Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Virtual Makeover Option on

When was the last time you tried the virtual makeover option on consultant??
I always tell my clients about it all the time, I have several stylists that even use my website if a client is looking at a major change in hair style, length, or color so they don't make a mistake! But....... I hadn't played around with it for quite a long time. Since I have been considering a color/cut change (drastic)- I decided to take my own advice and took a current head shot and uploaded it to and.... well several hours later, with 100 new looks, I have no clue which way I am going to go and found tons of lip colors, eye combos I may have never tried. It was so much fun. Consultants, clients, don't miss out - make sure you take advantage of this great tool that is available to us and... it is tons of fun!

Can't wait for my appointment with my stylist next week!


  1. Whatcha planning to do with your hurrs?

  2. I tried it once, and the problem I found was that everything looks good in a way that I fear it wouldn't in real life. I tried to make the model look unattractive with weird color combinations (immature, I know), but I couldn't do it. That says to me that it's ineffective as a tool.

  3. It can give you ideas to get you out of a makeup rut and try new combinations, but there is no substitute for real life experimentation to see what really works.

    It's like when people ask me if I believe in Tarot readings. I do not believe anyone can predict my future. However, I do find a good card layout to be a useful tool for self evaluation. It makes you think about matters you may have pushed aside, and what you plan to do with those aspects of your life.

    Tools, there are. Shortcuts, there are not. /Yoda-esque

  4. apompili1976 - I have tried colors on my photo that do not look good. Perhaps with the perfect models, but not with real pictures. (Trust me and also know what hair colors and styles to avoid, omg, some were awful!)


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