Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Product suggestion: brushes

Current brushes offered by MK:

This is a much bigger, better selection than they had "back in the day" when I was in. That said, there are two types of brushes much in demand today that I don't see in this collection. I would recommend that they add:

1. The kabuki brush. Since MK now sells mineral makeup, the kabuki brush is a logical choice to go with it. Most mineral makeup users use this type of brush to apply their mineral foundation. Or, for more coverage, you can use a flocked sponge. It *has* to be flocked; the kind of sponge you use for cream to powder or liquid foundation won't work for that. That's not a brush, of course, but I'd still recommend that MK start carrying that too.

2. The angled eyeshadow brush. If you look at the blush brush on the MK brush page, you have an idea...just miniaturize that, and you have an angled eyeshadow brush. It seems to cover the curves of the eyelid better, so it's a staple in many women's brush collections.

Those of you who are directors or consultants, would you consider making this recommendation to MKC?


  1. Completely agree! Especially the eyeshadow brush. The angled one is a MUST!

  2. I totally agree about the eye shadow brush. I actually have a mini brush set from a year or two ago that was part of a GWP on quarter and it came with an angled eye brush. It was called the "Fix It" set or something like that. It came in a really cute orange and pink sparkly bag w/ tweezers--which one of my customers described as the best tweezers she ever owned--and a sharpener. This came out just before the introduction of the current brush set. I fully expected to see one of those angled eye brushes and was very surprised it was not included. I use those mini brushes often--especially on the go!
    As for the kabuki brush, I think that is a good suggestion; however, I have had several customers who were using Bare Minerals that requested the MK mineral powder brush! They like the MK brush better saying it was softer and more comortable to use! I do think it's a great suggestion, though. I think there is definitely a market for it.
    Thanks for your insight, Miranda!


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