Monday, August 31, 2009

Common Sense: Your Job and Your Partner

That's what we do here, right? We promote balance and common sense. OK. If you have checked PT today, you've noticed the *lovely* and gratingly self-righteous article stating that 1. MK devalues husbands and 2. Women are supposed to submit to their husbands.

I call BS! Look. The word PARTNER tells you all you need to know about this. Male, female, gay, straight, married or not, I don't care. Partners share lives and responsibilites together as competent adults on equal footing. That doesn't mean they must make exactly the same amount of money, or homogenize their lives to be as similar as possible to each other. It means they have equal value in the relationship and are free to work out their own system of division of labor, handling of child care, etc, inside their home.

Partners support each other. And yes, partners also call each other out if they see something going wrong. Mutually so. For those who follow religions that prescribe how they are to run their partnership, well, that's up to their OWN homes. Not in mine! PT, or anyone else, may not dictate to other people and families what is right and wrong in their homes. Not everyone follows the same religion, or any at all. It is the height of arrogance to proclaim your personal beliefs as something everyone is obligated to follow. I'm having none of it.

No, I am not a Christian. No, I do not care what Paul wrote to the Ephesians, nor is any company or corporation required to, either. Religion doesn't mix with business any better than it does with government. You believe? Great! Run your own home accordingly, by all means. But do not presume to dictate to others. No one can tell me that because I have XX chromosomes, I am destined to be subordinate, second fiddle, built for grunge work. LUDICROUS. Mother Nature has given us all brains. Not just the XY set. Males have just as much ability to cook, clean, etc. as females. You and your partner work out a system that is beneficial and satisfactory for you both. MK has nothing to do with it. I don't care if someone made a silly cadillac coach graphic. Not everything that appears in print is a Serious Dictum for Running Your Life. Please!

If you share your finances, then you must decide together how they will be apportioned. I don't care what your gender is. It doesn't make sense to hide expenses. duh. It would be just as wrong for a man to hide expenses from his wife. It's not about gender, it's about being honest and intelligent in managing your family finances. It's not about how Mr. XY is The Boss and Ms. XX is supposed to mop the floor and say "yes dear" and have a drink and his slippers ready when he comes in the door. 1950 is long gone!

If certain people insist on demeaning themselves, well, I can't stop them. You want to declare yourself Less Than? Insist that you are not smart enough to handle money or make major decisions? Go ahead. Whatever floats your boat, man. But speak for yourself. You've just disqualified yourself from speaking for me!

Incidentally, XX chromosomes and all, I run the finances in my household by mutual agreement because I am better at it. Mr. Gothboy handles the computers and technology at home because he is better at it. I do the housework and yardwork...but he pays more rent. No one submits to anyone. We are adults, imagine that? We make major decisions together by consensus.

Common sense, people.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Extra depth and contrast for eye looks

So...unless you have amazing model-like bone structure, you may be looking for a way to add extra depth to your eye looks to really make it "pop."

You need two colors: Cinnabar for your warm looks, and coal for your cool looks. Once you have all your colors in place on your eyelids, take a *small* amount of one of these dark colors and blend it into the outer V so that it combines with the color you already have there. It won't look black; it will just deepen the color in that area when you blend the shadows together. It creates extra depth against which your eyes really stand out.

Try it and tell me what you think. I do this for all my looks except when I'm modeling for the artists and want to look as natural as possible.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009



Quote from PT; "It is so frustrating to see the "Optimistic Consultants" of the world come on here and give us the "I think they can do it better, it won't happen to them, you didn't work your business" spin. Do you think we just sit around tapping our pencils against the desk making up stories?
SERIOUSLY, IT WON'T HAPPEN! You're no smarter than any of us.(depends) You will not beat the system.(don't need to beat it, just work with it) Thousand and thousands have tried before you.(many have succeeded and many have failed.)It's a flawed business model, it's a flawed business model, it's a flawed business model." The business model is not flawed, it is the individual that runs it flawed and tries to manipulate it into a pyramid scheme that flaws the system.
I would like to say, I am sorry that someone (actually many someones) CAN make Mary Kay work for them honestly and earn a profit frustrates everyone so on pt. I know I can do better than those complaining on pt that it can be done because I am doing it along with many others. I run a successful MK business, I manage between 500-600 clients and my unit is usually around 100 (non terminated consultants), I strive to maintain a personal team of at least 30 (the idea of the unit within a unit). If one builds a strong client base and then builds a team and continues to develope both of these lines, you will develope a strong, profitable venue. Selling must be the key.

No I am not making 6 digits (yet) but I am not willing to sacrifice more of my time to do that right now in my life. But I make good money!
I do not encourage new consultants to begin building a team right away. Let's develop a clientelle that will be reordering before worrying about a 4% check. Let's face it, one will be making alot more money earning 50% off of a sale as oppossed to 4% of one wholesale order. (Also why bring a woman in at $3000 just to get a big 13% check..... check it out... you will get the same amount if the consultant does 5 -$600 orders @ 13% - the very same amount - and chances are the consultant that is consistantly ordering won't get unhappy and quit! What a novel idea!) (sorry for the sarcasim) and if a consultant isn't overstocked and wants to take a leave of absence or quit for awhile, she may be able to sell her existing stock off to her clients and then NOONE has to worry about a chargeback, duh!!!

I have noticed a common thread in many of the "stories of doom": the length of time with the Company is fairly short. I feel it takes at least two years (of course there are exception) to become proficient at being a good consultant. It takes time to develop a good presentation, to learn all the products, to learn color techniques, people skills, and financial skills. Upon becoming a director one has even more to develop. First and foremost juggling your personal business and your unit, and if a consultant thinks it is tough keeping customers happy, baaa, try keeping a unit of mostly woman all happy! yikes! between pms and menopause- full moons- hot flashes, zits, etc.. - it gets pretty interesting at times. Personally I feel it takes a good three years before one should bite off directorship. (jmho). Sell the product. Don't get caught up on the "treadmill", we work hard at the beginning of the month, what comes in at the end is the icing on the cake - that way production is still coming in on the first and second day of the new month. Don't always be begging from the future, it will make the present much more pleasant. I am proud to say, if for any reason I have to call a consutlant on the last day of the month, even the ones with caller id, they answer my calls! Why, because I don't dial for dollars. If they need product, they will order, if you need one favor, ask but calling a consultant every month to "help" save the Unit, or "help" keep the car, come on, it is going to get old. It isn't their unit, it isn't their car... this will only drive them away.... oh .... what about the line..... "If you don't order this month, you won't be active - YIKES!!! omg.... hmmm, she doesn't need product, she doesn't have a team, so why exactly does she NEED to be active. Let's think about her needs not your needs. Once you have lost the trust of a unit member, how in the world do you think you will get it back??

My best advice to anyone taking the time to read this - work til the last minute, do whatever you can do to acheive your goal but DO NOT - MAKE (BUY) IT! It is tough enough being a brand new director. But a brand new director with 29 other newish consultants are going to be able to sell enough to justify production HOWEVER a director with 15 newish consultants and 15 fake (pretend) consultants are NOT going to make production. NEWFLASH*** FAKE CONSULTANTS DO NOT PRODUCE REAL PRODUCTTION - NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL. If one gets caught up in the trap of "buying" production every other month, the stress is going to win. The more one resents what they are doing and the more pressure they are under - the less likely anything good will come from it. When you start your directorship under these conditions it would be like starting a race from the parking lot insteadof the starting line - you are never going to catch up to the pack.

If your car is costing you more, get your PRIDE out of the way and step down to a lower lever or take the cash. This is nothing to be ashamed of.

For those that want to continue to bash the big mean manipulative MK, perhaps since there is so much Bible slinging over on PT - some should read the scriptures on greed, pride, and temptation. Are we not tested to stand against these sins? Don't blame Mary Kay for your shortcomings. It is up to us to withstand the temptations.

My unit runs with almost zero debt and I am not talking about just myself, I am speaking of my consultants as well. We sell product, we order product, and we sell some more. It is really quite simple. WE EARN our prizes. For me, I pay quarterly local, state, and federal taxes, and my social security is in place as is my life insurance. My husband has our health insurance so that is one expense I do not have but my IRA is in place. We are a middle class family. My income is needed, I am not a giddy stay at home mom who can do without an income. For two years of my life, I was a single mom while fulltime MK, yes I was earning money, no I ws getting no financial aid and my child was well cared for and feed. YES IT CAN BE DONE- HONESTLY!

No!! you are not going to make 6 digits working two hours a week, the second week your are in business. the product is great but no it doesn't "sell itself", I have never seen a 3-1 cleanser hope off the shelf and call a client we musth show it and... if you believe this I have some prime property in the everglades I would love to sell you, it is going to be "hot" property in the future! You can get in early now while it is still cheap and make a killing later - or sooner if you run into my pet gator -Wally! lol

I disagree with bringing in consultants with large inventories, I do think it is overwhelming to the consultant and I don't believe she gets a good balance of what she will or will not move. I prefer for them to pick a level they are comfortable with and then as she builds her customer base, build her inventory. It does pay to have inventory on hand. People do not like to wait despite what pt says. When I do my openhouse weekends 4 times a year and move between $2000-$5000 in product, I don't want to have to run around and deliver that product at a later date. It would defeat the purpose of the open house and servicing a large number of clients in a short period of time. Do I sell product? I believe I have EARNED/Achieved the National Court of Sales over 13 times. (I lost count- stopped taking the rings and opted for the cash)! Fun!! ( couldn't figure out how to grow more fingers and they didn't work on my toes with my shoes) - My current inventory fits on two bookshelves.(not a full basement or warehouse) come- on.... really...???people really do that?? no way.... that's just plain nuts...

Before my article turns into a novel, I would like to add before MK, I was an accountant/financial analyst working 60-80 hours a week (salaried) and my kiddos were being raised by the babysitter because "I" was going to be CFO of the Company. I was climbing that Corporate Ladder! A life tragedy made me take a good hard look at my life and my priorities and... enter MK..... more of my story to come!! Have been fulltime MK since the day I left Corporate and have never looked back!

So poo poo to those that say it CAN NOT BE DONE - it can but doing it right takes a conscious decision and it is very easy to be tempted to "cheat" and there are many doing it wrong. I do believe you truely must put others first and then your success will follow. You must be true to yourself and respect yourself, your clients, unit members, and the Company. You must enjoy people, love and believe in the product, and be self motivated. MARY KAY WILL NOT SELL ITSELF, you must market yourself and the product, and Mary Kay will not work for everyone but it will for some. Bottom line is one will never know unless they try.

Okay, signing off for now... hope I didn't put anyone to sleep but I feel this is a very important message and I hope it reaches individuals that it will help.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Proof That 99% Lose Money in MLMs ??


From reading a recent article on a negative site that proves that 99% lose money in an MLM is because
"Robert FitzPatrick of Pyramid Scheme Alert has conducted extensive research on multi-level marketing companies (MLMs)." Okay, that is the proof, just believe it. ??? I don't see one individual's an opinion proof. (not to me anyway)

I will never deny that people will lose money involved with an MLM, especially one that is not product based. I can only speak for my MK unit and the ones that I associated with, but our units sell alot of product to real clients. So dispel Myth #1 (that no one sells to real clients) but.... I have a different point I have often pondered. Not perhaps with all mlm's but with Mary Kay.

I know of several woman that join Mary Kay not to "make" money but to save money by getting their products for themselves and family members at wholesale. Well, not making money, many of these woman are saving money by purchasing their products at wholesale. If they wanted the products, they would have a choice, they could pay a consultant retail or they could join and become a personal use consultant and save money by buying their products at wholesale instead of paying retail. If a P/L statement was done on these individuals, perhaps it would show a small loss or perhaps it would be a break even situation. I feel this is probably a significant number of consultants (probably in many mlm's - if a person would like the product but would care not to pay retail). So, how does this play into the 99% loose money? Did it ever enter into the equation? I doubt it. It would certainly produce a differnt not so negative result. People that join to save (not necesarrily to earn) are not failures in my opinion. They are getting out of the Company what they want. I would consider that a win/win situation. (also if a consultant came in, was not doing well, opted to use her 90% buyback and was able to recoup her money, that should not be included in the 99% loss figure either).

Yes, there will always be people at the top that make large $$'s, isn't that the way it is with any Company? MLM or not? The President and CFOis going to make big $$ but I am sure the janitor and cook is going to be paid far less. Everyone in business is not going to be making a ton of money, let's face it, because if it was that easy, everyone would be a Donald Trump, right? There will always be people in this world that will take advantage of others to get ahead. That is why, it is up to individuals to educate ourselves on what we are getting ourselves into. Mama always said, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is". Please all readers, before you jump into anything read, research, don't look at one website, one piece of literature, or talk to one person, and then make your decision. And remember because you read it once somewhere on the web, well, it doesn't make it true.

So be it MLM, or any other company please do your research before you jump in, no matter who tells you, it is great!

I sat thru a Small Business Development Planning Seminar (offered free by our State) because mr.mk4me is considering dabbling in something. Just this free first session was over 3 hours long. It was informative. But I assure you, they made no promises about making money in your first year or two in business. It is a building process. They emphasized that one would need to have working capitable to cover expenses, (to spell it out -they said borrow enough to cover all expenses and payroll for several months for lean times) etc... or if the income didn't come in as you would expect. Without going over the entire course, I wanted to share on item, I thought was just great. It pertained to goals.... (Yes, they were talking about goals and the necesity of having them) - The Statement was to make S.M.A.R.T. goals...(short & Long term)

Broken down this stands for:

S specific
M measurable
A attainable
R realistic
T Timely

It was also (not) surprising at how many small businesses fail within the first few years of business, many with big losses, and no they did not include mlm's in this workshop. So plain and simply any small business is a risk, it can bring forth posetive benefits or it can be destructive but educating ones' self on how to run it properly is going to help one be more profitable which is the name of the game!

So, in closing, I would love to suggest that anyone planning on starting any type of business, look into your State/University system to see what free informations is available. It was very informative and they really want you to understand what it takes to make it. They don't candy coat it and they provide alot of assistance, alot of it n/c. Heck even if you are already in a business, it may be very valuable to sit thru it. I enjoyed it and I was even able to answer several questions when they asked the audience for their input and the room was quite.

So if you are planning on doing MK, plan on not being one of the 99% that loose money by doing things smart! OK??

Friday, August 21, 2009

Vitamin C serum trial

Today I began testing out the new Vitamin C serum.

I put it on when I got out of the shower. It was light and nongreasy, like a light moisturizer. It took 3 pumps to cover my face and neck. It soaked right in and felt like nothing.

The only thing of potential concern is that I developed 3 small zits during the day. However, this may not be related at all to the serum, and I hope it isn't. I know MK strives to make things noncomedogenic. I will continue trying the serum and see how it goes.

Reminder: Do your microderm regularly and moisturize morning and night! I've been doing it for, I dunno, 6 months? I was doing my usual "I hate my wrinkles" mantra in the mirror this AM and suddenly I did a double take and said WAIT, WHAT? My whats? Where did they go? I used to have lines around the mouth and chin area. The only lines I still have are the deep vertical worry lines between my eyebrows, but they are less deep than they once were. I'm 40 years old and I have had these lines for at least 5 years. Do your microderm!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Promoting Yourself - How to promote your Mary Kay business... and more.

Hi all. In case some of you have forgotten me, or are so new to this blog that you are not familiar with me, I am the "owner" of this blog! I have been very fortunate to have such great authors, particularly mk4me and miranda who manage to bring content that is relevant and interesting to the readers of this blog. For that I am immensely grateful. I used to write my thoughts down a lot more than I do now, but my current schedule, unfortunately has largely prevented this.

Nonetheless, I do wish that I could share more often and, occasionally (like right now) I simply can't resist the urge to share what is on my mind.

I was on facebook the other day and besides seeing this "friend reccomendation" -

- I saw an ad for a photographer.

I began to think about the nature of photography (I personally enjoy photography and, to some extent, wish that I could be a professional photographer) and the way in which photographers find clients.

My sister-in-law, who is a very fantastic photographer, is at what would probably be considered the beginning of a career in photography and is going about the long, tedious process of building up a client base. She is, to borrow a phrase, "doing it the old fasioned way". Word of mouth. My wife has not missed a single opportunity to mention her skills, availability and willingness to travel and work with the most challenging situations. I know the rest of her family and many friends are the same way. You mention a wedding and the first question is, "Do you have a photographer yet?"

In stark contrast, the photographer I saw on facebook is putting his name out to a much larger but much more anonymous and random crowd of people.

Criticisms and praises of both of these approaches abound, but what intrigues me is that neither one is "right" or "wrong". They are just different. It is entirely possible that each one is employing a tactic that is completely wrong for them and they should "swap" strategies. On the other hand, they could both be doing exactly the right thing and should not change a thing.

The important thing in any business endeavor is that you find a way to let your potential client base know that you exist. If I (or more likely someone I know) need a wedding photographer and did not know that you (in this case my SIL or the anonymous ad placer) would be able to provide this service than I will likely not contact you.

If YOU (MK Beauty Consultant) do not tell people that you can provide them with skin care products and cosmetics, they will not contact you.

If Miranda does not tell people that she can customize an incredible cake for them, who could blame them for taking their custom cake needs to another provider?

Okay, your turn. What do you do to promote yourself? When people think of you, what comes to mind? Do the people you meet know that, if they need Mary Kay (or whatever it is you offer), you are the one they need to talk to? If so, how have you accomplished this? If not, what is your plan to change this? Or, does this not concern you... and if so, why not?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hide puffy allergy eyes

...You can guess what I'm doing today. lol. Anyway, if you are like me and you have allergies that puff your face up, here's how to disguise that as best possible.

First, your eyeshadow primer. Then, two neutral shades of eyeshadow, preferably a cream formula like eyesicles. The medium shade goes on your lid and in your crease, and the light shade goes on your browbone; blend where shades meet.

Darker colors make things recede, which is what you want to do with the puffy lids. Cream formula because if your eyes water like mine, the shadow won't all wash off and look terrible. Even with primer, too much tearing up will destroy powder shadows.

Waterproof mascara...or maybe none if it's a bad bad day. Skip the liner. Do your brows neatly instead to draw the attention there, and wear brighter lipstick.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why MLM Doesn't Work - why MK Does!


Is there a difference between a multilevel company and direct sales with the OPTION of recruiting? Well in my humble opinion the answer is definetely "YES".

After reading an article on why MLM's don't work elsewhere, I must concur that a "true" mlm is nothing more than a legalized pyramid scheme that will eventually crumble. Selling the product and having a good product to sell would be key. We at Mary Kay are great at personal care products, such as, skin care, color, body, care, fragrances. We don't carry great household cleaning items, scrapbooking accessoires, baskets, china, crystal, etc...there is a focus on a product line.

With Mary Kay, I believe a new consultant should concentrate on selling her products, developing her client base, and building her inventory. (This does not include, begging, pleading, and stalking every family member and friend you have). Conduct your mk opportunity with dignity. Respect yourself. As the consultant expands her customer base, then she will be able to recruit a team member, I have found that one can begin to get such a large client, it is ideal to to recruit an team member because it can get to a point where one may lapse in their customer service when you try to service too many. Get my point?

Anyway, one can be very successful in Mary Kay but the first step would be to start selling the product. - Even as long as I have been in the Company and a Director, I am still first & foremost a consultant. I still sell alot of product and do facials and parties. I still meet many people that have never tried Mary Kay and I have met a few people that have never heard of Mary Kay.. so I agree there may be some areas that are "saturated" and I will also say there are many that are not.

Those oppossed to MK say one can not earn anything in MK. - Wrong, but it may take time to develope the cashflow. One should not believe they are going to become a consultant and make $100,000/yr working two hours a week. It ain't gonna happen. Can one earn lots of money and not work 24/7, yes, will everyone? No - Some individuals will be suited for the type of work and others won't. Many of us won't know until we try it - (shortcuts, cheating, and "looking successful" don't count)
Like anything else in this world there are only two guarantees: Death and Taxes!

Those against Mk can throw loads of numbers around... it is easy to throw numbers around but not taken into account in their scenario, people are born and die all the time, people change professions and what they like and use all the time. So trying to prove how one would run out of people without taking other items into consideration is not a true representation of what happens. People enter and leave the U.S. as well, people age, some will retire others will enter the workforce.

Do those that complain the loudest really think that they would become a consultant and make $100,000 in two hours a week within a month? Seriously?? Really?? If you had been a stay at home mom, did you join MK to add a little money to the family or to earn $100,000? - So, if you joined for a little extra money and made a little extra money but weren't happy with the time away from your family and knew you could make it without the extra, big deal... quite and spend your time with your family. Don't pout because you had to be away from your family to earn $$ - it is a trade off. Each of us makes the decision if the trade off is worth it. My mom always taught me... if it sounds too good to be true it probably is...

Those that can sell this product, believe in the product, if you don't love the product, if you don't feel it is worth the price, etc... then chances are one won't do as well as those that believe in what they are doing? Common sense isn't it? How or why do you expect to buy something you are selling if you don't want it yourself?

For the complaint that the only clients Mary Kay has are their consultants, well - wrong but secondly then, alot of people like the Mary Kay enough to join to get theirs at wholesale instead of retail, still means there are alot of people that like MK!

My suggestion to anyone reading this: always focus on your product sales first and recruiting/building your team, second. One can earn great money just selling the product. To earn more money, yes, you will need to also build a team... but just building a team and not selling product will wind you up a very unhappy ex Mk consultant.

As far as our competition, those on another site reference, ebay, Touch of Pink, etc.... well gee, all those are against Company policy and shouldn't exist. As many on PT defend these places, perhaps, they would have been more successful if everyone actual obeyed the rules because than the honest MK client would only be able to get their product from legimate MK reps! The Company does have the 90% buyback guarentee so there should be no reason if you want out of MK not to use the "legal" ways out and then "the real" consultants would be selling to the "real clients" and not have to worry about competing with resold second hand product at a clearance price.

And in closing, I laughed out loud after reading this statement, used as "proof", I believe it is from Craig's List.

"I have fallen on hard times, and MUST SELL MY INVENTORY! I have supplies, products, selling tools, bags, and much much more!! YOU GET EVERYTHING! You name it, I probably have it. For example, I have the entire eyeshadow line....I have most all skincare (and some duplicates). Due to time, and the situation, I cannot count and inventory every tiny piece. If you are serious, and interested you are more then welcome to come and look at the entire ROOM it all takes up!! EVERYTHING MUST GO! All BRAND NEW...last time I did my inventory I had OVER $3500.00 RETAIL! So, I am asking only 1300.00 from you. THATS WAY BELOW WHOLESALE. CASH ONLY. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE."

lol!!! $3500 RETAIL... that is only $1750 wholesale, that is one Star Order, it would fit in two boxes, but check it out... it is taking up her entire room.. do I detect a tad bit of an exaggeration? (and yet how many read it and totally believe it)

Oh my, folks, I will get off my soapbox now but seriously. MK is not for everyone, you are not going to get rich quick, you should love (or at least like) the product, you will have to sell the product not just recruit, you may have to be flexible with your time, you may get some "no's", - it will not sell itself, you will have to market the product and yourself. You may have to gain some knowledge about skin care, color, or business stragies on your own or by reading intouch. You may be responsible for whether it works for you or not. It may or may not be for you and just because it didn't work for you, does not mean it will not work for someone else. Be smart, make wise choices, don't buy your prizes, cars, or units. Build a strong foundation of selling before you build up. A weak foundation will crumble. Will some try to run their MK opportunity as an mlm? yes, will it work? - not for long - do it right from the beginning.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

From Intouch - The Travel Rollup moves to Section 1


Travel Roll-Up Bag Moves to Section 1 Sept. 16

(I like this move because I have many that want the travel rollup and now it will count to our Court of Sales because it is retail product. )

As you heard at Seminar, the ever-popular Travel Roll-Up Bag is moving to Section 1, which means it will not only be commissionable; you’ll receive Seminar credit! With a suggested retail price of $30, the bag is a great buy, and because it gives you a place to store all of your cosmetic items, it’s perfect for women on the go who want to simplify their busy lives.

Since Seminar came to a close, we’ve had some requests to clarify when the Travel Roll-Up Bag will move to Section 1 and questions about why it can’t happen sooner. The Travel Roll-Up Bag officially makes the move from Section 2 to Section 1 on Sept. 16 for all independent sales force members – Independent National Sales Directors, Independent Sales Directors and Independent Beauty Consultants. As a result, the Travel Roll-Up Bag will not be available on Section 1 for early ordering by Sales Directors on Aug. 26 or for Preferred Customer Program participants on Sept. 10. Why? Sept. 16 is the earliest date we can move the Travel Roll-Up Bag to Section 1 because it is offered as a Section 2 item in the Summer (6/09) BizBuilders program as part of the Month 3 bonus, which ends Sept. 15. We’re thrilled that you’re just as excited as we are about this upcoming change, and we appreciate your continued patience.

Friday, August 14, 2009

frugal tip...when your lipstick breaks

It happens less with MK lipsticks than other brands, but still, every once in a while, your lipstick will break. Don't throw it away! At craft stores you can get little plastic containers that can serve as lip gloss pots, loose eyeshadow containers, etc. Put the broken lipstick in there (and dig out whatever's still in the tube using a bic pen cap or whatever you can get in there with) and then stick the lipstick in the gloss pot into the microwave, heat for ten seconds...if that isn't enough, do another ten. Only ten seconds at a time though; you do *not* want to melt the plastic lip gloss pot! Then, use with a lip brush.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Promoting Your Business


Not being a fan of warm chatting, I had to find an alternative way to find leads. For myself and unit, we have done extremely well at Bridal Fairs, Home Party Expos, and County Fairs. (County fairs are very big around here.)

We set up a beautiful product display with a trifold of Company information and entry forms with a box. Any interested party can register to receive a product trial and color application session along with a gift certificate. We don't encourage everyone passing by to enter, we wait for those that show interest. (I would rather have 5 great leads than 100 pieces of paper.) I find this a very relaxed way for both the consultant and the prospect to connect. The fair is a week long so we are at the beginning of it with Friday and Saturday, of course being the busiest days. One thing I did a little differently this year is we have dates for a few workshops that they can select. It is was a little surprising to me that many seem interested in attending one of these "events".

New to me this year is that many are willing to book on the spot (haven't found these to be so in the past.) I am actually excited to see this because these bookings are truley interested in trying the product not just trying to win the gift certificate. I do a gift certificate so that we can hold the appointment and make sure they end of up the proper product. I prefer not doing items like a basket because you may never see the individual if they just take the basket and run.

I wanted to share that the response has been tremendous. Even those that have never tried it commented that they have heard very good stuff about MK and their products.

Also new this year, is the pink CTS sitting next to the stand. The "congratulations" and "wow, that is awesome", and MK really does really have the pink cadillacs away! has been extremely fun... the most fun has been the teenage boys checking out the car, commenting on oh "sweet" the car is. It has been a great draw and conversation starter. It has already been alot of fun.

So, don't be surprised if you don't hear too much from me this week. Haven't been able to get internet service yet and I (by choose) spend alot of time at the booth. My first reason is so I can help my unit members learn how to interact with potentials and secondly, I know so many people from doing the fair for years it is like old home week and I get to catch up with many people I only see once a year.

For anyone thinking no one is interested in Mary Kay - well I can assure you, I think the interst this year has surpassed any previous years! Woo Hoo! Go Mary Kay!

My unit is going to be soooo busy the rest of August and September, as always, book, sell, book, recruit!! Have a great week everyone and I will check in as often as I can! Carry on for me.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Follow this address to see the Video

Sorry, running out the door and can't figure out how to do this right!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Well, vote is in...


Disclaimer: Scroll Down Slowely-no liquid in your month before you laugh, etc..

Okay live tv, who is looking slammin'? and who looks like (hehe) a plane jane type!

Shout out Miranda, hypothetically what would you do just to make TC look half as polished as Rhonda? Maybe some of that super expensive, low quality crap, that doesn't work... could improve what I see. -lol - sorry couldn't resist. Maybe we should run her pic thru the virtual makeover program on

New Sweepstakes Coming in September!!


Published 08.06.09

Win it with a Mary Kay® Personal Web Site

As you heard at Seminar – you have what women want! Not only are customers searching for practical, how-to advice online – they are searching for Mary Kay in particular! This fall you’ll have even more reasons to reach out to your hostesses and book parties as you strive to reach 5 million parties during the 2009-2010 Seminar year!

That’s because from Sept. 1 – 30, 2009, your customers can enter an exciting fall sweepstakes exclusively through your Mary Kay® Personal Web Site and the Beaute-vite® online party planner, where they can have a chance to win a fabulous grand prize that includes credit towards the purchase of Mary Kay® products, thousands of dollars in cash and MORE! There also will be great weekly prizes. BUT, that’s not all! Each winner’s Independent Beauty Consultant also earns fantastic prizes, including product credit as well as a cash!

Be sure to log on to Mary Kay InTouch® on Tues., Sept. 1, for all the details and contest rules.

Remember, this online only consumer sweepstakes that begins Sept. 1, 2009, starts with your having a Mary Kay® Personal Web Site.

Value for Money...and a small request.

Let's talk about value for money.

PT is going ON and ON about products they can get cheaper, such as $2 lip glosses. OK, first off, I don't know where they live. Maybe the cost of living is much lower for some of them. However: Where I live, that kind of pricing simply doesn't exist. A drugstore lipstick here in Durham is $10 to $13. The really cheap ones (which suck) are $8. Now, the Mary Kay website shows me that a MK lipstick is $13 today at full retail price. Well, that's what L'Oreal or Revlon charges you. The MK lipstick lasts longer and is more moisturizing (I have lipsticks from all brands. I compare.)


And now, the small Miracle Set is too expensive. Granted, I'm not using it; my needs are met by other products. However, because I'm always scouting out what's going on with cosmetics, I have priced out similar sets in the drugstore by L'Oreal, Olay, Neutrogena, etc. Their sizes are also small (as the product is not used in vast quantities) and none of their similar products, here where I live, is below $40. Plenty of sets cost more. If you hit the Bobbi Brown or MAC counter (and don't get me wrong, I love those brands) you will be lucky to buy two color cosmetic items for $40, much less major skin care products.

I'm starting to think some people are living in an alternate universe where the prices are rolled back to 1981. When I lived in Alabama in 1981, I paid the kind of prices they are talking about when I bought L'Oreal stuff at the drugstore.

Also, that stuff about MK copying Avon Anew. I can't compare them because I haven't tried the MK serum. Some of you obviously *are* trying it and are reporting back your preliminary findings. I have tried many Avon Anew products over the years and have been really unimpressed. Their stuff tends to be greasy and heavy and not have any beneficial effect on my skin. If anything, it gives me zits. All right, they are both vitamin C products. However, as to the rest of the ingredients and formulation, I'm willing to bet there are substantial differences. From what I've used so far, I would be really taken aback if today's MK marketed anything that feels like Crisco on my face. But I haven't done a side by side comparison, so that's been my limited data.

Now my little request. Your prayers/thoughts/lit candles/whatever you do would be most appreciated. I have a problem. It's called Chondromalacia and basically it means my kneecap is popping out of its track, and I have to use this annoying, obnoxious knee brace and a cane until I can get my knees rehabilitated with certain exercises...which is likely to take about two months. It hurts!!!! It sux. I look dweeby, can't dance...wake up at night to my knee going POP when I roll over. Two months is awful...I want to get back on my feet faster than that!

OK thanks guys/gals...catch you later!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

MK Ash Charitable Foundation-Beauty that Counts


Beauty That CountsTM Update (from

We’re thrilled to report that through your hard work and your customers’ generosity, 225,606 Beauty that CountsTM Creme Lipsticks were sold from May 1 through June 30. Given that Mary Kay has committed to donate $1 from each sale of Beauty that CountsTM Mary Kay® Creme Lipstick in Gingerbread and limited-edition Pink Passion, that means you and your customers have collectively raised $225,606 to date during this campaign benefiting the Mary Kay Foundation’s efforts to end domestic violence. The 2009 Beauty that CountsTM campaign continues through Dec. 15. As Mary Kay said, “Up that goal a little. It doesn’t cost any more to make it bigger!” Thank you for continuing to promote these products and a cause that was so close to our Founder’s heart! We look forward to sharing future campaign updates with you in the months ahead.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Seminar Memories


Haven't had a chance to breathe since I have been home, but it is all good. Information will be forth coming but just want to share a little...
check out the awesome pair of shoes I found to go with the directors suit! The awesome pocketbook was a prize from my awesome national! Of course, I earned the Silver one from the Red, White, and Blue Challenge so what is a girl today, I think I will just carry two! lol

More Seminar goodies and llg, one of these days, promise, more about me!

Monday, August 3, 2009


I am not promoting or suggesting these classes but this information is very useful to all in a small business. I hope many find this information useful.

IRS believes home based, direct selling businesses could be a major source of tax revenue. Just to prove it, they've convinced Congress to increase their annual "enforcement budget" to $5.5 Billion dollars.

One major focus will be home based businesses with losses.

When CPAs are worried, we should all be listening at full attention. Rather than cause you all to just worry, our tax-law guru, Vicky Collins, CPA has put together a teleconference that will inform you all how to document your profit intention and prevent your business from being re-classified as a hobby with the new IRS Initiatives.
As you know, we at Ascend are always teaching three business rules:

(1) PROVE INTENT RULE: You must prove that you have an intent for profit in your business. You do that by keeping diligent books and records in Ascend (remember having appropriate "books" for your business is not negotiable--they're legally required, and your Inventory program is NOT books). Sadly, you can't pull the personality, busy, or "I don't like numbers" card w/ IRS.

(2) COMPANY MONEY RULE: Every single dollar, every single cent of revenue generated by your business needs to be put in your business bank account (yes, even ProPay dollars... NEVER apply those directly to an Order). No using your business bank account for personal things, and no co-mingling business and personal income or credit cards.

(3) YOU'RE NOT A DUMB BLONDE, SO DON'T ACT LIKE ONE: You're in business, legitimately. You have all the rights and responsibilities that business owners have under the law. "Profit level inventory" is a phrase, but there is no profit in unsold products. Remember, you can't even deduct the cost of the product until you SELL it. So sell your heart out. Revenue (sold inventory) is the cornerstone to a successful, profitable business.

The upcoming teleconference will dive in deep to the new IRS Initiatives, and practical steps on WHAT TO DO, especially if you showed losses in your business last year.

Class Date: Sunday August 16th @8p CST (6p PST, 7p MST, 9p EST) Even if you cannot attend the call live, sign up now as an MP3 download will be available after the call. Register for the Class: CLICK HERE

6 main types of small businesses audited by IRS
9 Key Characteristics IRS uses for business vs. hobby
3 Main IRS Examination Techniques used
4 Types of information likely to be requested
3 Key Rulings and Laws that support taxpayers
What happens to your deductions when business is reclassified as a hobby

Cost: $29 (1 hr of consultation w/ Vicky is $225, this is very generous of her)
Register for the Class: CLICK HERE


Whether you've been subscribed to Ascend for a long time, heard about it at Seminar, just want to see it in action, or the new IRS Initiatives motivate you to finally get a legit financial system up and running in your business, feel free to be our guest at one of these 4 free webinars. You must click the registration link for the class you want to take.

Mon Aug 3, 8:00p CST - Register Me For This One!
Thurs, Aug 13, 9:00a CST -Register Me For This One!
Sun, Aug 16, 7:30p CST - Register Me For This One!
Tue, Aug 25, 6:30 PM CST - Register Me For This One!

All class times are listed in central standard time.

New Products Launch August 1


Today’s savvy customers are always on the hunt for advanced, anti-aging skin care as well products that truly tantalize the senses! Mary Kay has the oh-so-hot products that we know you and your customers are sure to love, and we couldn’t wait to get them in your hands!

Beginning August 1, we are introducing new, regular line skin care products to our powerful TimeWise® family:

TimeWise® Replenishing Serum+C
This antioxidant rich serum is formulated with ingredients that enhance the production of new collagen and helps keep existing collagen from breaking down. Click here for more information.

TimeWise® Trial Miracle Set
Normal/Dry or Combination/Oily formulas in contemporary pink and black packaging! Experience the most advanced skin care system from Mary Kay for one month with the TimeWise® Trial Miracle Set.

Also launching August 1:

Mary Kay® Eau de Toilette Shower Gels and Sugar Scrubs in Warm Amber™, Simply Cotton™, Exotic Passionfruit™ and Sparkling Honeysuckle™
Add power to your shower or a boost to your bath when you use the new, regular line Mary Kay® Eau de Toilette Shower Gels and Sugar Scrubs in the tantalizing scents you and your customers have come to love!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

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