Saturday, August 15, 2009

From Intouch - The Travel Rollup moves to Section 1

Travel Roll-Up Bag Moves to Section 1 Sept. 16

(I like this move because I have many that want the travel rollup and now it will count to our Court of Sales because it is retail product. )

As you heard at Seminar, the ever-popular Travel Roll-Up Bag is moving to Section 1, which means it will not only be commissionable; you’ll receive Seminar credit! With a suggested retail price of $30, the bag is a great buy, and because it gives you a place to store all of your cosmetic items, it’s perfect for women on the go who want to simplify their busy lives.

Since Seminar came to a close, we’ve had some requests to clarify when the Travel Roll-Up Bag will move to Section 1 and questions about why it can’t happen sooner. The Travel Roll-Up Bag officially makes the move from Section 2 to Section 1 on Sept. 16 for all independent sales force members – Independent National Sales Directors, Independent Sales Directors and Independent Beauty Consultants. As a result, the Travel Roll-Up Bag will not be available on Section 1 for early ordering by Sales Directors on Aug. 26 or for Preferred Customer Program participants on Sept. 10. Why? Sept. 16 is the earliest date we can move the Travel Roll-Up Bag to Section 1 because it is offered as a Section 2 item in the Summer (6/09) BizBuilders program as part of the Month 3 bonus, which ends Sept. 15. We’re thrilled that you’re just as excited as we are about this upcoming change, and we appreciate your continued patience.

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