Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Follow Up

I have often hear the term the fortune is in the follow up. We have discussed the importance of great customer service but I found this little study and boy is it an eye opener. It really goes to show that most of us give up way too easy. The key is to find a way to make your phone calls polite and professional and I often ask permission to call back in two weeks (etc...) as long as they have said sure, then I am not hounding them - I am comfortable making the call because I have told them I would and I am a woman of my word.. this works for me because when I go to whimp out on making the call (fear of getting a "no") - I remember that I told the person I would call and feel I need to keep my word. Check out these statistics and it is no surprise that many of us give up too fast. I found this very interesting.

80% of all sales are made after the 5th call.
48% of all sales people GIVE UP after the 1st call!
25% give up after the 2nd call.
12% make 3 calls and then stop.
5% quit after the 4th call.
10% keep on calling after the 4th call.
And to this PERSISTENT 10% GOES 80% OF ALL SALES!!!!


  1. WOW!!! That is a really interesting fact! I had no idea about those statistics! Persistence is now my object of the game! :)

  2. Persistence is definitely key. You know, I was just getting frustrated because I've been leaving a lot of voice messages lately, but after reading this, I'm not discouraged anymore. I am going to make some more calls now. ;) Thanks!

  3. And how worth it that was! Got a booking. :D

  4. Persistence with permission. People are sometimes loath to say "I am not interested/I changed my mind" but instead will be passive aggressive when you call. Or they were with me. I tried to let ppl know that if they were not interested, then I would happily leave them be; I just can't tell what people don't communicate to me. If you SAY "I'm just busy" when what you mean is "I don't want any" then it throws me off.

    I think texting is very good and useful these days. A brief message such as "new lipstick shades! wanna try?" would be much easier for me to do than phone them up...but that's just my personality at work.

  5. I have found that honest does work best. If I think someone isn't interested, I say, if you aren't interested, the kindest thing to do is just let me know. I don't want to waste your time or become a pest and I don't wnat to frustrate myself or waste my time either. If they are not interested - they aren't offended and if they are interested - they appreciate your honesty and follow up. - Wondering stresses me out - so I have just learned how to ask .


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