Friday, April 3, 2009

Warm Chatter Made Easy


I have often shared that I don't leave me house to go "warm chat" never have, never will but when I do leave the house and someone I meet gives me the opening and seems receptive, I can do it and have actually met some wonderful people who were definitely interested. I try to do things that encourage people to ask me, such as my Mary Kay pin, MK briefcase, MK checks, etc...
But I think this is a great idea. It is eye catching and I really think it will have people approaching consultants... Can't hurt to try this wonderful idea. I am not sure but I think credit for the idea goes to Jordan Helou. Give it a try! It is just one of our display trays... I think this quarter one square would be perfect to put the coastal cool eye palette in it!
Several of my unit members have already begun carrying theirs and one of the ibc's got three bookings in one day.


  1. Display trays? The equipment has certainly changed. It just has slots and you stick whatever product you want in there?

  2. yeah the display trays are great, and they are magnetized just like the compact so the colors really stay in place, it also comes with a cover.
    Its great to display at shows and classes. Mixing and matching the colors is easy, all the blush colors, face powders and eye shadows are made to fit.

  3. We've been doing this in our units, too. It hit our emails a month or so ago since we're in the Helou area! I have to get mine together. Use a hairdryer to stretch the plastic window and the tray will slide right in! ;)

  4. Several of my unit members are now using this and it has really been getting alot of interest. and since most of my unit is alot like me and simply detests warm chatting, this actually has the interested party starting the conversation with you!

    And Shades, thank you so much for sharing the tip about the hair dryer and strechting the window, we were cutting the black fabric and reattachin!! Like your idea better.

  5. that hair dryer thing is how strippers stretch out those vinyl/plastic shoes they wear for work. Unfortunately you have to keep the hair dryer away from the part where the strap is glued into the sole. :P I found that out the hard way headed out to the club one night.

    And for real leather shoes if they are too tight, dunk your feet in rubbing alcohol, then stick them in your shoes and walk around. It makes the leather give.

  6. No problem, mk4me! I got my tray into my bag now and I just have to add the glosses. It looks OK with the Look peeking out over the top of the tray. I used the hair dryer and it slid in pretty easily after that!
    Debi Moore came town Monday night and she was talking up this idea, too (no surprise there since she is Kathy's SNSD). She added the notion of putting "glue dots" on the glosses so they stay put and then you can just pull them off if someone wants to buy the gloss while you're out and about. I guess you can get glue dots at fabric or craft stores. ;)

  7. I would just use a hot glue "gun" and put a dot of glue on there. For a slick plastic surface, it will peel right back off when you want to remove it. That may be what she meant.

  8. yea, I think glue dots are like that, but less messy. I'm not good w/ a glue gun. I would probably get it all over and ruin my bag.

  9. Awesome thanks i am going to try this out great idea.

  10. Hi! This looks awesome, where did you get the bag? I can't find this sort of thing anywhere!!

  11. I noticed most of the post are from 2009. I was wondering the same thing, are these bags available and if so where can we find these? Thanks so much

  12. Been doing this for 15 years! It’s a wonderful tool!


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