Thursday, May 13, 2010


I must admit I am pleasantly surprised, I was ready to get called all sorts of names by any anti-mk bloggers and thankfully nothing. Upon just scanning a few of the negative sites... they are still asking kaybots to put up or shut up and if someone will just post a Schedule C, they will recant what they say that noone can make any money at MK.

I have posted one on a public blog, it is available for everyone to see. I will not post on a negative site as it will only lead conflict.

One more thought.. when a letter from a pro-mker is posted on an anti-mk site... many of the posters believe and comment that the writer was a hit and run poster or that they don't have a good response and will not back up or justify what she/he has written. How is it that they don't realize the writer may have no clue what so ever their letter was used as a front page article with poster making comments or leaving questions even to answer them or that the writer is banned and is not unwillingto respond but is unable??????

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