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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Virtual Makeover Option on

When was the last time you tried the virtual makeover option on consultant??
I always tell my clients about it all the time, I have several stylists that even use my website if a client is looking at a major change in hair style, length, or color so they don't make a mistake! But....... I hadn't played around with it for quite a long time. Since I have been considering a color/cut change (drastic)- I decided to take my own advice and took a current head shot and uploaded it to and.... well several hours later, with 100 new looks, I have no clue which way I am going to go and found tons of lip colors, eye combos I may have never tried. It was so much fun. Consultants, clients, don't miss out - make sure you take advantage of this great tool that is available to us and... it is tons of fun!

Can't wait for my appointment with my stylist next week!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Application Techniques

I tested out two new application techniques I'd heard about and am sharing my results.

First: mineral powder foundation applied with a damp foundation brush. Those big flat brushes, not the fluffy ones. A light spritz of water on the brush works; pat off excess water on back of hand. pick up some of your MK minerals and brush onto skin. Do a second application in any reddened/discolored areas that need extra coverage.

To my surprise, this really works. I do not look chalky; I look perfect and airbrushed! I will continue doing this.

Second: Even and perfectly blended cream blush applied with flat top mineral powder brush. Tap your flat top MK brush a couple times on your cream blush, then apply blush to cheeks, buffing in circles. It looks like such a natural flush! No patting with fingers, no difficulty getting it even. Just clean your brush on tissue afterwards.

Consultants, if you're looking for something new to show your established clients, try teaching them these techniques. They'll be surprised how well this works. I was skeptical until I tried it out.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Weekend Humor


This is just too good not to share.. most of us remember Miranda was not a fan of MK in the beginning but is a person that is willing to revisit and keep an open mind on matters... she has fallen in love with many mk products.. I assure you I do not hound, stalk, pressure, bribe, or give away my products.. She has even ordered product BEFORE I have had them on the shelf and will give honest feedback.
Her last email request just had me chuckling so much I wanted to share it with everyone and with her permission... enjoy your chuckle for the weekend!

On Fri, May 21, 2010

Miranda places her order....

My reply: you got it!! nope, no one wants mary kay... and how the clients gets stalked, they only buy to shut people up!! lol...


nope nope i duz not liek mk i only buyz bcuz i are brainwashed. mk4me hypnotizes me wif subliminal messagez. i duz not use teh produktz at all. i stuffz it in my closet n i dusts it every day.
This is the time of year to keep the feet looking nice. And it takes constant upkeep when you beat the hell out of them in stripper shoes 3 times a week!

my reply:
on the way today! thank you and have a great weekend!!

Limited-ed. lipstick review

Limited Edition: Beauty that Counts Lipsticks in Confidence, Inspiration, and Compassion

I bought one of each. LOVE LOVE LOVE and I wish these colors were permanent. Especially the two darker ones. The color is just so rich and lush and flattering. And the pink is wearable. Doesn't look like your lips are coated with cake icing. It has a little shimmer, just enough to shine. The other two are cream colors. Also, the lipstick tube is super nice. I like the texture of the tubes as well. It's matte with words imprinted.

Buy now before your consultant runs out of them!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mary Kay To Be On TLC!


Published 05.20.10

Mary Kay to be Featured on TLC!

Tune into the TLC Network starting May 24, when celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff demonstrates unforgettable looks with Mary Kay® products on three brides-to-be -- and shares tips for looking your best on that big day!

One 30-second segment about lip looks will be shown on air on the TLC Network periodically from May 24 through June 27 during such bridal programming as “Say Yes to the Dress” and other wedding/fashion shows such as “What Not to Wear” and “Battle of the Wedding Planners.” While three other 30-second segments – about getting a flawless face, gorgeous eye looks and wedding day must-haves -- will be featured on

Encourage your customers to tune in and log on to your Mary Kay® Personal Web Site, then experiment with the Mary Kay® products they’ve seen featured on TLC by using the Mary Kay® Virtual Makeover! Click here for a flier you can share with your customers about this exciting national exposure. You can also send your customers an MKeCard® or Beaute-News® featuring the TLC product promotion.

It’s wedding season – and time for some fabulous bridal pampering parties! Take advantage of the national exposure generated by these segments to show your customers how to look glamorous, whether or not they’re planning a trip down the aisle!

For more details about Mary Kay’s appearance on TLC and more information about the Company’s 2010 advertising campaign, click here!

Monday, May 17, 2010

What's Coming for Summer??


What is new and exciting in the Summer Look Book?

Mary Kay Liquid Lip Color in Six Shades: Cherry Coffee, Chocoholic, Malted,Raspberry Ice, Sherbet, and Royal Plum.
(tried them and really do like them)

11 New Shades of our awesome Lipstick: Hot Mocha, Icy Peach, Copper Star, Sunny Citrus, Maple, Sunlit Sand, Midnight Red, Whisper, Boysenberry, Blaze, and the return of Pink Passion.

10 New Shades of our Eye Shadows: Black Pearl, Emerald, Azure, Almond, Midnight Star, Silver Satin, White Lily, Lavendar Fog,Copper Glow, Peacock Blue,

1 New Shade of Blush: Citrus Bloom

Updated Peach Satin Hands Pampering Set

Forever Orchid Eau de Toilette, Shower Gel, Sugar Scrub, and Body Lotion

New Limited Edition Cooling Bronzing Stick

Limited Edition Pedicure Set (already available for ordering)

Limited Edition Coconut Lime Gift Set (includes shower gel, lotion, and body mist)

Limited Edition: Beauty that Counts Lipsticks in Confidence, Inspiration, and Compassion (already available for ordering and Miranda loves the colors!)

Please note (previously posted on Balanced):
*Lipsticks being discontinued are: Garnetfrost, Golden, Paradise Pink,
Pink Melon, Rich Cocoa, Sunburst and Tanned.
* Shadows being discontinued are Dusty Lilac,Golden Olive, Navy Blue,
Raisin, Steel, Sweet Pink, and Vintage Gold.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I must admit I am pleasantly surprised, I was ready to get called all sorts of names by any anti-mk bloggers and thankfully nothing. Upon just scanning a few of the negative sites... they are still asking kaybots to put up or shut up and if someone will just post a Schedule C, they will recant what they say that noone can make any money at MK.

I have posted one on a public blog, it is available for everyone to see. I will not post on a negative site as it will only lead conflict.

One more thought.. when a letter from a pro-mker is posted on an anti-mk site... many of the posters believe and comment that the writer was a hit and run poster or that they don't have a good response and will not back up or justify what she/he has written. How is it that they don't realize the writer may have no clue what so ever their letter was used as a front page article with poster making comments or leaving questions even to answer them or that the writer is banned and is not unwillingto respond but is unable??????

Monday, May 10, 2010

Shocking! -90% Buyback Information

Most of us know that Mary Kay Cosmetics offers a 90% buyback on inventory for consultants. This is a moving year window as long as the consultant remains a consultant. So if a consultant decides to exercise the buyback option, the amount eligible to be repurchase is the amount purchased within the year of the return.

Unfortunately many are misinformed and think it must be made by the one year mark as a consultant, so often a consultant may feel the need to make a decision before she really even knows how to be a consultant. But a consultant must also realize if she comes in with a large order and then perhaps only orders a couple of minimum orders and decides after two years to take advantage of the buyback, the original large order will be outside the year window and only the few smaller orders made will qualify for the buyback. Imho, it is smart to start with some inventory and then build the inventory as one builds their customer base.

If one looks at any of the information from the Company... if one is working MK even part time but seriously, "profit level" is approx. $3,600 w/s. Now if someone was at profit level within a year and decided to quit, she would receive 90% back of the $3,600 - (if she hadn't sold anything)

so how shocking is it when I read a post like this on a negative site...
a consultant that was convinced to "mk doesn't work" and had just received a return/reimbursement check from the Company.

Quote, "• inpinkruins7683 - Thank you guys for the reassuring things you say
I recieved my blue check today for 11,103.12 "

look at the amount!! she wasn't a director, she wasn't selling stuff, what in the world did she need that amount of product for, my only guess is she was loving the prizes and attention... guess she decided it was getting too expensive to keep "cheating" your way to looking successful. Why in the world would she have that much inventory? There may be a few directors that really take advantage of having consultants order to help production but no director would want a consultant not selling product to keep ordering like that because it would not take a genius to figure out, it will go back and a chargeback will follow.

Of course everyone on the site will be so proud that she returned the product and congratulate her but will the spelling nazi's come out to tell her "i before e except after c" or do they reserve ripping on spelling and grammar only for mker's?

My opinion... start and then build by ordering the product you are selling and your clients are you gain more clients, expand your inventory.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Ask and receive... a Schedule C


I have been very sceptical to do this but if it will help others, it will be worth it. First, I am sorry for the quality, after finally deciding to post these my scanner wasn't working so I took pictures with my digital and uploaded them to the computer. Hopefully once I upload them to Balanced, everyone will be able to enlarge them so that they can see. Don't get too excited, :) - it isn't a 6 figure income but I am very comfortable with this... Things to keep in mind... from my net profit, I do not have to make any car payments, insurance payments, a portion of my internet, laptop, etc.... and my mileage is a business expense and my home office deduction is $685 - which, the room is in my house anyway! The Schedule C lumps the income from our 1099 commissions and sales in the same box so if there are any questions my sales were roughly $38,000 for the year. So basically my net profit is for groceries, and other household expenses that most people would have to pay from that net profit.
A look at my unit...
My new consultants come in with 0 - 600 for the most part - I think 2 this year coming in at $1800 by their choice and both had been consultants in the past so they had a feel for what product they wanted.

I have a very full life, with a side commitment- and have one unit meeting a week and 2 -4 appointments - I actually feel guilty (occassionally) because I could be doing so much more thaan I am but just wasn't willing to part with the personal time with the kids. (My time is coming).

Persoanlly I think it is a fair income for doing something I love to do and not having to work 24/7 to do it, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

So I guess I am putting up and not shutting up. And just because I feel like being a bit of a brat... my highest ever check BEFORE was just $64 shy of $9000 and I had of $4500 in sales that month as well. But I have to admit, I am not willing to work that hard every month, Hope some of you find this enlightening.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day is Coming

Mother's Day is right around the corner. If you haven't already planned something, flowers are always a great option.

Mother Day 300x250

Spring/Summer looks for eyes

How about some fresh eye combinations for spring/summer? Tired of monochromatic looks? Try these:

Crystalline on brow, Iris in crease, Lemongrass on lid.

Honey Spice on brow and lid, Denim Frost in crease.

Moonstone on brow, Granite on lid, Navy Blue in crease.

Moonstone on brow, Sweet Pink on lid, Ivy Garden in crease.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Dear Mary Kay Husband

Dear Mary Kay Husband whose letter was posted on Pink Truth:

I'm sorry about the nasty reception you got. No one on that site will ever hear a word you have to say. Their minds are made up, they are angry, and nothing ever changes there. It's a clique, and anyone not part of the clique/not repeating the party line is mocked.

However, things are different over here. I hope you find us by googling when you check back to see how people responded to your letter. Come over here where people will listen to your contributions and discuss with you reasonably.

Product review: MK Loose Powder

Today I opened my new jar of MK loose powder and tried it out. It's very natural looking and translucent. You don't get that dusty "I'm wearing powder" look and your face doesn't change color. It's just a light, silky powder to set your makeup and de-shine you. It isn't flat matte if applied with a brush. It just looks like, well, your skin. If you need to apply extra in oilier areas, such as the nose, I recommend patting it on with a flocked sponge for those places. As it wears during the day, you don't get that clumpy/cakey look or settling into your lines like drugstore powders do. So, in conclusion, MK loose powder is a good value for your money and is essential as a final step after you apply MK liquid foundation.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Different Choices...


wow, was channel-surfing and found yet another celebrate that is endorsing yet another skin care product responsible for her beauty. I will not say that some of these products are or are not good products,I am sure many are. But most of the information provided and shared, I had learned while in Mary Kay. Not much new. Good skin is like a good recipe needs all the ingreidients and must be put together right and then "cooked" correctly. I watched the power of marketing and the audience. We must clenase, exfoliate, tone/freshnen/condition, moisturize/hydrate, and protect.. wow.... how exciting... NOT - nothing new some procedure as always!
"woo - ing" and "awh-ing" and just ready to buy. Now this company is not a multilevel company, so basically the marketing approach was to focus on their insecurities and play on the fact that they wanted to look like something else, they could order by calling ( or online) but of course the first so many callers insteadof paying full price of $199.95 - they could get it at half price... if they did something else even quicker they got even more free product....
guess what it sounded great.. it was a SPECIAL OFFER --- I could have gotten free stuff.... I was being "played" guess what? I used my free will and choose not to purchase it... so why, why is this any difference even if direct sales were used? so.. is there any diffence at all in way of marketing cosmetics - not as long as many of us woman want to look the best we can possible look especially as we tend to start aging.

FUN GAME TIME: Play Along with me

1. Cindy Crawford promoted by Valerie Bertinelli (hmm isn't JennyCraig paying her enough?) (still in business.)

2. Suzanne Sommers started her own. No long direct sales marketing but I believe ..........................still in busines.






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