Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Should an NSD still work or just do nothing!

As we all know some of the Mary Kay Directors are working for the coveted position of NSD (National Sales Director). Why would they work so hard for such a coveted position you say? Well there is the guarantee of a new car every two years, the retirement program, and the potential for a higher income without not having to work as hard as they did to getto the position. Wow that sounds good BUT there are some who say (consultants and directors) that an NSD should continue to recruit and hold skin care classes and there are some who are of the belief that they should keep holding classes and recruiting until they are able to retire. What do you think? I have an opinion on this but I will post it when I get two or three responses to this posting.


  1. I'm pretty sure my NSD is still doing classes...probably not 10 a month or anything, but she still does them, and she is also still bringing in personal recruits.

    The quality of a team reflects the quality of leadership, so it makes perfect sense that a NSD would continue setting an example of working the business. After all, their retirement depends on their top years as a NSD.

    I do not, however, think that it should be a requirement for them to hold classes. There are a lot of responsibilities and travel that come along with the job of a NSD.

    Just my thoughts....

  2. I couldnt wait for 3 comments...LOL
    If someone has done it in two years or 20 years I sincerely feel that once someone has a STRONG group of 1st line and 2nd line directors (and hopefully a few thirds) that an NSD can stop doing skin care classes. OK for those who dont agree I think that NSD has earned the right to stop working in that respect, BUT she does need to mentor her area and continue to develop new directors.
    Does that mean she needs to do more skin care classes (not necessarily) I think she needs to
    help her area (meetings, recruiting and training her area ethically) to help it to grow. Doing conference calls and doing some travel can help in these areas. Now Gloria Mayfield Banks has 7 or 8 Nationals and she still recruits I dont know if she does classes I dont know where she would find the time but she does it Im sure people just come to her.
    I would even venture to say that an Elite Exec Sr Sales Director can concentrate more on developing new directors that is their job. So there is my personal answer keep recruiting to keep up that check and that area and stick some classes in when you can but mentoring the area and making visits I think it their job not holding skin care classes. I should not have made the header the way I did I think that saying doing nothing was wrong I meant not having to hold skin care classes. Alison I just read your posting after I typed this and it looks like we agree. I think some NSDs think that the area will grow on its own but they need to keep working for awhile.

  3. I don't think it should be a requirement but I think they should hold classes.

  4. Great topic, Colleen! My NSD is big on leading by example. She holds appointments, sells, and recruits just like any consultant. She has begun to do this more since her daughter is a director now. Although I think it is awesome that she does this, I don't think it should be a requirement. I do think the NSD's who do still work like consultants tend to be more relatable.
    Gloria Mayfield Banks has TONS on her plate! Have you seen her blog? I haven't linked to it yet on my site, but I am following her on blogger. Yup. It's a blogger (blogspot) site!

  5. It does sound like we are all thinking alike. I do not think there should be a requirement for doing so many a month but I do feel they will be stronger Nationals and better leaders if they don't totally remove themselves from "field work". How can you stay "in the know" if you are doing it.

    The best way to recruit is from a skin care class and a national is going to want to build stronger - I believe it is for retirement the best 3 out of the last 5 years that they are a national is what the retirement amount is based on.. so it would be very important to make sure you had at least 3 strong years prior to retiring.

    Congratulations on your first article Colleen & it is a great topic. -Thank you

    If a national hasn't been doing any thing -it would be like treading water, eventually you are either going to sink or swim.

    My national still does classes and is still a strong recruiter. If she throws out a challenge for a 10 show week, she will go do one to show everyone it can be done. - I really respect her for this because it is a good feeling that she doesn't just say do it - she leads by example and makes it believable.

    Personally when I become a NSD, I know I really love the consultant part of our business and I would not want to give up that part of my biz.

  6. Shades...I think we may be in the same area. My NSD's daughter just became a director also.

  7. Still work, I say. Like Alison says in her comment, you set an example, and furthermore, it will keep the NSD in touch with current market/customer behavior and preferences, because things certainly change over the years. If the NSD is in a teaching position to everyone else, she needs to know first hand which way the wind is blowing to provide useful teachings.

  8. Very possible, Kimberly...I'm in the Helou area. ;) Listening to her right now on a live marketing call! I have a customer on the call. :D

  9. I guess we are not in the same area...just happenstance that we both have NSD's that their daughters became Directors recently! I am in the Breen area in Texas!

  10. Haha guess not. ;) I think I've heard of Joy Breen. Not sure why it rings a bell, but that's cool. :)


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