Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bookings - How do You Get Them to Hold?

This was a questions posed by one of our readers and I thought it would be a great one for discussion. I do take a "serious" approach when I am booking, I guess I have been doing this so long, I must have a certain confidence level and I basically schedule the appointment. I give a little "appointment" card when I make the date. I stay in touch and confirm the appointment and make sure it is still convenient with the hostess, maybe not the best approach but I would rather have her reschedule than stand me up. I do call and double check a few days before the appointment to see how many are attending and tell the hostess - it is to make sure I have enough trays and supplies. (Sometime I preprofile, other times I give the hostess the profile cards and have her get them filled out for me). If she says that she just can't get anyone to attend, I let her know that she is still important and I would still be happy to have just the facial/moveover with her and then at a later date perhaps the show would work for her, very often by the time I arrive after telling her I will still come just for her, there is more attending.

Depending on the hostess program I am using (I use several different ones, depending on my mood, what the hostess is looking to get out of the show, or what helps the hostesses earn the most) but I have one that is from the olden MK days when the hostesses earned points and the points converted to $'s in product. The hostess earns 50 points simply for holding her appointment on the original date - seriously i think this is one of the best approaches I used because the hostesses really like earning those points.

Where I was living before, my home was more accessible than where I am now and I also offered 50 points if the hostess wanted to hold her show at my home. Many hostesses loved this because they didn't have to clean, inconvenience their family, and got away from their craziness- it worked for me because I didn't have to pack everything and when I was done if I was tired, I could just leave everything and clean it up the next day.

Okay, let's keep this conversations going


  1. off topic but...

    My best girlfriend had a heart attack Monday. I took off work yesterday and stayed with her in the hospital. I'm going back tonight after work. Please everybody, prayers/thoughts/light candles/whatever it is you do!

  2. You got it Miranda, all sorts of good thoughts, good vibes, and prayers are with you and your friend. Please keep us posted.

  3. Miranda,

    Please know that the prayers are going up with you and your friend. How old is she? Did she know this was coming? I hope Im not being too nosey I really do care.

  4. In regards to getting bookings to hold, the thing I've had to work on the most is actually using a commitment statement at the end of the conversation. Something along the lines of (and in a nice voice!), "You know, some women choose to do Mary Kay as a hobby. For me, it is a business, so you can count on me to be there and to do a great job. Can I count on you to be there too?"

    I think that using a commitment statement helps put the appointment into a more serious/professional perspective for the customer. Doctors offices charge when you miss an appointment. We don't. So, we just have to make sure that we let people know that are appointments are a business appointment and we will be there no matter what to do a great job.


  5. Update: Girlfriend is 40 years old and had a spontaneous dissection of an artery (translation: the lining peeled off) for no apparent reason. Six stents were placed. Today they should transfer her out of critical care into a "regular" room and then Friday, hopefully she will go home with an RX for a blood thinner. Heart damage was luckily minimal, but still, holy crap!

    She lives a very healthy lifestyle; doesn't do all sorts of crazy crap all the time like I do. She's the last person I would have expected to suffer a heart attack.

    Thank you for your prayers!

  6. Miranda Im so glad to hear that your friend is doing better,I was nervous for a minute, thanks for the update!

    As far as getting bookings to hold
    when I was doing it consistently and stopped for some stupid reason
    I would get the women to play a game and give away a free lipstick for those who could give me the most names and numbers of women who they thought would want a facial. The one who got the most names got the free lipstick and I would give her a free perfume if her class held. I think things are different now we have to find out what they really want and offer that if the class holds. Just my two cents Im no pro at this.

  7. Would you mind explaining the point system some more? That's intriguing and I've never heard of it.



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