Friday, May 21, 2010

Weekend Humor

This is just too good not to share.. most of us remember Miranda was not a fan of MK in the beginning but is a person that is willing to revisit and keep an open mind on matters... she has fallen in love with many mk products.. I assure you I do not hound, stalk, pressure, bribe, or give away my products.. She has even ordered product BEFORE I have had them on the shelf and will give honest feedback.
Her last email request just had me chuckling so much I wanted to share it with everyone and with her permission... enjoy your chuckle for the weekend!

On Fri, May 21, 2010

Miranda places her order....

My reply: you got it!! nope, no one wants mary kay... and how the clients gets stalked, they only buy to shut people up!! lol...


nope nope i duz not liek mk i only buyz bcuz i are brainwashed. mk4me hypnotizes me wif subliminal messagez. i duz not use teh produktz at all. i stuffz it in my closet n i dusts it every day.
This is the time of year to keep the feet looking nice. And it takes constant upkeep when you beat the hell out of them in stripper shoes 3 times a week!

my reply:
on the way today! thank you and have a great weekend!!


  1. See, see!!!! I told you that everyone that buys Mary Kay is brainwashed... now do you all believe me?

  2. i ar zombie. i drinkz teh koolaid. i duz not have master's degree nor ekstensive cosmetik eksperiense. nope. i rizez frum mai grave at teh beck n call of mk4me 2 buy produkts then i ar too zombified 2 use dem. yup.

  3. No not everyone that buys Mary Kay is brainwashed tracy.


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