Monday, May 3, 2010

Dear Mary Kay Husband

Dear Mary Kay Husband whose letter was posted on Pink Truth:

I'm sorry about the nasty reception you got. No one on that site will ever hear a word you have to say. Their minds are made up, they are angry, and nothing ever changes there. It's a clique, and anyone not part of the clique/not repeating the party line is mocked.

However, things are different over here. I hope you find us by googling when you check back to see how people responded to your letter. Come over here where people will listen to your contributions and discuss with you reasonably.


  1. Dear Mary Kay Husband,
    Give us your banned, your skeptics, your MK lovers and haters. We are not here to judge we are here to allow you to speak your mind pro and con! We dont care if you love or hate MK all we care about is that you see both sides and treat everyone here with respect (which I must say you did a great job of doing) and got treated like dirt for being sane! For you to even shed light on this subject you must care somewhat. I hope you find us we will welcome you with open arms. As Miranda said "Your voice will be heard"

  2. I have come to the conclusion (and I dont know if MK4ME will agree) that the majority of these bitter MK women come from areas that only promote recruiting. An area that believes in mass meetings and having the Mary KayKateer Roll Call 4-5 times a week (bad play on Mouseketeer) is where they are getting trained. I have yet to see TONS of complaints come from the areas where selling and recruiting were taught hand in hand. I can tell you why MK and other direct sales companies appeal to people. I myself have witnessed top sales people in Corporate America (no Im not putting down jobs I have one) not be appreciated, be canned for making too much money, never getting promoted, or having their commissions held back. Oh there is more to it than that if they dont like you as a person (the manager) or if they feel you are a threat they will FIND a reason to get rid of you. I envy women who were teachers, or nurses who got into MK because none of them have had sales backgrounds and do much better than some salespeople. Even Gloria Mayfield Banks had to go through DIQ 4 times. I do think some of the I stories are embellished but for the most part even if you dont want to recruit you can make money part-time in MK. Is it easy (the procedure) yes. Is it hard work yes and no, is it rewarding yes! If you are consistent with anything you can be successful. I have found that those with consistent hearts and work ethics are those who make out well even if they are not Directors. Being happy is a true measure of success. Can MK bring happiness no you have to find that within yourself if you are not happy. There are TONS of people to sell the product to saturation is not an excuse people have been saying that since 1975!

  3. Is it just me or does anyone else suspect that some of these pro-MK pieces that run over on PT are written by PTers trying to drum up some drama? I mean, none of those posts that are supposedly written by folks who are pro-MK and submitting them to PT in hopes of giving PT some balance have actual names attached to them.

    For that matter, all those folks over at PT (and here to obviously, I mean, I do it) are using pseudonyms. For all we know, Tracy could be herself, Lazy Gardens, and some of the other regulars. Since none of them use real names, no one has any way of validating whether their stories of "I was THIS close to NSD and gave it all up because MK is a fraud!" have any basis in reality.

    Everyone on PT screams "show us your Schedule C!" to anyone who comes there claiming to have even the smallest amount of success, but no one on PT PROVES that they were even involved in MK. Last week or the week before, they had a post where they supposedly looked at the sales numbers of top units, but they didn't say who's units they were or even provide evidence of where they got the information. Maybe they made it all up.

    They claim to have access to internal memos (there was a comment today about the increasing shrillness of internal MK memos), yet where is the proof?

    PT makes me crazy because they spew the same thing over and over and over again and NEVER provide anything to back up their statements, but demand higher standards of everyone else than they demand of themselves.

    Taking a line from Jerry McGuire, all I have to say to PT is "Show me the PROOF" that what you say is true.

    I'm not trying to say MK is perfect. Clearly, it's not. But to just simply accept everything said on PT as the Gospel Truth is just as wrong as believing everything heard in MK is the Gospel Truth. No matter what side you're on, you owe it to yourself to find out the real facts. If you're a MK Consultant, READ your contract. Call Corporate if you have questions rather than just relying on your director or recruiter or the internet. Anti-MK? Ask PT to back up their statements and give you links to the websites they supposedly pull their info from or show the internal memos, etc.

  4. Darci
    In all fairness to PT they could be hit with slander if the put the names of the units up there Im glad they dont! I DO think some of those things are put up there for drama because its not like them to even allow something like that to be the head topic. There was a time (early on) three-four years ago they were outing people and I think some of the members over there didnt like it. One thing they did do was have a picture of the new products before the directors even knew so she must have some kind of in or source over there. Just like some people in MK facts and figures are skewed to their liking.

    Anyone can show a phony schedule C and say they made or lost money so that would mean nothing to me or a lot of other people. There have been times when they put up the websites but they stopped because they became password protected. MK manuals and websites answer almost every question one has legally.


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