Monday, May 17, 2010

What's Coming for Summer??

What is new and exciting in the Summer Look Book?

Mary Kay Liquid Lip Color in Six Shades: Cherry Coffee, Chocoholic, Malted,Raspberry Ice, Sherbet, and Royal Plum.
(tried them and really do like them)

11 New Shades of our awesome Lipstick: Hot Mocha, Icy Peach, Copper Star, Sunny Citrus, Maple, Sunlit Sand, Midnight Red, Whisper, Boysenberry, Blaze, and the return of Pink Passion.

10 New Shades of our Eye Shadows: Black Pearl, Emerald, Azure, Almond, Midnight Star, Silver Satin, White Lily, Lavendar Fog,Copper Glow, Peacock Blue,

1 New Shade of Blush: Citrus Bloom

Updated Peach Satin Hands Pampering Set

Forever Orchid Eau de Toilette, Shower Gel, Sugar Scrub, and Body Lotion

New Limited Edition Cooling Bronzing Stick

Limited Edition Pedicure Set (already available for ordering)

Limited Edition Coconut Lime Gift Set (includes shower gel, lotion, and body mist)

Limited Edition: Beauty that Counts Lipsticks in Confidence, Inspiration, and Compassion (already available for ordering and Miranda loves the colors!)

Please note (previously posted on Balanced):
*Lipsticks being discontinued are: Garnetfrost, Golden, Paradise Pink,
Pink Melon, Rich Cocoa, Sunburst and Tanned.
* Shadows being discontinued are Dusty Lilac,Golden Olive, Navy Blue,
Raisin, Steel, Sweet Pink, and Vintage Gold.


  1. can't wait!!! thanks for posting!

  2. Can you tell us more about the Liquid Lip Colors? How are they different from Lip Gloss? I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade, but I feel a bit overwhelmed with the enormous variety of lip products we have - 40 something lipsticks, 12 lip glosses, 6 tinted lip balms and now 6 Liquid Lip Colors.

  3. I emailed you. I need another foundation please and I want a pedicure set!

    Darci, the usual difference between liquid lipcolor and lip gloss is the color concentration. Gloss is usually sheer and shiny. Liquid lipcolor usually has the same color concentration as a lipstick. Some people feel that can get more precise application with it than lipstick straight from the tube.

    But: The real advantage IMHO is that in warm weather, you can put this type of lip color in your purse and have no fear of it melting no matter where you go or what the temp is. You can mail it to customers in 90 degree weather no prob.

    Twelve lip glosses? I thought MK had like two. I must be missing something...back to the MK site to look.

  4. spot on answer Miranda... and I thought I wasn't going to be overly excited about them... played with them at the meeting the other night and I am now in love... I actually think I could end up liking them even more than lipstick. I absolutely love the finish it gives on the lips and seconding Miranda's comment, it will not melt if I leave it in the car in the summer!

    Lipstick = a more solid color, longest lasting

    Liquid Lip Liner = medium color coverage, nice medium shine and decent staying time

    Lip gloss = high, wet shine, shortest staying power - can be used alone or over other products. Sheerest coverage of all.

    Tinted lip balm - a sheer color with the spf - great for summer, decent staying power but not heavy coverage. very mosturizing.

  5. Lip gloss colors:

    beach bronze, berry sparkle, bronze bliss, coral rose, cream & sugar, fancy nancy, gold rush, melon sorbet, pink diamonds, starry, sugarberry, and sweet raisin...

    ubudee ubudee ubudee ..that's all folks!

  6. Mk4me: in my communication about Product Phase Outs down from my Director and her National (sent in May), it didn't mention Vintage Gold eye colour being phased out, just the other 6. The cheek colour and lipsticks being discontinued all match what you list here. I'm just wanting to double check about Vintage Gold. Are you very sure it's going too?
    Jenn (in Ontario, Canada)


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