Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Positive/Negative or The Truth?

I was reading the negative site yesterday and had to smirk at what was happening, I guess a fairly strong mker was voicing her opinion and TC has been extremely busy and I guess this "mkisfinewithme" poster was really expressing her opinion and her mk experience and things were starting to get a little heated ... of course, the time came and an email was posted telling her that she was not allowed to post until she - the quote from TC follows: "When you're ready to participate in a positive fashion, please let me know and I'll restore your ability to post comments."

Now, I do find humor in small instances and this is one of those small pleasures. Isn't the biggest complaint from many posters on the negative sites, is that in MK everything must always be posetive?? The common response is the truth isn't negative, it is just the truth. So why is mkisfinewithme being negative when she is just explaining her truth? I guess unless she decides to bash MK, she will be negative???

We can not walk around with our heads up in the clouds like nothing is going on but we will be much happier in life if you don't dwell and focus on the negative, but living by that belief doesn't mean you will never have something bad happen, it is just how you handle it. When something not wonderful happens to you, take the lesson and let go of the pain. It does pay to be an optomistic and to see the glass as half full and not half empty. And to borrow a Mary Kay-ism... it does seem, "what you think about, you bring about".. so smile and make it your goal today to smile and say "hi" and just see if someone doesn't smile back!


  1. I searched out that particular post where that woman was commenting and eventually was banned. It's funny she brought up the many things that I have always wondered about PT. It's ok for them to bash the "fogged" but god forbid someone tells them the their "truth" and all hell breaks loose and they are NOT allowed to speak...they are blocked from commenting.
    It is rediculous the hypocrisy on that site! It's all cry me a river I was "duped" bla bla bla. Well I agree with the woman who was blocked. Why would we cry them rivers when they were fully aware of their deceit. I am sorry I am not stupid enough to allow someone to "convince" me that I need to buy thousands in inventory. I was am smart enough to do things the way it works for me and smart enough NOT to get into debt. Had I done all that and gotten into debt...that would be nobody elses fault but MY OWN. OK...I am spouting what you already know. Just thought I would add in my two cents.

    I am sure you just hit the wrong key but you may want to change Posetive to Positive. :) That way you don't have any PTers comming here and saying..."see they can't spell"! :)

  2. R of K - Good catch but because I was quoting the post from pt - I won't change what was written because then I would be altering the original post! ;) - it wasn't me that spelled it incorrectly, but I am sure there will be noone pointing out that misspelling because it wouldn't get them any brownie points and I am sure in time it will be fixed.

  3. You can always do the snarky editor thing: follow up the misspelled word with a (sic).

    Perhaps that person will find *this* blog. She can always talk here. *Waves* Hello? Hello out there?

  4. What I find amusing about this is if someone posts here if they dont like MK more power to them. As long as they dont bash someone personally we dont care what they say. We may defend ourselves or wind up having a "makeup critic" like Miranda!!! I really do enjoy intelligent debate (yes Im a political junkie and a movie critic junkie) that is why I like blogs! Im so glad that we have intelligent discourse here (no not along the likes of William F Buckley or George Will) I guess I mean free speech. In the beginning I NEVER would have thought that Miranda would try the make up and like it she was not disrespectful at all but there are people who I thought would never give our blog or BBF, or PTLies the time of day. Funny how things happen. ((Waving to Miranda))

  5. Well you know what they say, if you can't change your mind are you sure you still have one? lol. I had originally thought the products were basically just like they were in 1996 (PT talks like they either stayed the same or got worse) but you know, if someone gives me empirical evidence that the makeup has been improved...such as samples I can test on my own face and compare to other products I use by companies that I trust...then I go by the evidence. And I can certainly see how a person who's good at sales and is money-savvy could make a profit selling these improved products.

  6. I am THRILLED to have found this site! Finally someone is speaking out about how utterly ridiculous these people on PT ARE!!! What gets me is that all of us are supposedly in a pink I said to one of my consultants that had found that site, can you imagine waking up each day plotting how you can say something else negative about a company? And to make it your life's mission as Tracy apparently has? How very sad!
    I can honestly, truthfully, without a doubt say that I DO make more than I ever made as a full time registered nurse, and have been able to participate in everything my kids did throughout all of their school years. Without my director income we would not have been able to make our expenses when my husband was out of work for 8 months, his unemployment barely paid our Cobra. And for them to say that ALL directors take their own paychecks into account FIRST over what is best for their consultants, just really offends me beyond everything else. I always, and I do mean ALWAYS, put my consultants best interests first.
    For those that are "drowning in inventory and drowning in debt" -- do you not have one lick of common sense in your head? Why would you do that to yourself? Why wouldn't you go out and hold appointments and sell the product? Why would you buy more product than you felt you could sell? Or were you waiting for all the business to just "show up"?

  7. MKIS the best welcome to our group!
    Because you are a director please know that we welcome your anonymity
    and if and only IF you want to, let us know the range of what you amade as an RN. There are lurkers here and on the net that dont believe you can replace your full time income with MK as a consultant or a director. Chime in if you wish and help to dispel some of the myths. We respect the privacy of anyone on this group so we are not asking for a schedule C or anything like that. We would just like tips from you thats all and how long would you say it took for you to replace your income?

  8. Hello MKIs. Nice to have a sister director visiting our site. We thnk alike on this subject-imagine spending that much energy and time badmouthing something that didn't go well for them because they were buying recognition, frontloading consultants, the more I read the more I just shake my head, it actually makes me sad that people would have such low self esteem that they would spend that time of money to get recognition that once received must make their self esteem drop even more because then they feel like a fraud - it seems like is a downhill Catch 22.

    Ironically, I just love reading them saying how many "successful" former directors they have and yet all those "successful" directors were aloso thousands and thousands in debt. (What is the term for the?? Isn't it oxy moron?)...
    It is amazing - they only grew a conscious when they ran out of credit cards!! owvay..

    If they had spent as much time on intouch, or reading their consultant manual and studying, perhaps they wouldn't have ended up were they are. And the time spent on that site has no chance at all of earning them any income, at least with MK, they had a chance.


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