Friday, May 7, 2010

Ask and receive... a Schedule C

I have been very sceptical to do this but if it will help others, it will be worth it. First, I am sorry for the quality, after finally deciding to post these my scanner wasn't working so I took pictures with my digital and uploaded them to the computer. Hopefully once I upload them to Balanced, everyone will be able to enlarge them so that they can see. Don't get too excited, :) - it isn't a 6 figure income but I am very comfortable with this... Things to keep in mind... from my net profit, I do not have to make any car payments, insurance payments, a portion of my internet, laptop, etc.... and my mileage is a business expense and my home office deduction is $685 - which, the room is in my house anyway! The Schedule C lumps the income from our 1099 commissions and sales in the same box so if there are any questions my sales were roughly $38,000 for the year. So basically my net profit is for groceries, and other household expenses that most people would have to pay from that net profit.
A look at my unit...
My new consultants come in with 0 - 600 for the most part - I think 2 this year coming in at $1800 by their choice and both had been consultants in the past so they had a feel for what product they wanted.

I have a very full life, with a side commitment- and have one unit meeting a week and 2 -4 appointments - I actually feel guilty (occassionally) because I could be doing so much more thaan I am but just wasn't willing to part with the personal time with the kids. (My time is coming).

Persoanlly I think it is a fair income for doing something I love to do and not having to work 24/7 to do it, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

So I guess I am putting up and not shutting up. And just because I feel like being a bit of a brat... my highest ever check BEFORE was just $64 shy of $9000 and I had of $4500 in sales that month as well. But I have to admit, I am not willing to work that hard every month, Hope some of you find this enlightening.


  1. If you double click on the photo it should enlarge it enough to clearly see the numbers.

  2. Rock N Roll! They can no longer claim that no one will show the real numbers. TRACY? LOOK. A SCHEDULE C.

  3. P.S. Before they start denigrating your income: I am a copy editor full time and I make 4K less than that. I work 2 extra part time jobs to bring my income up level to yours.

  4. I wanted to break down some of the expenses a bit without getting boring.
    Office expenses may look a little high but this is where I put rent on my training center, my virtual assistant, and all my other regular office expenses.

    Advertising includes any advertising I do plus any fees for bridal fairs, expos, business cards, etc..

  5. miranda another thought.. out of that, I do not have to make a car payment... and of course it doesn't cost me anything to have the home office because the room wasn't being used any way... not to mention part of my cell phone, internet, laptop, and so on are paid before the bottom line.

    I also don't bust my rump, I could easily do more than I do but right now I am happy where I am. I don't want to have to eat, live, breath, and sleep MK.

    I love what I do, my consultants and clients like me, and I make enough to be comfortable. What more could I ask for?

    Not to mention, tons of miscellaneous prizes.

  6. MK4ME I have a question. If you did more say 10 hours more do you think that would put you close to the 500k-600k unit club? Also when you go to Seminar (without revealing any names) have you encountered people who have put in there production? I dont mean 10,000 I mean a lot!

  7. Hey Colleen, I am hesitant to say yes or no to the unit club figure but.. probably... I also can very clearly see that if I would get an office assistant, I would also really increase my figures. I can not do much more than I am doing in the time I am giving it and continue to do it well.

    If I doubled my unit size so that everyone was still doing the level of business they are happy with, I would be in the circles of excellence instead of circles of acheivement but if I had many more right now, I wouldn't be able to provide the support level that I like to provide. Same with my client base..many more and I just don't think I would be such a great consultant.

    Right now I am comfortable at the level I am but since my personal commitments are lessening - I will within the next year probably look at growing and then I will be able to provide good information on doing more. I am not willing to bring people in with large inventories or manipulating people into ordering just for production as that will only come back to bite me in the behind in the long run.

    As far as encountering people who have put in production for prizes, yes, I have met some, but not the amounts that you are talking about. (I am sure there are a few but it is not the norm.


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