Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Packaging Changes Coming

This is a repeat but for the newer readers, this has been on intouch for quite a long time. Another important point is the product is not changing just the packaging, I do love the new look. Contrary to comments from some, I have never had a client tell me they don't want the product because it not in the newest packaging. (Especially if it is just the box) - they just laugh at me if they are okay with the bright pink box and they laugh and say, we just throw the box away anyway!

My logic, don't make a big deal about something that isn't a big deal - just to create drama. I love our products looking sleeker and sleeker. Change can be good!

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  1. Planning on doing the microdermabrasion tonight then posting my results tonight or tomorrow. Most of the zits are healed at this point, so I think it's safe to try now. Boy do I need exfoliation right at the moment.

    Put MK liquid eyeliner on friend again last night, went to the club again, it wore well again. I tried to get her on the dance floor and see how well it stood up to that as well, but no such luck. She felt too shy.

  2. MK4ME thanks I didnt mean to alarm anyone it just that I DID read somewhere that the formula (which I didnt think was changing) I thought it was just the packaging but I wanted to make sure.

  3. Colleen, that's what we are here for! No alarms, if any formulas are changing, I missed it but I think it is just the packaging.

    This also makes me think of another complaint I have heard that if MK changes stuff and people don't like that because they don't want obsolete stuff, it is only logical that one shouldn't overstock product so when we here of an upcoming change we have time to move what we have and prepare for the new. - Common sense says don't buy inventory you don't need.

  4. Hey. I just finished up my second cherry blossom blush sample card. I got 6 uses out of it.


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