kisstophers Mama said...

"I am a new MK consultant, and was told for yesterday's meeting that I was required to wear panty hose and a skirt. I told them, that I would wear slacks because that is what I was comfortable with and they told me not to come to the meeting like that.
Furious I caled Head Quarters and was told that whoever is running the meeting has the authority to dictate what the dress code is, and can require that everyone wear skirts. They said they would "elevate my complaint" and have someone call me back. I somehow really doubt that they are going to call me back.
The dress code hasn't been updated in 50-60 years and that is boloney! I have an 18 month old boy. I agree with the person who said that they wouldn't be going to the super market with their child while wearing a skirt. I don't have the money to go get new clothes for these meetings, nor the extra time to do more laundry because I am going to be wearing 2 different outfits day.
I'm starting to wonder if I joined a cult. Right now I'm set in my ways, and 3 different consultants from my unit have told me that I need to be "attractive" and not "attacking" (I didn't attack anyone, I defended my opinion and refused to wear a skirt and pantyhose)
I do my parties/classes in slacks and a blouse, because that is what I am comfortable in. I'm not going to sit through any meeting, for whatever reason it is for in a skirt when I'm uncomfortable in it. I'm a big girl, I don't look good in skirts. I'm not going to set an example of conforming to a dress code when I think its wrong. (The consultant that signed me asked me what sort of example I was setting for my children by refusing to wear a skirt. That I needed to think about that. . . )
Mary Kay products are for EVERY woman. Not just the ones that look rich. I don't sell to rich women, I'm not a rich women myself, and I HAVE been told that they appreciate that I look just like everyone else. I don't go up in sweat pants and spaghetti stained shirts and hand people my business card, I wear slacks and a blouse. I LOOK professional enough to sell cosmetics.
Thanks for letting me vent."

Former Hostess Program

When I was discussing hostess plans, I mentioned one I used from the past. Had a few questions about it so I thought that would make intersdting post. I like this because it is simple and a hostess doesn't need to have a huge show to get some benefit and she doesn't need to spend money just to get something. (Personally I just don't care for the $75 for $35 because when I host a party, I would prefer not to have to spend $35 to get what I want.)

Here's how the points add up:

50 points for holding the show on the originally scheduled date.
50 points for every gurest who books her own show.
10 points for each guest who attends your show
1 point for each dollar of the sales from your show and outside orders.

from there I added ones that I thought made it appealing

50 points for holding the show at my studio (was one I used regularly because I just loved having everything all set up and not having to worry about cleaning up if I didn't feel like it at the end)

50 points for holding your show on "special" dates

etc... you get the idea.... then add up the points and...

150 - 199 the hostess earns $10 in product
200 - 249 $15
250 - 299 $20
300 - 349 $25
350 - 399 $30
400 - 449 $35
450 - 499 $40
500 - 549 $45
550 - 599 $50

at the end of the show add up the points and viola... and often if a hostess was close to the next level, she would ask if she could get a few outside orders to increase her hostess credit.

Simple and easy to understand - the hostesses seem to enjoy adding up their points with me too.

There are loads of others but the ones that work best are the ones that excite you.
Please feel free to share any other hostess plans if you have one that you like or use that might not be the standard one in the hostess flyer.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!

I must introduce the newest member of our household.

I would just like to take a minute and wish all our readers a Very Happy and Blessed Easter. Please take time to enjoy the gifts we have been given.

The first is a special one for our reader redsoxfan, hope you like it.

The other one is for everyone else!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

From Mary Kay...

Published 04.09.09

Mary Kay Launches First Blog Site

More than ever, people are turning to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace to interact with each other, seek opinions and simply learn about the world around them. And, we’re excited to tell you that our own Rhonda Shasteen, Chief Marketing Officer for Mary Kay Inc., has ventured into the world of social media with the launch of the first Mary Kay blog, called “Reflections,” located at Through her blog, accessible on and Mary Kay InTouch®, Rhonda will share with you and consumers her perspectives on such general, “high-level topics” as the state of the industry, what women want and other thoughts on the many factors that affect women.

Why not save the site as a favorite and check in frequently to find out what’s on Rhonda’s mind. You might even hear from others at the Mary Kay headquarters as well! These are incredibly exciting times for our business!

Nightline Video!!! Wow!!

This actually is very cool!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More in the News - ABC This Time


The Lipstick Indicator: Mary Kay Performs Despite Recession
Moderately Priced Skin Care, Cosmetics Find Their Niche; Company Generates Billions in Sales
DALLAS, April 8, 2009—
As thousands of women descended upon the Dallas Convention Center, the atmosphere was part mega church gathering, cheerleader reunion and beauty pageant -- all rolled into one. They cheered and hugged one another, talking excitedly. But these women were on a serious mission. Their goal? To sell, sell, sell.

At the Mary Kay Cosmetics Career Conference last month, thousands of veteran cosmetic sellers and hopefuls were banking on the so-called "lipstick indicator," the idea that times may be tough, but women still buy skin care products and makeup. Just ask the nearly 2 million (and counting) independent sales consultants for Mary Kay, some of whom have already made fortunes.

Although selling Mary Kay products can be lucrative, most of the sales consultants earn about $100 a week.

Watch the story Thursday, April 9th on "Nightline" at 11:35 p.m. ET

Jan Thetford, leader of the biggest-selling Mary Kay team in Texas, is currently earning a six-figure salary and drives an $85,000 car.

"Have you heard anybody say I'm going to cut back on my mascara? Have you heard anybody say I'm going to use my moisturizer every other day?" she asked the crowd.

"No!" they shouted.

Standing at the podium in a coral suit, a sign that she's reached one of the highest sales director levels, she told the enthusiastic crowd that the recession doesn't mean Mary Kay saleswomen have to suffer.

'My Sales Have Been Great'
In fact, a growing number of Mary Kay saleswomen are finding that marketing lipstick, moisturizer and mascara can be the key to making ends meet in a tough economy.

"For me personally, last year I made three times what I made working on a full-time job," said Courtney Armstrong, 34, who started with Mary Kay eight years ago and works 35 to 40 hours a week, in addition to raising three children under 6 years old.

Armstrong was one of the thousands of peppy, primped attendees.

"It's a great time to become a consultant, because women may not be buying, spending a lot of money on their favorite outfits, or they may not be taking their families on vacations because of the economic times," said Armstrong. "But women will always buy their skin care and their lipstick, and we will find a way to feel good. And my sales have been great."

The Mary Kay business model, and the army of independent sales representatives who make it work, was on impressive display at the Dallas conference. This year conversation was noticeably cued to making money in a down economy.

Founded by the late Mary Kay Ash in 1963, the company has thrived with a unique sales model that lets each saleswoman work as much or as little as she can out of the home or in informal get-togethers with prospective customers. Last year Mary Kay chalked up wholesale sales of $2.6 billion -- enough to afford commercials during the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards.

For some saleswomen, the question is how to get started in a new, full-time, lucrative career. Others are looking to work from home and bring in a little extra money each week to make up for lost family income.

Selling Mary Kay Products
The company highlights the experience of people like Armstrong, who started small and now runs a team of 130 saleswomen who did more than $450,000 in business in six months last year -- numbers that explain why she drives one of those coveted pink Cadillacs, a "trophy on wheels" and a symbol of Mary Kay sale success.

"I had a really busy schedule with school and work, and I just decided that first my initial goal was to make $50 to $100 a week," Armstrong said. As a team leader, Armstrong makes constant phone calls to check on sales and to check on her sales consultants. To move up at Mary Kay, employees have to recruit additional saleswomen, and make sure they sell.

"You got your starter kit in the mail, so go ahead and give out samples to your friends," Armstrong told one new member of her team over the telephone.

"I just want to make sure you got that moisturizer in the mail, everything's working good for you?" she asked another. "You really want to focus on those faces, there's a script in there of exactly what to say."

Rhonda Shasteen, senior vice president for marketing at Mary Kay, presents working for Mary Kay as the perfect solution to the economic pinch.

"Our business opportunity is really a solution for women and some of the challenges they face today in this economy," Shasteen said. "It can be a way for a woman to supplement her income if her husband has been laid off or downsized, or if she just needs some additional income.

"You know, we have women who, like Courtney, started the business to earn $50 a week, and we probably have a lot of women in the business who are earning $50 a week. Then there are two of the national sales directors who, in recent years, have earned more than $1 million in commissions in a single year. So the range is broad and there's everything you can imagine in between."

Armstrong said she likes feeling good about her job.

"I love helping women feel good about themselves," she said. "Every woman wants to feel beautiful and look good and feel confident."

And that's not all she loves.

"I love my Cadillac," Armstrong said. "My children love my Cadillac."

Copyright © 2009 ABC News Internet Ventures

Customer Service

In this day and age it is so important to retain your clients. The best way to keep your clients is to provide great customer service. From my first meeting after the first purchase, I always mail a "thank you" postcard. I can't tell you the comments I have received from pleasantly surprised people. They always say that usually you get a thank you once at the time of purchase and that receiving the postcard was a very pleasant surprise. It also begins to build a bond.

Another important point is to know your products and what they do. Be willing to share your knowledge. Suggest products that will benefit your clients. Do not over sell. I believe we gain alot of respect when we tell our clients that it is a product that perhaps they don't really need. If there is a product you are not crazy about be honest. Your will gain trust and respect from your clients.

Know your clients. I love it when I get a call and my client says to me, "I love all the new lip glosses, you don't you pick the one you think would be best for me.

Always deliver promptly. I deliver within 24 - 48 hours. If I can't personally deliver, I will mail it along with a self stamped addressed envelope. I don't want anyone to wait.

Get to know your clients - their husband's name, kids' names, pets' names and have a pleasant conversation. You will find that your clients become your friends.

These are just a few suggestions, please feel free to add. Remember - if you take the time to make the initial sales, make it an investment and build a life long customer. You won't regret it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More on the Lawsuit

I am no lawyer and don't know exactly how all court cases work. I normally would not encourage anyone to read pt but I do think I will make an exception. I would love to hear more on everyone's take on this.

When deciding a jury, don't both lawyers have to agree on the jurors? It is amazing that because the verdict went against top that the jurors were all morons and the judge was paid off. Even if the judge was paid off, isn't it the jury that decides the outcome and then the judge sets the "punishment"?

My goodness tempers are flaring all over the place over on that site.

One of my hopes in this situation is that if directors, consultants, or nsd's know except for the 90% buyback from the Company that there will be no way to recoup your $$ except thru honest selling of the product that perhaps the directors that do frontload will stop for fear that they will just end up with a great big chargeback if the consultant can't sell the product and allow the ibc to build their inventory as they build their client base.

Monday, April 6, 2009

More in the Courts

As I apologized in advance, I have had a very full weekend and starting to try to get back into the swing of things... so thanks to MK honesty a little more in the news...

April 4, 2009 8:28 AM
mkhonesty said...
As related news, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has reopened the trademark infringement lawsuit against Google for selling trademarks as keywords that trigger ads.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Jury Rules Against Touch of Pink in Case

Jury Rules Against Touch of Pink in Case Brought by Mary Kay - what will it mean to us (consultants). I am happy to hear this verdict. Perhaps this verdict will help shut down other liquidators and make a dent in ebay and craiglist.

It will be great not to have to worry about our clients trying to save a buck finding this discounted (perhaps old or outdated product) and then coming back to us with complaints. I had one of my clients a few months ago purchase some sunless tanning because all I have is the new subtle tanning and the poor dear ended up with 4 that she paid for and then had to pay s/h on top of it. She told me the explanation date was 1996. She said it was watery and was turning brown and didn't tan her at all. She said she would never try to save a buck again as she knew I always gave her new product in perfect shape.

I see no need for the liquidatiors. If one decides MK is not right for them, they can use the Company buyback. As for consultants wanting get rid of products, now the playing field will be leveled. Any of us that acheives Court of Sales honestly, by selling our products to our clients will not have to stand beside someone who is receiving the same award for buying the award and selling the product to TOP.

I personally am so pleased that Mary Kay pursued this. I do feel if it had been allowed to continue it would have eventually impacted (negatively) all of us the do have a good customer base that we sell our products to.

PT implies that many top directors use TOP to dump product so they can buy more so that they can acheive these high production numbers- well if there is any truth to this, I guess they better get selling their products to real clients now, or get recognized for what they actually do, like the rest of us. PTers are upset because if MK is able to get the list of the consultants that are using the liquidatiors that they will now terminate their agreements. Well, so be it.. It is clearly stated - so if they actively, often, and knowingly violate their agreements, they deserve to be terminated. What is so unfair about that? Many, many of us operate withing the guidleines of our agreements, so why shouldn't the ones that choose to not be punished for wrong doing?

I don't see how some can say that Mary Kay is hurting ibc by doing this and actually without the liquidators - MK because of the 90% buyback may end up getting hit the hardest. I do believe the Company took this approach to help the ibc and directors. I think the entity that will most feel the financial impact is MK Corp and I believe they are willing to do that to help assure the best interesting of the ibc's.

I doubt it will do anything but help recruiting either. If new potentials realize the liquidators are going to be gone, that means less competition and a better opportunity to be able to sell products to the real deal client. (It all seems good to me).

I for one, am happy they did and I am very pleased with the verdict.

It will be nice to work from an even playing field. I am sure there will probably an appeal but I hope nothing changes. Woo Hoo-

Warm Chatter Made Easy


I have often shared that I don't leave me house to go "warm chat" never have, never will but when I do leave the house and someone I meet gives me the opening and seems receptive, I can do it and have actually met some wonderful people who were definitely interested. I try to do things that encourage people to ask me, such as my Mary Kay pin, MK briefcase, MK checks, etc...
But I think this is a great idea. It is eye catching and I really think it will have people approaching consultants... Can't hurt to try this wonderful idea. I am not sure but I think credit for the idea goes to Jordan Helou. Give it a try! It is just one of our display trays... I think this quarter one square would be perfect to put the coastal cool eye palette in it!
Several of my unit members have already begun carrying theirs and one of the ibc's got three bookings in one day.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

More Good News! MK Ranked 3rd in..

In a national study done- more customers are loyal to MK products than to any other cosmetic.

and... nationwide, Mary Kay come in 3rd in brand loyalty only to #1 Google and #2 Avis, Mary Kay was #3 in customer loyalty in the Radkey 2008 Report.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bookings - How do You Get Them to Hold?

This was a questions posed by one of our readers and I thought it would be a great one for discussion. I do take a "serious" approach when I am booking, I guess I have been doing this so long, I must have a certain confidence level and I basically schedule the appointment. I give a little "appointment" card when I make the date. I stay in touch and confirm the appointment and make sure it is still convenient with the hostess, maybe not the best approach but I would rather have her reschedule than stand me up. I do call and double check a few days before the appointment to see how many are attending and tell the hostess - it is to make sure I have enough trays and supplies. (Sometime I preprofile, other times I give the hostess the profile cards and have her get them filled out for me). If she says that she just can't get anyone to attend, I let her know that she is still important and I would still be happy to have just the facial/moveover with her and then at a later date perhaps the show would work for her, very often by the time I arrive after telling her I will still come just for her, there is more attending.

Depending on the hostess program I am using (I use several different ones, depending on my mood, what the hostess is looking to get out of the show, or what helps the hostesses earn the most) but I have one that is from the olden MK days when the hostesses earned points and the points converted to $'s in product. The hostess earns 50 points simply for holding her appointment on the original date - seriously i think this is one of the best approaches I used because the hostesses really like earning those points.

Where I was living before, my home was more accessible than where I am now and I also offered 50 points if the hostess wanted to hold her show at my home. Many hostesses loved this because they didn't have to clean, inconvenience their family, and got away from their craziness- it worked for me because I didn't have to pack everything and when I was done if I was tired, I could just leave everything and clean it up the next day.

Okay, let's keep this conversations going

The Great Rebate Promotion is Extended!!

$100 Rebate for New Consultants Extended

Great news: The Great Start rebate program for new Independent Beauty Consultants has been extended another month! The debut of fabulous new products like the new regular-line Mary Kay® Eau de Toilette Body Lotions and limited-edition Coastal Colors Collection, Mineral Powder Foundation Set, Eau de Toilette Gift Set and Vacation Getaway Set have created enormous opportunities for you to connect with new and existing customers! In these challenging economic times, more women than ever welcome the chance to earn extra income selling products that have earned their loyalty and trust. So it’s never been a better time to build your team – and now your customers have another incentive to consider a Mary Kay business with the Great Start $100 rebate program.

How it works:

A new Independent Beauty Consultant will receive a $100 rebate check if she submits her Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement from April 1 – 30, 2009, and in the month of April or May submits one or more Section 1 order(s) which, alone or combined, equal a wholesale amount of $600 or more (excluding sales tax and shipping). No further action is required to receive the rebate check. Rebate checks will be mailed no later than thirty (30) days from May 31, 2009.

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