Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Instant Gratification or Investment in Your Future?

I do every show with the same dedication no matter if I believe the guests have huge checkbooks or small checkbooks. Every client is equally as important. I love it when my teaching to my unit members shows what I call "an investment in your future". If you expect huge sales at every show and then get disappointed if the show doesn't live up to your expectations it is very easy to get discouraged. -
I had a unit member that was all excited about a show she was having on a Friday evening with 5 guests. She called me the next day disappointed because only 2 ended up attending with sales of only $60. (Ones that could not show did apologize and planned on ordering and two actually offered to hold a show because they had really wanted to attend but couldn't because of other things that had come up. I tried to cheer her up and assured her that just because the show had ended didn't mean the end of what could continue to happen. Well today she called me and thank me for my explanation and education and for not allowing her just to complain but listened and understood- because (as she put it - you were right) - the total of the outside orders from the guests that couldn't make it were $237.50, so with the sales of that night and the outside orders - her sales were just shy of $300 and she has two bookings. Now, all in all - not too shabby for less than a two hour show.

The key is always remember to do your best, share your knowledge of the products and never short change a client because you don't think she is going to be a big spender. Remember, we should always treat everyone has if they had a sign saying "make me feel special". It doesn't say only treat the people that you believe will spend loads of money special.

I believe that we often need to learn and develop patience but we all desire instant gratification.

I beleive we need to not look at a snapshot of a show but the show plus what follows from it. A client that you meet at a show and then becomes a lifelong client is what counts. I believe we look for instant gratification when we should consider our long term overall rewards. We build our business over time, it is just like planting a seed and then watching it grow. If you continue to focus on the activity, the results will follow, if you only focus on $$, you will be disappointed in the end.


  1. Well I'm glad she had those outside orders. I'm also glad she had nice honest people who called to let her know and everything. Getting stood up is the pits!

  2. This is so true. One of the great things about Mary Kay is that it is a consumable product. It is very easy to see that the skin care class you had last year can still be earning you money today. People run out of their product and they need more of it, over and over again. I may sell only a few bottles of cleanser today, but it will repay me over and over in the future. As long as we stay customer oriented we will have repeat business and that is what it is really all about. We will also get referrals. The lady I meet today, may lead me to 2 more women and those 2 may lead me to 5 more and so on. Its never just about the sales or the person you meet on that one particular occasion. Its about the potential that sale may bring to you. When you look at this business from the big picture, you will see what "working full circle" really means! It may not pay off now, but it sure can pay off in the near future!
    Reorder business and referrals can keep your business going, but you have to do the work ahead of time in order to get to that and stick with it.

  3. What is interesting about what happened to the consultant is a testimony to HER character! Since she got those outside orders her hostess must like her and the other people.

  4. Update on my unit member that I used in the example of the not so great show with good follow up... she left this message in our guestbook.

    Really missed seeing everyone last night. I just totaled my orders from my booking (and MY outside orders) - $467.00 -- and 2 bookings too! So, even when you think things didn't go well, you just never know what to expect!!!
    (director aka mk4me) - you were right!


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