Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Customer Service

In this day and age it is so important to retain your clients. The best way to keep your clients is to provide great customer service. From my first meeting after the first purchase, I always mail a "thank you" postcard. I can't tell you the comments I have received from pleasantly surprised people. They always say that usually you get a thank you once at the time of purchase and that receiving the postcard was a very pleasant surprise. It also begins to build a bond.

Another important point is to know your products and what they do. Be willing to share your knowledge. Suggest products that will benefit your clients. Do not over sell. I believe we gain alot of respect when we tell our clients that it is a product that perhaps they don't really need. If there is a product you are not crazy about be honest. Your will gain trust and respect from your clients.

Know your clients. I love it when I get a call and my client says to me, "I love all the new lip glosses, you don't you pick the one you think would be best for me.

Always deliver promptly. I deliver within 24 - 48 hours. If I can't personally deliver, I will mail it along with a self stamped addressed envelope. I don't want anyone to wait.

Get to know your clients - their husband's name, kids' names, pets' names and have a pleasant conversation. You will find that your clients become your friends.

These are just a few suggestions, please feel free to add. Remember - if you take the time to make the initial sales, make it an investment and build a life long customer. You won't regret it.


  1. This is SO important and its not stressed (only in businesses that care) believe it or not there are a LOT of directors in MK that stress customer service and pleasing the client. Tonight Im going to put a little story on this board that will show something that happened to me "today" to prove how important customer service is and it may get you a raise or a big client.

  2. OK, well...Mr. Gothboy's real name is Keith, and the cat's name is Cedric. (he's beautiful; he's not my goofy looking icon.)

    Obviously the samples are a good idea too. I like to try before I buy, because I tend to be fairly broke and want to make sure I get a good value for my money. I make lists of "things I will buy on a non-rent payday" and "things that clash with my skin and I won't buy" and "things I may splurge on when I get a month with 3 paychecks in it." I hate doing returns. The samples save us both the hassle of returns.

    I'll try the microdermabrasion stuff you sent when my PMS zits clear up. Right now I'm a hot mess and my skin is irritated by high progesterone levels. Is that pink dry/sensitive mask still in existence? It was the only one that didn't turn my face into the Sahara.

  3. Yupper, the moisture rich mask is still available. :)

    ...and the acne treatment gel with 5% benzoyl peroxide is the bomb for zits related to pms or the little other things!

  4. Here is the story - General Manager walks in and asks me if I called this dental office to promote our services and I say yes

    (Wondering if I said something wrong or if someone complained..scared at this moment)

    General Manager says that he got a phone call and email stating that one of our biggest clients saw the office manager writing down the name of our company on a pad (while she was on the phone and waiting on him at the same time)
    He sees the initials and says it that (name of my company) she says to him "How did you know?" These were the clients words verbatim "I gave the office manager a big hug and told her Im one of their clients and they are dependable and I recommend them)....Now I ask you what are the chances that I could keep an office manager on the phone while she is waiting on a client (this is a cold call mind you) and the chances of one of our biggest clients walking in and recommending us after I get off of the phone with them? I always tell people you never know who you are talking to or how your reputation will get out. I felt SO good when this happened. I printed the email out and saved it. MK4ME is right customer service is important I dont have to prove to the office manager of this dental firm that we are good. He sold us for me and for me to keep her on the phone (not bragging) is a testament to my calls that I make (yes bragging). The same thing holds for MK or any business and my GM doesnt forget things like this. I felt good today!

  5. Colleen, you go girl!!!

    That is Awesome.

    and Customer Service Does Count

  6. I react very badly to benzoyl peroxide. Very, very badly. Same with salicylic acid. I have to use prescriptions. However, I want that mask. Let me shoot you an email.


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