Friday, October 29, 2010



I want to take a minute to wish all of our readers a Happy, Fun, and Safe Halloween. I have been absolutely swamped with personal stuff including health issues of family members that have requied my time and attention. Because of the flexibility of my Mary Kay business, I have been able to be where I WANT to be (not need) to be without taking time off. Yes, I have had to work around the other things I need to take care of but I can schedule my appointments around the other items and I can still come home to orders on the answering machine and email orders. It does pay to work your MK as a business whether you are doing it just part time or full time.

And I will return so hang on just for a little bit longer - I do have a post in my head just want to take the time to write it well and not just throw it up but soon, I promise... at least I don't do "reruns, lol"


Now which costume am I wearing...hmmm
and what are you going to be??

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Promise soon!!

Idea for a new post... will work on and try to have up by Wednesday!!

sorry for being mia....

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Brand Keys


Mary Kay Tops Consumer Loyalty List in New National Survey
Dallas - October 12, 2010 - It seems that women can't live without makeup, but apparently women can't live without their Mary Kay® makeup.

Mary Kay ranked number one among all cosmetic brands in consumer loyalty according to the 2010 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index. Additionally, Mary Kay achieved the number 12 position on Brand Keys Top Loyalty Leaders List which ranks consumer loyalty among the 518 brands assessed. That list also includes other well-known brand names like Apple iPhone, Amazon and Google. Mary Kay also ranked number one in consumer loyalty in two categories: cosmetics (mass merchandiser) and moisturizing skincare (mass merchandiser). This is the third year that Mary Kay has ranked on the Brand Keys Top Loyalty Leaders List.

The annual Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Winners are those brands best able to engage consumers and create loyal customers. Initiated in 1997, the Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index is fielded annually in the spring and fall. The current index examines customers' relationships with 518 brands in 71 categories. For detailed information on this year's ranking visit,

"We are honored to be recognized for brand loyalty, but we are not surprised," said Yvette Franco, Mary Kay Inc.'s Vice President of U.S. Marketing. "Our brand has loyal consumers because Mary Kay has great products. Whatever a woman wants in her skincare and cosmetics, we have it. From the 20-year-old woman who wants a natural, beautiful look to the 50-something woman who wants to fight the signs of aging; we are focused on addressing the needs of all women. We have what she wants. We believe the personalized service offered by the Mary Kay independent sales force combined with Mary Kay's high-quality products are the two reasons that consumers are loyal to our brand."

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mary Kay in Seventeen Magazine!!

Just dropping in for a quick minute... but how cool is this??
Mary Kay to be Featured in Seventeen Magazine

One of the most exciting findings of our “What Women Want” research was the discovery that college-age women are interested both in Mary Kay® products and the opportunity. So this fall, we’re doing our first test of that market! In the coming weeks, we’ll be visiting with women on the campuses of Arizona State, Florida State and Michigan State universities in an effort to spread the word about our fantastic products and, our mission..

And here’s more great news: The November issue of Seventeen magazine, which hits newsstands this month, will invite readers to find what makes them beautiful in a two-page ad featuring several Mary Kay® best-sellers and the new Thinking of YouTM Eau de Parfum! The ad, titled “Seventeen Ways to Find Your Path to Beauty,” is just one part of an integrated marketing program with Seventeen. For more details about the program and to see the ad – which you can print and share with your customers --

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Will be back next week..


Until then I will do my best to report pool or oceanside!! Keep the conversation going while I may be mia!! awwee...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Men like it too

Even if they won't admit it in public, men are using and liking plenty of the women's MK products on the sly. ;)

I still have a bit of red tea/fig body scrub (help! I am running out!) I beckoned a certain friend into the shower and exfoliated his back with it. Oh, that was a happy camper. He wants more. I have enough left for about 2 showers. Sadly, the sugar scrubs are a bit too scratchy for me... MK4ME, got any of the other scrubs left, the ones you were selling over the summer? If not, do any of you other consultants on here have any?

(Yes, I *know* I'm a bad girl. lol. That's how I roll!)

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