Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Former Hostess Program

When I was discussing hostess plans, I mentioned one I used from the past. Had a few questions about it so I thought that would make intersdting post. I like this because it is simple and a hostess doesn't need to have a huge show to get some benefit and she doesn't need to spend money just to get something. (Personally I just don't care for the $75 for $35 because when I host a party, I would prefer not to have to spend $35 to get what I want.)

Here's how the points add up:

50 points for holding the show on the originally scheduled date.
50 points for every gurest who books her own show.
10 points for each guest who attends your show
1 point for each dollar of the sales from your show and outside orders.

from there I added ones that I thought made it appealing

50 points for holding the show at my studio (was one I used regularly because I just loved having everything all set up and not having to worry about cleaning up if I didn't feel like it at the end)

50 points for holding your show on "special" dates

etc... you get the idea.... then add up the points and...

150 - 199 the hostess earns $10 in product
200 - 249 $15
250 - 299 $20
300 - 349 $25
350 - 399 $30
400 - 449 $35
450 - 499 $40
500 - 549 $45
550 - 599 $50

at the end of the show add up the points and viola... and often if a hostess was close to the next level, she would ask if she could get a few outside orders to increase her hostess credit.

Simple and easy to understand - the hostesses seem to enjoy adding up their points with me too.

There are loads of others but the ones that work best are the ones that excite you.
Please feel free to share any other hostess plans if you have one that you like or use that might not be the standard one in the hostess flyer.


  1. Welcome K.M.

    Surprise, I have an opinion! lol... I agree with KM - I love wearing dress pants and nice pants suits. Because our meeting place is not in a place where we see others, I do allow dress pants at my unit meetings. We often do special events in mk casual. When we are attending anything with another unit or any Company event, we respect and honor the dress/skirt dress code that the Company requests. I do wish the Company would add DRESS pants to the "outfit' - trust me I have seen some ibc's that would look far better in dress pants than some of the skirts I have seen (don't some people have full length mirrors in their homes?) ooops sorry that was snarky-

    As far as you appointments with your clients - what you wear is your decision. I always go by the rule if the client is going to look better than myself, why would they want to take any advice from me. There are also times, that "when in Rome, do as the Romans do". Trust me, if we have a dispaly at our little county fair and you decided to wear a three piece suit, no one is even going to get close to you because you look like a nut! -

    The Company dropped the nylons and closed toed shoe requirement years ago. If they Company isn't enforcing it, then I don't agree the directors should be able to. (You aren't going to catch me without my control top nylons though- don't need any jiggles when I walk :) )...

    As for all of us looking alike and being a cult... well sorry, everyone can wear a different skirt or dress and even red jackets can select their own style of skirt and blouse and now even red jacket style. (Even the directors have choices between skirts, sheaths, jacket styles...)

    Just because people dress alike, it doesn't make them part of a cult. I often use my daughter as an example. She works at Wendy's, if they go in without their uniform, they will be fired. - They all look alike. Doesn't make them part of a cult. Nurses wear uniforms, doesn't make them part of a cult.

    From being a director, I have seen cases where what one person considers professional is not what another considers professional. I think some are hanging onto the "old requirements" because once lifted, some just take it too far.

    (and seriously, if we are wearing a tighter skirt, it is always a good idea to check and see what you look like from the back side before you venture out in public).
    one little hint... a skirt should not be shorter in the back than in the front. :)

  2. yeah that makes sense. And it beats having to stock special hostess gifts that people may or may not want. A dollar system is a good way to do it.

  3. I used to wear dress suits to my appointments btw and it intimidated people. If I could go back in time I would not do that again. I would just wear a simple flattering dress or pants and top outfit.

    What they're really watching anyway should be your face IMHO. How are *your* cosmetics making you look? Do they want their makeup to look like yours? In other words no gap between eyeliner and lashes, blush placement and blending correct, lipstick not outside the lines, flattering colors chosen, bla bla.

  4. I wear my beauty coat to all my appointments now and it makes it so easy. For one, it's not nearly as intimidating as a suit. And second, it's brainless. LOL It goes with anything and it looks professional because it has the company logo on it. :)

  5. Product test:

    Targeted action line reducer.

    Applied according to directions on sample. Unfortunately, this has not made a difference in facial line appearance on me. It also causes a stinging feeling when I apply it...this product is just not for me, I guess.

    I look forward to testing the microdermabrasion. I'm waiting for my bloating/zit time to go away so that I can do it. I'm perimenopausal and it's kind of an unpredictable mess.

  6. Miranda,
    Trust me the microdermabrasion WILL work. My mother who hardly ever compliments anything noticed a difference in my skin and she didnt know I had used it this was after 2 days. Id be interested in knowing how this product is selling does anyone know. It seemed like a big buzz and then I didnt hear anything more it really works!

  7. Miranda,

    The Targeted Action Line Reducer is my LEAST favorite MK product. So much so that I've held off on placing my next inventory order until tomorrow as I don't want the bonus product that they are offering right now . . . yep, the Targeted Action Line Reducer.

    I'll order tomorrow when I can get some bronzing powder as the bonus.

    The microdermabrasion rocks and does a better job with those fine lines.


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