Thursday, April 9, 2009

From Mary Kay...

Published 04.09.09

Mary Kay Launches First Blog Site

More than ever, people are turning to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace to interact with each other, seek opinions and simply learn about the world around them. And, we’re excited to tell you that our own Rhonda Shasteen, Chief Marketing Officer for Mary Kay Inc., has ventured into the world of social media with the launch of the first Mary Kay blog, called “Reflections,” located at Through her blog, accessible on and Mary Kay InTouch®, Rhonda will share with you and consumers her perspectives on such general, “high-level topics” as the state of the industry, what women want and other thoughts on the many factors that affect women.

Why not save the site as a favorite and check in frequently to find out what’s on Rhonda’s mind. You might even hear from others at the Mary Kay headquarters as well! These are incredibly exciting times for our business!


  1. I am so excited about this. Plus, did you see Nightline last night??????????????????

  2. Oh, that's nice. Blogging is really where it's at these days.

  3. AWESOME!!! A blog site that IS endorsed my Mary Kay INC.

    Now thats whats up!!!

  4. MK is smart you know who is going to be all over this one! Since MK has a blog they are going to refute claims and have a spot for people to talk. I wonder if they will allow negative talk (shut my mouth) I hope they can keep trolls out.

  5. Depends what you call negative. Abusive language should not be tolerated, but if people have legitimate questions about unpretty subjects, it would show more integrity to leave those up and address them rather than to use strict censorship.

  6. I went over to that MK blog and everybody is so excited on it. I think this is a wonderful thing to have nobody can say MK is behind the times! Rhonda Shasteen is one of the best things to happen to the company IMO

  7. Hey no sooner do I say that I did my hair like Shades, than she puts up an icon with a different photo and different so never mind I said that! It's a shorter in back bob, chin length in front, with bangs, put it that way.

  8. Rhonda Shasteen listens look at this


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