Thursday, August 6, 2009

Well, vote is in...

Disclaimer: Scroll Down Slowely-no liquid in your month before you laugh, etc..

Okay live tv, who is looking slammin'? and who looks like (hehe) a plane jane type!

Shout out Miranda, hypothetically what would you do just to make TC look half as polished as Rhonda? Maybe some of that super expensive, low quality crap, that doesn't work... could improve what I see. -lol - sorry couldn't resist. Maybe we should run her pic thru the virtual makeover program on


  1. My comment is rude and childish but I had such a aweful day I am passing it (I am sorry in advance ...I have a clue why she may not have been quiet good at selling Mary Kay, and (hint) it wasn't the products ( more like the lack of them. Hard day for me, I am hitting the chocolate right now!

  2. Now she is a star huh! Actually she doesnt look bad some new serum and lipstick and blush and BAM!! It wont be ours she would buy though.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. she actually looks better now with her hair longer. She looks nice on this pic, but could use a little glamour.

    This is obvioulsy a rebuttle to all of those news stories about how the direct selling industry is booming due to the slow recession. Dont know what city this was broadcast in however.

  5. I didn't mean she was ugly (on the outside), i just meant if you are tv, -what is that saying, you never get a second chance to make a first impression -

    this pick is from a piece (I will see if I can get the link) - I know I am partial but Arbornee/Mary Kay/direct selling was the piece and than Traci was the token anti.

    When I hear the way she talks about how she used to sell Mary Kay.. but most consultants buy product and then can't sell it. It strikes me as condesending... She is smart enough to sell it but the rest of us dummies....

    Okay I can see that my mood is no better today than yesterday.

    Wherre is Miranda and her wise comments!! She always makes me laugh, come on Miranda, your fingers don't need to rest, just your need. You can borrow my shoes after your knee gets better!

  6. I have to watch the video. They were going on and on about it at PT. Did Miranda's first post get removed?

    Agreed about prices of makeup v. MK. What are they talking about? My drugstore products are always in the trash can and then I wonder why I wasted the money in the first place! The lipsticks are so waxy, blech. Mascaras clumpy.

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  8. i think anyone with a brain will see right through that "most consultants will buy it but then cant sell it" mush. That doesnt make any sense. Its statements like that that take away from PT's credibility. How can she say that when we have the amount of customer that we do? Its so over the top that you cant even find the words to address it.

    I know you are not saying she is ugly, but she should have put a better face forward since she was gonna be on TV. Where is all that makeup she claims is better than MK, she should have worn that, and if she is wearing it, then she needs to find her way back to MK pronto!

  9. Bwaaaaaah, what would I do? Contour like mad! Under the chin, under the cheekbones, matte bronzer. Pull those bangs back, because they hide that she has any forehead at all. Trim hair to about chin length, create wispy layers around the face to help slim it, and create some volume on top. In fact, I'd dye it a brighter shade of auburn. Soft neutral shade of blush on cheeks. Shell lipstick. Shape and fill in the eyebrows. Contour eyes to make them look larger...a pearly color on the browbone, cream on the lid, warm brown in the crease; blend. Dark brown eyeliner. Do not take lower liner all the way to the inner corner; taper it off at half way. Dark brown mascara (and definitely curl those lashes!)

    Her basic skin condition looks fine. Some light moisturizer and a moderate dusting of mineral foundation should do the trick before the colors go on.

    And remove shoulder pads from jacket. If your neck is short, shoulder pads are your enemy.

    Honestly, this is the kind of face that good makeup and a good hairdo can work wonders on. The basic bone structure is fine and so's the skin. It just has to be presented right. If she won't wear MK, I think she should buy Bobbi Brown. They make the kind of brown-based colors that look right on redheads.

  10. lmao yes run it thru the virtual makeover and post it back up!!!

  11. What did I miss? I see a deleted comment - If someone requested me to delete it and I missed it I am sorry. If it is a comment that should have been deleted, thank you whoever took care of it for me - if it was you Dave, thanks and sorry.

  12. The person who posted the comment may have deleted. I just did that on a another thread and it looks the same as these.

  13. I have to give a shout out to Shades of Pink! This is off topic but ladies a few months ago I told Shades that I wanted my hair to grow longer and other shampoos and conditioners were not doing it fast enough for me. Shades told me that she used Garnier Fructis! I dont believe in hype so I had some patience the first two months my hair shined but no growth came and then the third month WOW! This stuff is not salon priced but to me its the most effective inexpensive shampoo and conditioner out there. It even stays down in humidity which my hair never does! I use the shampoo and conditioner and I have not regretted it. I have a little bit of Suave left to use but Im sticking to my Garnier Fructis and now my hair is down my back (not to my behind but down the middle) thank you Shades! Oh by the way I wash it twice a week (its not oily) I cant wash it everyday.

  14. Aw, thanks Colleen. I'm happy my suggestion worked for ya! :)

  15. And if your hair is dry and coarse like mine, try the new Aveeno shampoo and conditioner. It's the only non-salon shampoo and conditioner that have ever worked for me. Saves money, and that's important right now!


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