Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Seminar Memories

Haven't had a chance to breathe since I have been home, but it is all good. Information will be forth coming but just want to share a little...
check out the awesome pair of shoes I found to go with the directors suit! The awesome pocketbook was a prize from my awesome national! Of course, I earned the Silver one from the Red, White, and Blue Challenge so what is a girl today, I think I will just carry two! lol

More Seminar goodies and llg, one of these days, promise, more about me!


  1. OMG! I LOVE THOSE SHOES!! Where did you find those, is there a website I can order them? Congratulations on your prizes!!

    P.S. Check out my new blog http://trueconfessionsofabeautyconsultant.blogspot.com/

  2. Info for the shoes, believe it or not I found them on an ebay store. I usually wear an 8 1/2 - I got a 9 in these and the fit comfortably.

    The most fun we had at our unit picnic/awards night was watching some of our unit members attempt to walk in them. For me, it is just like being barefoot.

    Here is the info:

    InHerShoes eBay store. There's always a pair of perfect shoes for every occasion. We want to share our passion with you by offering these trendy and affordable shoes to all of you. Please add me to your list of favorite sellers and visit often.

  3. Oh, there's a little concealed platform inside!

    Platforms are good. They give you a buffer so your feet aren't just slamming straight down onto the floor, and they can either invisibly eat up some of the height change between toe and heel *or* make even more height possible. If you have, say, a half inch platform, then you can have a 4 1/2 inch heel while the heel to toe difference remains at 4 inches. Yep, I could dance in those.

  4. first time mr. mk4me saw them he asked me, "where is your pole?" - duh.... took me a minute....

  5. Poles are expensive as sh*t! If hubby wants you to have one, he needs to pay for it and install it, and then pay for the classes where you learn to do all those tricks!

    it would hasten your weight loss goal, that's a fact. That is some exercise right there.

  6. hmmmmmmm..........lol

    did you ever see King of Queens when Kari - Doug's wife was taking lessons, too funny!

  7. Joan Crawford shoes!!! Hmm these things are nice but I think Mrmk4me is not going to be thiking about business when you put these on he will be thinking about Makin Whoopee!!!! Dont be shocked if little mk4me starts wanting some...lol Actually they are pretty I hope they are comfortable.

  8. stripper shoes! you guys are funny,
    Those shoes are HOT girl, wear em well!

  9. lol y'all. If you want stripper shoes, go to electriqueboutique dot com. That's where I buy mine that I wear out clubbing. A true stripper shoe is gonna have at least a six inch heel with a two inch platform. They almost all have open toes, for practical/comfort reasons, and then you need those Insolia arch supports and Foot Petals pads to keep your feet padded and not sliding around. Also, Foot Petals strappy strips *or* that Dr. Scholls for Her foam tape that comes in a dispenser that you put in your shoes anywhere that they rub. Honestly I like it better than the strappy strips...

    Anyway. This has been my explanation of how to doctor up your stripper shoes so you can lap dance instead of limp dance. lol


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