Monday, August 3, 2009

New Products Launch August 1

Today’s savvy customers are always on the hunt for advanced, anti-aging skin care as well products that truly tantalize the senses! Mary Kay has the oh-so-hot products that we know you and your customers are sure to love, and we couldn’t wait to get them in your hands!

Beginning August 1, we are introducing new, regular line skin care products to our powerful TimeWise® family:

TimeWise® Replenishing Serum+C
This antioxidant rich serum is formulated with ingredients that enhance the production of new collagen and helps keep existing collagen from breaking down. Click here for more information.

TimeWise® Trial Miracle Set
Normal/Dry or Combination/Oily formulas in contemporary pink and black packaging! Experience the most advanced skin care system from Mary Kay for one month with the TimeWise® Trial Miracle Set.

Also launching August 1:

Mary Kay® Eau de Toilette Shower Gels and Sugar Scrubs in Warm Amber™, Simply Cotton™, Exotic Passionfruit™ and Sparkling Honeysuckle™
Add power to your shower or a boost to your bath when you use the new, regular line Mary Kay® Eau de Toilette Shower Gels and Sugar Scrubs in the tantalizing scents you and your customers have come to love!


  1. Well, like a big dummy I went over to PT to see what they were saying and of course they are bashing the latest products.

    Won't work on me twice. I believed them the first time when they told me the products were blecch and then I tried them and discovered that was not true at all, and felt very stupid for taking their word for it.

    NO the lip tint does NOT smell like Ben-Gay! I have been using samples. It doesn't really smell at all as far as I can tell, and it's nice stuff. PT, quit making stuff up in order to trash the makeup. It undermines y'all's credibility when I can easily find out the reality for myself. I've also noticed that the more expensive products are the very concentrated ones that last a long time. It's not like you are spending 40 bux a week. SIGH!

  2. Miranda,

    You crack me up!

    I guess you, like many of us, made the mistake of thinking the "truth" in Pink Truth was meant to be a description of the content on the site.

    Not so, Pink Truth, not so.


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