Saturday, May 1, 2010

Different Choices...

wow, was channel-surfing and found yet another celebrate that is endorsing yet another skin care product responsible for her beauty. I will not say that some of these products are or are not good products,I am sure many are. But most of the information provided and shared, I had learned while in Mary Kay. Not much new. Good skin is like a good recipe needs all the ingreidients and must be put together right and then "cooked" correctly. I watched the power of marketing and the audience. We must clenase, exfoliate, tone/freshnen/condition, moisturize/hydrate, and protect.. wow.... how exciting... NOT - nothing new some procedure as always!
"woo - ing" and "awh-ing" and just ready to buy. Now this company is not a multilevel company, so basically the marketing approach was to focus on their insecurities and play on the fact that they wanted to look like something else, they could order by calling ( or online) but of course the first so many callers insteadof paying full price of $199.95 - they could get it at half price... if they did something else even quicker they got even more free product....
guess what it sounded great.. it was a SPECIAL OFFER --- I could have gotten free stuff.... I was being "played" guess what? I used my free will and choose not to purchase it... so why, why is this any difference even if direct sales were used? so.. is there any diffence at all in way of marketing cosmetics - not as long as many of us woman want to look the best we can possible look especially as we tend to start aging.

FUN GAME TIME: Play Along with me

1. Cindy Crawford promoted by Valerie Bertinelli (hmm isn't JennyCraig paying her enough?) (still in business.)

2. Suzanne Sommers started her own. No long direct sales marketing but I believe ..........................still in busines.







  1. Jennifer Hudson - Jenny Craig
    George Forman - George Forman Grill
    Jessica Simpson - Pro Activ
    Montel Williams - Quick Pay Day Loans (I cant remember the name of the service)

    Chuck Norris - Exercise Equipment

  2. Well, you can't forget Reese Witherspoon's work with Avon. Also Jenna Fischer from The Office is now shilling for ProActiv. The list of celebrities who claim to give all the credit for their gorgeous skin to Product X is ridiculous.

    The bottom line is that they all get paid WELL to make these endorsements. I don't believe for one second that all these celebs really only use all these lines they claim to use. Maybe they do, but maybe they don't.

    Great skin not only comes from taking care of it, but it also comes from what we put into our bodies. Skin is our largest organ. If we drink water and eat healthy foods (you know, like we're supposed to to have physically healthy bodies), our skin will benefit. But if all we do is drink sugary sodas and put crap into our bodies, not only will our bodies be unhealthy, but so will our skin.

    I can see my stress level on my skin. When it's high and I'm not taking care of myself (not eating right, not sleeping well, drinking more Diet Coke and less water), I not only feel sluggish, but I also can see it on my skin.

    I tell my MK clients that they not only need to be cleansing, exfoliating, toning, hydrating, and protecting, but also drinking water and eating right to have beautiful skin.

  3. When you exercise your skin and brain (and muscles) get more oxygen and more nutrients. Go for a walk, go dancing, something.

    Montel is shilling payday loans? SHAME ON YOU MONTEL. THAT IS NOT OK.


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