Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mother's Day (or another) Gift Idea

How cute is this presentation of the Satin Hands Pampering Set?

From NSD Tammy Crayk…
How to put this great gift together:
Go to Hobby Lobby or Walmart or Dollar Tree and get your pots...they're about $1
You'll also need:
~ Gerber daisies...they're half off at Hobby Lobby right now so I paid $3.50 for a bunch of 12 (it was cheaper that way than doing individual stems). Each individual stem will cost me about 30 cents this way and I have enough to do 12 gift sets.
~ Green paper shred for grass
~ Floral Sticks OR bamboo skewers.
I couldn't find the floral sticks so I used the skewers
~ Ribbon--also half off at Hobby Lobby this week
Print the attached card off and attach it to your "stick", cut the flowers and arrange them around your Satin Set and you have a beautiful gift set. All the wrapping "stuff" costs you $3-4. It's a perfect gift set!!!


  1. this looks pretty and very simple to make!

  2. At first I didn't see the products. I thought it was just a pot of flowers. lol. But I admit, I'm hung over. (fight with boy yesterday, followed by heavy drinking at girlfriend's house. yay.)

  3. The packaging is so creative and I just love it!! What does the card say??


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