Friday, October 29, 2010


I want to take a minute to wish all of our readers a Happy, Fun, and Safe Halloween. I have been absolutely swamped with personal stuff including health issues of family members that have requied my time and attention. Because of the flexibility of my Mary Kay business, I have been able to be where I WANT to be (not need) to be without taking time off. Yes, I have had to work around the other things I need to take care of but I can schedule my appointments around the other items and I can still come home to orders on the answering machine and email orders. It does pay to work your MK as a business whether you are doing it just part time or full time.

And I will return so hang on just for a little bit longer - I do have a post in my head just want to take the time to write it well and not just throw it up but soon, I promise... at least I don't do "reruns, lol"


Now which costume am I wearing...hmmm
and what are you going to be??

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